This character is in the planning stages and will only be let loose upon the streets of Stormwind upon the release of WotLK.

Alliancecrest small Pinter Shortfuse
Title(s) The Bane of Rat-kind
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Death Knight
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Undead


In life, Pinter was an assistant to the members of Anduin's Fury, his duties mostly consisting of driving their horse-drawn cart and rustling up some female company when they took leave in Stormwind. Constantly frustrated with his inability to provide any real combat skills to the team, his feelings of inadequacy were compounded by the taunts of his comrades, aleviated only by a binge drinking session with Tarian.

When the team was redeployed to Northrend to assist in the Alliance operations there, Pinter was approached by a Scourge-aligned Death Knight who sensed the anger within the Gnome, and wished to make a spy out of him to keep the Lich King updated with Alliance plans. With an offer of untold strength and power, Pinter was fairly easily coerced into taking the offer.

Unfortunately for the Scourge, Pinter's idea of spying was more or less informing them what was being served in Valgarde Keep's mess hall on a given day. Deciding that the Gnome would probably be more useful as a Death Knight, Pinter was granted the necromatic powers he had been promised. He became a member of the Knights of Ebon Hold.

Once again unfortunately for the Scourge, Pinter was the worst Knight in the garisson. Despite his best efforts, he never managed to claim a victory over any adversary. He was given a more... defeatable target. The rats that plagued the halls of the floating fortress.

Eventually the Death Knights broke away from the Scourge, forming the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and Pinter with them. They were warily accepted back into the Alliance and Horde on the assertion that their powers would help them fight fire with fire in the war against the Lich King.

Pinter was not allowed back into Anduin's Fury. The Gnome has taken to wandering the streets of Stormwind, threatening citizens and trying to impress women with his powers.

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