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Young Imoen

Imoen at 17

A lonely wagon wobbles down the dirty dusty tracks of Elwynn forest, inside this cart a man with long white hair and a beard sits at the front thinking about what has just taken place but worse the condition of his daughter who is sitting at the back of the cart, she had been threw a lot and he had never been there for her. He feels guilty he knew he could of made her life a lot easier for her but he could never play the hero.

The girl in the back of the wagon is a beautiful woman she has shoulder length hair tied back in a small pony tail, her face very slim and innocent.

“Don’t worry Imoen, were almost there, Northshire Abbey we’ll be safe there.” Her father said resuring his daughter in the wagon, she just stayed silent staring at her hands pushing the two rings on her finger, frowning at them.

Her father in the front of the wagon looked threw it to see how his daughter Imoen was doing, he knew she may never recover what had just happened he would have a few sleepless nights himself he thought to himself.

As the wagon came to a gate to guards approached swords at the ready “Your papers please sir.” They said with a stern voice. The man reached into his bag he had next to him and pulled out a scroll and handed it over to the knight next to him. They both read the letter then quickly closed it and saluted the man “Sorry sir! We must all go threw the procedures Light guide you brother Khallid!” Khallid smiled “Do not worry friends, at these dark times we must all be on our guard.” The two knights saluted him and ushered the wagon on, when they reached Northshire Khallid could see that this would be a their new home.

“Look Imoen, huge green trees and look at the building! Huge white towers and blue windows! Doen’t it look preety?” Imoen just kept staring at the two rings on her finger and frowning. It pained Khallid to see Imoen this way and the worst of it was he felt he could of prevented it from happening. He hoped that doing this was the right thing to do, she was different from everyone else perhaps he thought, perhaps I should of left her with the elves? He shook his head reassuring himself that this was a step in the right direction.

A man in long white robes walked up to Khallid forcing a smile on his face “Hello brother, I hope your trip wasn’t to bad.” The priest said to Khallid trying to be social “To be honest friend, nothing can get worse from the nightmare we just escaped from.” The priests face looked at Khallid with sympathy he leaned towards Khallid “And how is your daughter?” Khallid quickly butted in “Im her guardian.” The priests face looked confused “look, she’s gone threw enough trauma as it is…I will tell her the truth when she’s ready. You know after what happened to her, she has said a word.” Khallid said trying to convince the priest however he wasn’t convinced, he just sighed nodded his head and walked towards Imoen.

He was shocked by her beauty but at the same time he felt sad whatever happened it looked like it would affect her forever. “Shall I help you with your things lady?” she just stared at him blankly Khallid quickly jumped off the wagon to interrupt “Don’t worry yourself my friend, I’ve got it covered.” The priest looked at Khallid shrugged and started grabbing Imoen’s bags, The priest just stood there looking uncomfortable “I’ll…I’ll go sort out your rooms…” he said finding an excuse to leave.

Khallid started lugging Imoen’s luggage “Ok then, my love. This is going to be our home…I know it’s not like home but I’m sure you’ll fit in just fine” Imoen just stared blankly “Do you want go somewhere else?” Imoen shook her head slowly and grabbed one of her bags and started walking towards the abbey. Khallid let himself cry for a small while he couldn’t get over the guilt and he knew that if he cried in front of Imoen it would upset her even more, he could hear Imoen footsteps approaching him he quickly wiped his eyes and forced a smile on his face he picked up Imoen’s belongings and walked towards the abbey.

The priest smiled at Khallid and put his arm around him “Don’t worry brother, your safe now this place is a fortress the undead can’t reach us here.” Khallid nods slowly forcing a smile on his face “Can you show me and my daughter where we’ll be staying?” Khallid asked when Imoen walked in. The priest nods and ushers them towards up a long stair case as they walk up Khallid notices there are a lot of people looking at him and Imoen whispering to each other Khallid turns to Imoen to see her reaction but she doesn’t seem to notice she is still staring blankly.

