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Prayher Cornith

Physical Traits Edit

Prayher is average height with Blonde hair Thats put back in a ponytail and kept away from her face. She has stunningly Blue eyes and a pretty face of 19. she's rather Sweet to look at. Prayher is unfortunatley a mute but also telepathic. has been known to talk in reactions to certain spells. as of late Prayher has two Bronze clasps on her left ear.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Priest

Guild Edit

Redemptio Coronae

Occupation Edit

Scribe working for Stormwind City libery and for The Cathederal as a Scribe.

Prayher has a rudimentery knowlage of First aid but still uses her preist powers

Alchemy and herbilisam


Craig Cornith: Lost at Sea

Kate Cornith: Decesed Died of old age and/or greif

Cermon: "Daugter" of Her and Ormsby.

Background Edit

Prayher Cornith was born in Northshire Abby by kate and Craig Cornith 19 years ago the parents had hoped for a beutiful girl,They Receved one. When they came around to naming her they named her Prayer in tribute to the Abby and the light but being of bad litrecy unlike their daughter in later years they misspelled her name on the Stormwind census as Prayher.Prayher has always claimed that the H must be silent. Around the time her first words where due her perents found a pice of paper with lots of words written in hadwriting that they had never seen they later discovered that it was Prayher writing the words with no Words coming out of her mouth. She was taken to a preist who examined her and explained that she was a mute. Her perents were then given a Enchanted neverending notebook to give to their daughter months later Craig cornith was playing peek-a-boo with his daughter. When he heard her laugh He rushed to his wife claiming he heard her talk, but when they tried to get her to say anything only the notebook answered there questions. Her father wonderd for months about it then played Peek-a-boo with her again in the company of his wife both heard her laugh but the wife had'nt seen Prayhers mouth move. The Preist from before was called and under testing (more peek-a-boo) it was found that Prayher had a telepathic feild equivelent to someone shouting. at the age of five Prayher got the news about her father being lost at sea when told what the sea was she developed a Phobia to water dispite her famileys love of it, she began seem nervey and unsetteled in the presence of large amouts of it. at the age of six she was old enough to begin studying with the Abby Staff her mother was asked by the staff specifficly to let her be trained for a slight settlement given to her by the abby. During her studies Prayher immpresed teachers by being very bright and intelegent and found to be able to contact others further away by telepathey if she held one of the persons personal belongings. When playing near a snakes nest with Freinds Prayher receved another Phobia after being bitten by a Harmless non poisonus grass snake. Growing up too a good looking 18 year old Girl Prayher finished her studies graduating the Abby with Preist Status. Prayher Rushed home to her mother with the good news to find her mother had died of old age, letting out a psycic Wail that Broke the roofing tiles Prayher began to Cry for real no telepathicness needed to hear her. after this shock Prayher was even quieter for a mute and rarely talked even with her mind skills. a few months later it Seems that Prayher has got over her ordeal. Tending to her Duties in Stormwind Prayher wont allow a one sided argument go on in her presence or to see someone overwhelmed without help unless it is someone that is evil. Prayher has never killed...yet and has metaphoricly "Never been out out on saturday night"

Recently Prayher Was drugged by a missionary and almost experimented on. the insane missinary realised prayher was a mute and proceded to make fun of her for it. about to be tested on prayher was rescued by a woman who seemed to be tracking the man for some time, This woman ended up captured and near tested on as well, prayher managed to escape and got help in the form of Louise. after she left scolding the other scarlet prayher was almost taken as a servent by the sarcastic missionary he receved a burst lip and severe groin pain for his trouble showing prayher was not to be messed with. most of the mans realatives have met prayher also with groin pain as all seem to get on her nerves for one reason or another

Prayher healed Ulgarf after his battle with The Dark Embrace Mending him in body and partly in mind, only the with the help of Telreon did Ulgarf get fully healed, Prayher fell to The darkness within his mind. after spending a while in a Coma and having nightmare induced spasems did Ully finally wake and pour some holy water down Prayher's throat and with the help of an old Dwarfish Prayer repay the debt halting the shadow in her mind. Prayher had the help of Ormsby, FlameBreath ,Telreon and Louise in this situation

