A more up to date Picture of Patricia in a likely guise.

Full name: Patricia Iceheart Emmston Heldrom

Known as : Patricia Heldrom

Other Titles: Mistress Of the Frigid Pact, Zara Zemtrick, "Emmie", Grand Necromancer Heldrom, Sister Lighthearth.

Physical TraitsEdit

Patricia tends to come across as relatively average in hieght, her body quite slender and well kept at most times, though her hair can tend to be matted and unkept on occasion. At the best of times she allows her snowy white hair to be hung in an elegant manner past her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep blue, alike the colour of a sapphire gemstone, Often filled with a tranquil look unless Patricia is angry. She carries herself with an almost ghostly amount of grace, and despite her appearance she is quite hefty with a blade and her gauntlets.

Often Adorned in deep Blue robes with a hood and mask, or many more colourful mage orientated guises that require the use of an orb of deception, (With the exception of a particular Black attire.) She almost always wears a pair of perfectly crafted Saronite gauntlets, which are adorned with various necrotic runes and inlaid with black gemstones which glint from time to time eerily, The gauntlets are curved into deadly looking Talons and tend to be fixed into place so firmly they cannot be removed. Currently thirty six years old, and sporting a clawmark scar that crosses down one side of her face.

Race and ClassEdit





Pact of Frigid Blood


Currently the mistress of a small cult, which she adeptly named "The Pact of Frigid Blood". Rarely Open about said occupation. Currently also working as a necromancer. Adept in the arts of Enchanting and Tailoring.(Both Icly and Oocly.)


Suzanne Emmston Heldrom (Mother)

Caelith Shadowheart (Step-Father)

Loutet Marton (Step-Sister)

Ashley Shadownova (Step-Sister)


Patricia was born within Elwynn, Not long after birth she was kidnapped and to her luck rescued and returned home safely, from then on she was babysat and kept under close watch by her family, she was said to have many siblings but most Records of them are either destroyed or no longer taken into account. Though she was said to be an adorable young girl, with perfectly unkept hazel coloured hair, forever curious of things around her.

As a young girl Patricia soon became quite the bookworm and spent much of her time asking her relatives for books, or having them escort her to the libraries so that she could choose new books. Before long she became interested in Spell books and then would go on to study as a mage, under her grandfathers tutorage. At the time she was training it became clear she was naturally talented in the magical arts, she chose then to pursue the art of fire magic. Tragically as she grew older, in a training accident she killed her grandfather. With her parents at war her uncle took over the punishment and abandoned her in the plaguelands.

Within the plaguelands she was found by a cultist who would later take her in, as they discovered her magical talent and her choice to study fire magic they soon snuffed out her training in the art of fire, claiming that fire magic was too destructive, Moving on to bieng introduced to the arts of Frost, shadow and when she was much older Necromancy. After some time she found she was quite adept with Frost and Shadow magics and took a favor to them over most of the other schools, obediently training in them until she had been strong enough to control her necromancy without harming herself too severely. It is said she was presented a blade that allowed her to channel her necromancy without any harm to herself at all, but this cannot be confirmed.

Years passed and she would find herself under the Thuzadin banner, By the age of twenty nine her hair had gone the most pristine snowy white due to the corruption in her magic, and her kind nature had been twisted into a cold and cruel nature, focused on precision and slaughter. Subservient only to her master and his views, one day she found her master destroyed before her. After killing those responsible and slaughtering those she once saw as allies, she vanished into the depths of icecrown to meditate. When the cataclysm struck she then resurfaced, her mental state tarnished and marred by the years, and her physical state more than terrible. Soon she began making contacts and re-establishing herself in the world around her, her past with the Thuzadin partially forgotten and left aside as she explored the world and observed what now lay before her.

With no master left and very little knowledge of what had changed, now at the age of thirty-six and bearing her

Patricia prior to her cursed arm bieng "mended"

saronite gauntlets which are of unknown origin, she sought out first a new master. But after finding no-one that she saw as worthy or appropriate she raised a new banner of her own, beginning to gather the lost and forgotten denziens that crossed her path, bringing them into her pact. Leaving her at the present day. Now she seems to be a proud mistress, some of her subservient nature shows from time to time but she holds her ground quite well in most situations, at the least Patricia does not shy away from all battles. She tends to flee if necessary to preserve herself, however despite this nature her most common situation to be within is a duel with fellow cultists from other factions, As she is usually neutral or allied with people of said nature. She is severely defensive of family members but she only shows this as she needs to, preffering to avoid showing such natures at all.

Family BackgroundEdit

Most of Patricia's family history no longer exists in record, However her mother was a well known combatant of most Arena's over the years and once a known thief. Patricia's father was forever unknown as her mother never disclosed his name. The only known thing is that all of her family wear a specific pendant, that of a drake coiled around a gemstone of varying colour and type, though the meaning of these pendants is unknown.

Patricia came to see Loutet Marton and Caelith as stepfamily, she is however negotiable on the terms of if she will defend them or not at most times, keeping at a fair distance as well as keeping thier relation to her quite secret to the best of her abilities.

Criminal RecordEdit

Minor Treason towards the city of stormwind

Also caught for attempting to plague the denziens of the Guard Headquarters. (Recieved Twenty-Five Lashes for the Offences, which she survived, allowing her to be released.)

Personal NotesEdit

Items of Moderate Significance -

Saronite Taloned gauntlets - Patricia near to always wears these gauntlets even when she is attending social occasions, sometimes hiding them with the magic of an orb of deception, these gauntlets have an incredibly runic and enchanted design to them. Despite Patricia never disclosing the origin of her gauntlets, she uses them often in combat as they seem to store necrotic magic.

Pouch belt - Patricia's black leather belt carries an array of pouches, It is also suited to carry two vials. Upon the inner layer of the thick leather belt is an old Thuzadin Insignia as the belt seems to be one of the few reminders of her past apprenticeship and allegiances.

Runed Spellblade - Patricia has one spellblade which is adorned in Spell runes, this is the blade said to have been handed to her by her master to slow the damage caused by her necrotic magic. The blade always glows an eerie blue colour and is often used by patricia when she is in main combat, or attending more official affairs.

Orb of Deception - One of the few Thuzadinian items maintained in her posession, the orb allows her to shroud herself with shadow magic, discuising her physical state, aura, scent and appearances.

Other Things to Note -

Patricia's body is adorned with runic markings along her wrists and chest. More notably, she has a clawmark scar across her face which is faded and old, a mark of punishment from her old ways. She also has much smaller scars across her chest and parts of her back, shoulders and legs, seemingly from her countless duels and battles. Her back has an extensive rune circle written across it from a past experiment, the map is that of a spell focus circle which effectively stores, empowers and allows the ritualistic use of magics directly drained into it. Patricia is unable to use the map alone, however the central focus rune is demonic, unlike the many other smaller runes. She cannot however see it herself to know this and keeps it as a well kept secret.

Current StatusEdit

Currently Active and leading her Pact, Her mental stability and health however seems to be on a decline.

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