“Well here it is, this will be Imoen’s…” The room looks very humble a wooden door with a small green window on it the pattern on it looks Elven inside the room the whole room had a warm feel to it, a white bed with strange artwork on it of leaves and flowers a cupboard with swirl patterns on it carved into the wood. Imoen didn’t react to it and just chucked her stuff on the floor and lay on the bed “Imoen! You could at least start treating this wonderful room with some respect and put things tidily away.” Khallid said embarrassed by Imoen’s actions, Imoen didn’t react and just feel asleep.

Khallid sighed and shook his head the priest smiled “Don’t worry, most of the teenagers here are even worse.” Khallid smiled at the priest, he was then shown his room this one had a wooden door but Khallid’s was different it looked humble but different the bed was blue and yellow the cupboard had a lion on it and there was a desk and a bookcase in this room. Khallid looked at the priest “Why is my room different?” Priest smiled “Well you are part of the silver hand, it’s only manners to give one such as yourself one of our best rooms.” Khallid sighed he thought to himself that he wasn’t the man they were making him out to be he was no hero he was a coward. Khallid reluctantly put down his belongings and made himself comfortable in his new room.

The morning felt strange it didn’t feel right to Khallid being born and bred in Lordaeron it felt strange to be in a new bed in a whole new place, Khallid opened got changed and decided to check up on Imoen, he slowly opened the door to Imoen’s room just in case she was still asleep, she wasn’t. Imoen was drawing something on a piece of paper Khallid knocks on the door and slowly lets himself in “What are your drawing there Imoen?” Imoen drops the pencil and paper on her bed and runs out of the door “Imoen?” Khallid calls after her, he goes to go after her until he sees the picture she has drawn is of many pictures one is an elf with long black hair being punched by a huge man Khallid noticed these two people the elf was an old friend of Imoen called Ray the other was her now ex-fiancée Ryan, the other picture was of himself and him cleaving a familer undead in two on the undead there is a ring on his finger which has been coloured in the rest of the picture is black and white the last picture was of Khallid’s wife Nalia she had a sword threw her and a grinning knight, the entire picture frightened Khallid as all characters she had drawn were all looking towards him. He was tempted to rip up the picture but he thought that it would be a bad idea instead he took the picture and went to find Imoen.

After searching for a few minutes he found Imoen sitting in the barn stroking a horse “Imoen…why did you draw this?” Khallid said trying to hold his tears, Imoen opened her mouth going to speak but she could only say a few syllables she kept trying but failed then a tear rolled down Imoen’s cheek, Khallid walked up to Imoen and gave her a tight hug Khallid began to weep but tried to hold himself together. Then out of the blue Imoen pushed Khallid away and grabbed a pencil Khallid was a bit upset being pushed away but let her carry on, she took the paper out of Khallid’s hand and wrote on the paper ‘Dreams’ Khallid sighed and put his arm around her “My Love…It’s alright. I’m not angry…tell you what, lets go eat at Goldshire tonight how does that sound?” Khallid said with a smile on his face Imoen smiled right back at him. Khallid and Imoen starting walking down the road the road they were told that lead them to Goldshire, when they arrived at the place it was very quiet the inn had a blue roof and like all houses in the area when they went in they were greeted by some Gnomes “Welcome my friends! Please make yourselves comfortable. What would sir and madam like today?” Khallid smiled at the Gnome and looked at Imoen, she was looking around the room curious at the all the new smells colours it made Khallid think back when he used to take her out to dinner of course he would only take her out.

Imoen pointed at a lobster and started making noises the gnome peered at the lobster “Is that want you want miss?” Imoen nodded and smiled “I’ll have the same.” Khallid said with joy. The gnome smiled and walked off Imoen and Khallid were left at the table alone, “Imoen…I hate to spoil the mood but I want you to know, that im sorry what your father did.” Imoen frowned, Khallid he knew he was her father really not the prince of Lordaeron, Arthas Menethil. “As a knight of the silver hand it is my duty to protect you Imoen, so from this forward I will be your father foster…if that is what you wish?” Imoen jumped out of her seat and put her arms around Khallid, it was so difficult for Khallid not to cry he just held onto her he felt like he got his daughter back he thought to himself that perhaps now he wouldn’t have to tell her the truth of him actually being her father.