Prayher was attacked by The Nutcracker Gang. leaving her with bruises and broken bines witch where healed by the preists at the cathederal. one wound was not healed however. the message cut into her arm Love The Nutcraker Gang. the message sparked fury from Ulgarf and Merwyn. prayher has been working to find a book to cure the cut. She now has her entire left arm in a bandage to keep it hidden. the wound was healed buy a special mix of wine water and a little magic. Prayher was Attacked again by the Nutcracker gang, ending up blind as well as mute. the blindness is a temperery spell. a few days after being blinded Prayher Healed herself. and took time to recover the energy lost for this. the next day Prayher confronted Saverok almost crushing his mind when he attacked her. a day later prayher saved ~Saverok from bleeding to death in the hope the act would be repaid. she was wrong with the hlp of his deamons saverok caught Prayher before she could attack his mind and locked up her mind creating a blank template his plan? Use Prayher as the perfect assasin on Ulgarf.

The plan failed and prayher got shot by ullie. Ormsby was near and explained to him about the plot that he had suspected when he saw prayher could talk. Afterwards prayher lay low and over heard a gang meetibng between The Tux and Mattiaus Malavon. after wards prayher walked in on Mattiaus and an elf wounded by an attack. the elf claimed ulgraf and Saverok caused there wounds in a battle. mostlikely them in a crossfire. Prayher healed the two and followed the bloodtrail of saveroks to a house in the dwarven dis. Prayher Healed saverok and for sdaving him twice he asked what did she whant? her voice back? prayher shook her head and Saverok asked what? Prayher slapped him once round the face as hard as she could almost knocking him off his chair. "we're square" she told him. and walked off into the night. No matter who the person is. Prayher will try to save them. Nomatter what the have done to her in the past.

Prayher was told by the undead Saverok that Ormsby was his evil master. Prayher ran away to calm down. then came back to find ormsby, and found him talking to saverok. the ensuing battle cause a magical blacklash creating a double of prayher her evil side Cermon. Prayher learned that cermon was not so evil after all.

Prayher has been working hard to Gather texts on Magic and lost spells or items into a libary in SW Cathederal While Actively trying to keep an eye on her daughter through letters. Cermon had not been picking up or leaving letterls lately so Prayher filed a missing peorons report...Which Saverok Burned the moment she was out the door. Prayher is worried for her Daughters safty..dispite Cermon being the same age as her.

Prayher recived a letter detailing that Cermon was staying with a freind which she is calming Prayhers nerves. She joined Ordo Malleus to combat deamons in a persons mind and for ability to heal nasty wounds she rarely carries a weapon now claiming that her mind, magic and body are enough

Prayher was recently kiddnapped for Rape and slavery but escaped after besting her attacker with her training...she unfortunatle killed the man who attacked her by kicking him onto a pick axe which periced his heart.

Prayher had her voice restored by Katri because she thought it was nice to do something for prayher. dispite good intentions prayher can talk but has become increasingly forgetful of who people are who she herself is and random words. After a day or two of this with migranes and ever decreasing memory Bromhilda took action and investigated the problem she fixed the problem...of course this made prayher mute once more...a fact prayher is aware others pity her for.

Prayher Recently agreed to look after Tonia a small child who wanders goldshire and likes to play with fire. prayher also attended the acceptance of her freind bodicia into the scarlet missionarys it was a happy time for them both.

When the sleepy plauge hit Stormwind Prayher had her hands full in the cathederal. With her scribe work to do and pacients to look after and her work with Ordo Malleus caused her to have late nights and snatched meals. when a gift basket arrived for the cathederal from a pacients family Prayher grabbed one of the foodstuffs on it a piecie of stale looking bread the bread had been infected with the plauge. visiting the Redempito hospital Prayher learned their situation was slightly better than the cathederals own and upon leaving collapsed succumbing to the sleepy sickness.during her sleep she develpoed a feaver her immune system had been working hard to combat the sleep plauge that it allowed a feaver to creep in due to her lack of health this combination of a feaver and plauge has caused prayher to wake occasionaly (the only person to do so apart from louise cook) but upon waking cannot tell if she is awake or not and suffers from feaver produced delusions.