The gnome watched in the background and let Imoen and Khallid hug each other he smiled to himself and when they had finished and sat back down he walked over and put these steaming lobsters on their table in front of them. Imoen looked at the lobster her eyes wide open like a child when they first get given a big bar of chocolate. “Well eat up then Imoen, see what you do it you grab a pincer and rip it off then you eat what’s on the inside-” Imoen watched Khallid and looked at him in horror it brought back memories of the attack on her home, she pushed the plate away and started crying. Khallid quickly comes over and puts his arm around her “Shhh it’s ok. It’s all over now my love…look lets just get some murloc soup and some bread you used to love that?” Khallid said sympatheticy to Imoen patting and rubbing her back. Imoen was trying to talk but she couldn’t speak, the Gnome walked over “Oh dear…is something wrong?” the gnome said to Khallid worried “Yes, could we have some Murloc soup and some bread please…we’ve just come from Lordaeron” The gnomes face looked shocked “What! Your kidding, hardly anyone has…oh, sorry erm…of course I’ll get you some this one is on the house.” Khallid smiled at the gnome and started rubbing Imoen’s back trying to cheer up.

The Gnome came back with two pots of steaming soup “There we go enjoy your meal.” The Gnome said to Khallid and Imoen smiling. They both started eating it wasn’t the same as it was five minutes ago there was a dead silence Imoen felt guilty that she had started crying and when they had finished Khallid paid for all of it, Imoen felt like she had used Khallid when they were walking back from Goldshire she held his arm, Khallid felt guilty about making Imoen cry and this made him think she had forgiven him.

After a few months at Northshire Khallid was still worried about Imoen dearly as Imoen’s drawings got more and more violent each month he turned towards one of the priests “I don’t know what to do, just look at this picture.” He hands the picture to the priest the priests face is shocked and disgusted by it “Ugh, well brother you know what she’s doing don’t you?” Khallid shook his head “This is her way of letting out her anger…I’ll tell you what, none of us are getting younger brother and we are holding a ‘interview’ most of youngsters are going.” Khallid didn’t like the sound of this idea but was curious “What kind of interview?” The priest looked at Khallid and he felt a bit guilty “To see if these youngsters have the art of war in them.” Khallid stood up suddenly “They have been threw a lot as it is! And now you want to send them to war?!” The priest stood up but calmly “And what else do you think they should do? Become farmers? Brother without your training I doubt Imoen would be here today, wouldn’t it be great if Imoen learnt how to defend herself?” Khallid shook his head in disbelief the priest put his hand on Khallid’s shoulder “I’m not telling you to send Imoen to her death, im mearly suggesting we train Imoen to use this anger in a postive way, I think this could really help her.” Khallid sighed “If it’s just that.” The priest nodded, Khallid moved his shoulder to get rid of the priests supposed friendly support.

Khallid knocks on Imoen’s door, Imoen opens the door her eyes lit up when she sees Khallid and gives him a hug “My dearest, I have spoken to the priest about your pictures…please take a seat.” Imoen’s face changed and she sat on her bed Khallid sat on a chair next to her and showed her the picture she had drawn. “This Imoen is your way of getting rid of your anger and that’s alright but I fear this may lead to something else…now this wasn’t my idea but…there is an trainning exercise next week where you would be taught the art of…war. Now it’s alright if you don’t want to do it.” Imoen looked at Khallid confused then pointed at herself “Yes Imoen, you could be a soldier if you wanted or you could just use it just incase you need it but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Khallid hoped Imoen would say no he didn’t want to think of Imoen being in a war but unforuntly she shrugged and nodded, Khallid sighed “Alright then, next Monday then.” Imoen didn’t look like she was that excited just her neutral self combing her hair in the mirror.

When Monday arrived Imoen came in with Khallid then instructor came up to Khallid “Khallid Sigil! It’s an honour.” The instructor was bold but had a black bandanna rapped around his head he looked like he had seen a few wars, “The pleasure is all mine, now Imoen here is a little nervous.” Imoen was shaking nervously, the instructor smiled at Imoen and went to put his arm on Imoen’s shoulder but Imoen moved away, Khallid whisperd to Imoen reassuring “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Imoen shook her head, the instructor laughed “Ha ha! Very well lets see what you can do then here…” The instructor grabs a small busted up buckler and a wooden sword, Khallid looks shocked “Wait a second your just going to throw her into the ring just like that!? What about magic?” Khallid said angrily at the instructor, he just smiled at Khallid “Sir I’ve been with thirty students today, Imoen here doesn’t have any mana she can’t use magic. This is the only art that doesn’t use mana.” Khallid glared at the instructor and walked up to Imoen who was already in the ring “Come on Imoen.” He said with a definte tone but Imoen shook her head. Khallid looked at her disaprovinly and Imoen threw her sword and shield on the ground and glared at Khallid, Khallid looked shocked by Imoen’s reaction he turned towards the instructor who was stroking his chin “Alright one game.” Khallid said giving in.

Young Imoen first fight

Imoen at her first ever fight

The instructor clapped his hands together “Thomas Mc claren!” a man the same age as Imoen walks into the ring he’s shaking as much as Imoen. “Right I want you both to dip your wooden swords into that paint pot next to you the one with five marks on them wins alright? Go!” Imoen dips her sword into the paint pot and gets ready, she circles Thomas who is circling the other way, she lunges into him first but Thomas steps to side and hits her with his sword “One!” the instructor shouts, Imoen shakes herself a bit to focus and this time waits for him to move Thomas advances onto her and slams his shield into hers she drops her shield and gets jabbed again “Two!” Imoen walks backwards and starts crying in frustration Thomas laughs “Hey come on.” Imoen hold her sword with two hands, the instructor and Khallid watch Imoen with curiosity, then Imoen charges into Thomas but gets jabbed again “Three!” Khallid sighs “Break! This isn’t fair.” Thomas smiles “it’s completely fair she just can’t fight.” Khallid glares at Thomas, “alright we will have a ten minute break, but Imoen will have another fight after.” The Instuctor tells Khallid. Khallid glares at the instructor but the instructor just shrugs and walks towards Thomas.

Khallid walks over to Imoen who is crying she throws her sword on the floor, “hey, look come here.” She hugs Khallid and Thomas looks at them both shaking his head in disbelief, Khallid pulls out a round piece of cloth “This will hold your hair back Imoen, your face got in your way now you have a chance to win.” Khallid said assuring Imoen he could see this proberly wasn’t Imoen’s strong point but he could see she wanted it, he turned her around and did her hair in a pony tail. “Right now go get him Imoen.” Thomas shook his head and chuckled, Imoen picks up her sword and holds in two hands again “Right begin!” the instructor shouts. Imoen circles Thomas, Thomas lunges at Imoen but she manages to parry the attack, Thomas looked shocked at Imoen, Imoen has the same expression. Imoen lunges at Thomas again but he parries the attack and jabs her “…Four…” the instructor said he knew Imoen wouldn’t be able to win this now. Imoen eyes fill up with tears again she really wanted this but she just couldn’t do it even with her hair tied back. She tried rushing Thomas again but he just turns around and hits her on the back of the head “Five…sorry Imoen.” Thomas goes to up Imoen and offers her his hand she shakes his hand and she shakes it Thomas goes to walk off but the instructor grabs hold of his arm “Where are you going? Still got one round yet.” Imoen shakes her head at the instructor looking sad, Khallid runs over to Imoen “Hey, come on you want this don’t you?” Imoen nods and a tear drops down her face “Don’t think about me Imoen, if this makes you happy then go for it.” Imoen wipes her eyes and nods at Khallid, “Alirght lets get this over and done with.” Thomas said mockingly Imoen glared at Thomas “Alright, Fight!” The instructor shouted.