After reciving the cure Prayher returned to work at the cathederal and Ordo Malleus. unfortunatly ordo fell apart at the seams as its leaders had gone missing or fallen to the darkness they strived to destroy. Prayher made a decision and decided to join Redemptio Coronae as thanks for helping her when she was ill. they are happy to have her and her experience in their ranks.

Prayher after joining Redemptio began working on a gift spell that allowed her to walk over water or float in the air (levitate.) with relative succsess. she met with Konal who was in deathknight mode and after a few days managed to find a way to return him with the help of Rumor.

Prayher found a new foe in the shape of Angelitia who she helped to begin with. but when she hypnotised Amy Redcross Prayher knew something was not right about this woman a game of cat and mouse ensued after Angelitia escaped RedCo custody which one result was of Amy jumping off a bridge. this made prayher snap. she went hunting for Angelitia after making sure amy was well enough to stand. the serch returned nothing. but after a few days prayher located her. Prayher soon found herslef out of her leuge when Ashana was found to be Angelitias mistress Ashana sent her spiders to attack Prayher upon which a few waves where killed by her. Ashana losing pactience summoned the spiders "Queen" that managed after reciving a large wound to subdue her with webbing. Prayher ended up tied like a bad fly and proceeded to be tortured by ashana this led to amy redcross and Yan coming to her rescue. the attacks only hurt prayher more who now shared a link with the banshee. Angelitia who had now rebeled against hurting prayher ended it by stabbing Prayher twice in the chest effectivly killing her but the light was on her side as both she and ashana fled leving amy and Yan to tend to thier own AND prayhers wounds.

Prayher soon began to train harder so she could be strong enough to battle ashana and after stumbleing onto a fight between Ashana's cult and her freinds she joined the frey. she battled ashana herslef but was forced to face some of her cult leading to prayher not having the chance to properly fight the banshee. she also began to develop a crush on Sonar a freind of Kiva and Shandaris this turned to a love. Prayher having never fully experienced love properly confided in Amy redcross who convinced her to admit it to Sonar. they both found that they loved each other and have developed a Attatchment.

Prayher went to darkshire and met up with Shandaris in an attempt to stop Ashana they ran into more than they bargined for and bet a hasty retreat. Prayher returned to Stormwind to Heal Louise who was in the Redemptio hospital she managed to administer an antidote and made louise a meal. before she could give her the meal she was attacked from behind and rendered Comatose by one of the Hand Of death. dragged to ashana she was teleported to a mysterious crypt after being stripped of her items giving her no past. her telepathy was blocked and her guildstone and notepad disposed of leaving her with no proper way to communicate. She woke to find herself in dark robes and in the company of a Night elf who claimed she had killed everyone around her. the elf beat her and before They could deliver a lasting blow disapeered. Prayher relived this 3 more times as the elf seemed to apper and dissapeer. the elf scared her further by turning her head in 180 and 360 degree angles. Prayher scared out of her mind hid in different corners until Ashana appered and Told her that Redemptio Coronae was on it's way to kill her Suffering an identity crisis Prayher decided to follow ashana to darkshire where she has begun to doubt if she is who she thinks she is.

Realising she had been tricked prayher went back to working of the cathederal and Red Co watching for signs of ashana

after hearing of Louises death Prayher was saddend. this soon turned into a fit of rage and she almost went solo hunting for the banshee...Nouala calmed her before she could put herself in danger. or put others in danger too. After words Prayher asked the same preist who created her notepad to make her "Limiters" special earclips that limit prayhers power preventing her from going berserk in a light driven rage. if prayher wishes to unleash this power she must dispell the clasps though they return after the power is used.

When walking with Sonar in old town on a errand Prayher was taunted by an invisible ashana and Daeregan prayher told sonar that "this was her fight" and that she had "a score to settle" with ashana. when battleing her in a crypt prayher managed to show she was not weak and useless. she managed to "Destroy" Daeregan's form for a short while and impale ashana to a wall and almost destroy her corprel form before being over come by Ashana Daeregan and an invisible Entriia. dispite the beating prayher managed to stand up after ashana called her a "Girl" though this show odf defianace was worthless as she passed out from blood loss moments later. it could have been the end if ashana had not decided to bind prayher to her will prayher offering no resistance is now almost unable to resist any command given by the banshee. she was ordered to never speak or write about what happened and to forget the whole incident thus becoming a unknowing spy for the spider queen.

A few days later Prayher followed a hallenge by ashana to the north...and was presented to lashela as a gift. lashela alania seemed unimpressed gave her to entriia darkstorm as a toy...after a day or so prayher managed to escape but went further north than intended. she found a horse with a dead missionary on it's back and rode to stormwind. later this was seen as a mistake by imoenn and she asked prayher to check the horse for signs of the plauge and send it back to the mission. Prayher now has a horse named Falcon.

In a sparring fight with amy redcross prayher found the urge to swing both way's...she washamed at herself she has kept contact to redcross at a minimum. but has decided that if it is what she wants she will admit it.

Prayher has been reciving training from a new member of Redemptio named Entriia shadowind. Prayher has begun to add spiritual balence to her unarmed and magical skills this has allowed her to become faster and slightly stronger when fighting or when attempting a task.

When Redemptio coronae learned of ashanas position after she kidnapped Norra Redcross prayher assisted in the rescue. but on the order to retreat ashana ambushed redco and held prayher back. instead of running after getting free of a grapple as she had been ordered prayher's desire to exact revenge kicked in. ashana had gone too far when she had taken norra. of what happened only ashana and Deagren knows as prayher has lost her memory of the event...and of her whole life before it. all she admits to remembering is "Singing" and bright light. she has been reminded of most things by her freinds but still suffers from some gaps in her memory.

Family Background Edit

The Cornith familey where from menithel for they where fishermen and moved to Northshire for the scenary since then they still fished and picked fruit but still whent to menithel for there love of the sea.

All have loved water exept Prayher

Criminal Record Edit

None,but has a record of slight mischeif in younger years in Northshire (Apple stealing and such like from the orchards and vineyards)

Personal Notes Edit

Telepathic: Is telepathic over long and short distances. Not confused with Ormsbys Scryer talent

Notebook : Prayher uses the notebook more than her Telepathic powers as it requiers MUCH less effort of mind The Notebook is seemily indestructible by normal means

Phobias: Prayher is Afraid of Water and Snakes

Uncanny Understanding Prayher is an intelligent girl and can understand most letters numbers and languages (in written form) used by the alliance

Jeremey Cluckson Prayher found a crashed cart and rescued an egg from the twisted machnery within. This soon hatched into a small chicken who seemed to show some intellegence about machinery She soon named it Jeremy Cluckson

Enter minds Prayher can enter beings minds to eradicate creatures open memories and the like. she has to touch the person and concentrate.

Never on Holy ground: you can never beat prayher inside the cathederal..for she calls subconciously on the very source of the light itself though this may have conciquences.

Ear Clasps .: Limiters to Prayhers power so if she does get angry there is no danger of her hurting herself or others. they absorb the shock of prayhers strenght when used. but when dispelled unleash her full strength.

Current Status Edit

Regaining her memory after a battle in the sunken temple.

Frenids Edit

Prayher has made freinds in the Mountaineer's including Ulgarf and Stoen. Freids have been made within the Scarlet Missionary's Louise Konal and Kalliades Some members of the argent dawn ( Flamebreath ) and Telreon. The Shylock too including Merywn and Ormsby.

Quotes Edit

NOTE: all quotes are either telepathic or written on the enchanted notebook

Light Guide your Steps

"Nod","?","!" or any other body language whitch communicates


Trivia Edit

- Prayher ALWAYS has her notepad on a clip on her belt. unless something is badly wrong

- Prayher can be seen working in both the cathederal and the Red co hoapital it's the same jobs in two different workplaces


"Steal from one Writer and its plagerism from many its reserch"

I suppose Elizabetha is a big influence paving the way with being blind so why not a mute? also many backround chars from tv and film clobberd together cant hurt? i suppose two other sources like Sarah from Psi Ops for the telepathic and a big one from a sagent from Skyland who was a mute and telepathic....cant remember whitch one though.

Recently (and inadvertently) it seems Prayher is the embodiment of the seven virtues...though i may be worng but it seems to fit O_o

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