Imoen this time stood still and watched Thomas circle her and when he moved towards her to jab she would walk forward dodging it, Thomas quickly caught up on this and when she tried it again he just took another step forward and jabbed her. Thomas starts chuckling to himself “One, look why don’t you just give up?” Imoen turns around to Thomas “No.” Imoen says emotionless, Khallid eyes widened this was the first time he heard her speak in years he ran over to Imoen but Thomas didn’t see him coming and goes to swing his sword at Imoen but hits Khallid on the head “Oh!” Khallid says rubbing head. Imoen starts breathing heavily “Sorry old man didn’t see you there.” Thomas said apologetically he turned towards Imoen “Hey are you alright? Heh, not going to cry again are you?” Imoen lets out a primal scream which surprises Thomas he readies himself quickly, Imoen charges towards Thomas as soon as she gets close Thomas gets ready to strike at her like he has been the last six times but this time Imoen slides under it and swings her sword upwards hitting Thomas in the chin “One!” the instructor shouts excited. Thomas is knocked back and looks at Imoen in shock Imoen is still breathing heavily and runs at Thomas, he gets ready again and spins trying to get her unaware but Imoen ducks her head and lets his sword swing right past her head she uses her foot and kicks him in the face knocking him down, she pins him to the ground smiling and dabs him with her sword four times. The instructor burst out laughing and walks to Imoen clapping his hands “Good show! Good show! Two, Three, Four, Five! Ha ha! Good fight.” Imoen doesn’t listen to the instructor and runs over to Khallid who is rubbing his chin “Father!” Imoen says urgently, Khallid smiles back with tears in his eyes “Imoen! You can talk! Thank the light! Ha ha and you won!” Khallid says his voice bursting with joy “Yeah!” Imoen says back proudly.

That night Khallid is talking to the instructor in Khallid’s quarters they are both drinking ale “I wanted to talk to you about Imoen’s fight…I can’t train her, it might sound strange but she fights like an Elven warrior.” The instructor says to Khallid sipping his ale, Khallid smiles “It was a good fight wasn’t it?” Khallid says to the instructor with pride “it was, hey you used to be part of the silver hand. Why don’t you train her?” Khallid thinks on the instructors idea “after all she only fought like that when she saw you get hurt, I think she would listen to you more.” Khallid raises his pint and clashes his pint glass with Instructor laughing “You know what? I think I will.”

As years go by Khallid trains Imoen in the ways of a warrior, Imoen finally gets her voice back and things are starting to look up for them both, Khallid has got the daughter he has always wanted and Imoen has got the father she’s always wanted and found her reason in life.

Now comes the part both have dreaded, the day they have to say goodbye. Khallid is standing at the gates of Northshire, Imoen looks a bit older and her hair is tied up in a bun there are bits of her sticking out however she also has to rings in her face one in her eyebrow and one in her nose, Khallid notices this “What are those?” Khallid says sounding a bit disappointed “These? Well this one is the ring you gave me and this one is my mothers.” Khallid smiles holding back on his tears “I couldn’t find fathers…I suppose he never kept his.” Khallid thinks about telling her but can’t bring himself to tell her. “I suppose he couldn’t my love…his loss, look at you all grown up you look even more prettier each day I say you.” Imoen blushes “Oh cut it out, you know where im going today father?” Khallid shakes his head “I’m going to Join the Scarlet Crusade! The modern version of the silver hand! I’m going to be just like you!” Imoen sounds excited Khallid smiles but deep down feels guilty he can’t tell her not be like him for his cowardice. “Well I hope you get let in my love.” There is a silence and Imoen hugs Khallid “Good bye father I’ll write and come see you now and again.” Imoen says tearful “Now stop that you know what im like.” Khallid says smiling with a tear in his eye “Good bye my love come back for your birthday you hear?” Khallid says nagging. Imoen smiles back at him and begins to walk threw the gates, she quickly turns around and kisses him on the cheek and runs off towards her destiny.

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