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IC InformationEdit

The Prophets of Balance is a supposed religion, a gathering of those wishing to keep the Balance in Azeroth. The answer only to the being named “The Avatar”, an ethereal presence that the Prophets believe controls Time and Destiny. To ensure that the Grand Design is not damaged, The Prophets take it upon themselves to bring Balance to the world so that Destiny runs its course.

The Prophets a governed by a council of Keepers, these mysterious persons hint a gathering of great power. Granted visions by the Avatar they set out on their tasks to bring Balance. Each council is brought together by the newest appointed Keeper named simply The Prophet who with the aid of past Keepers brings the gathering together in preparation of a major event. Recently a new Prophet has emerged suggesting that something will happen that could change the fate of Azeroth. Reports claim that some Keepers have been seen over many generations unknown whether the Keepers are indeed mortal.


Tilter (Initiate): The souls that are lost to either the damned darkness or biased light, many try to retribute their actions by seeking Balance, others are lost in confusion and unsure what their destiny is. The Prophets seek these out, if the Avatar regards them worthy of bringing Balance they will be welcomed into the fold.

Seer (Member): If the Avatar regards a person worthy to bring Balance he or she will be rewarded with a gift. A slight glimpse of their destiny, once receiving this gift they will begin their tutorage under the Council and The Prophet until they are regarded as true Balancers

Balancer (Veteran): Once the Seer has accomplished their goals and completed their tuition they are appointed Balancer. Their aim is to bring Balance to Azeroth

Keeper (Officer): Past Prophets of the gathering and master Balancers, they hold Council of Balance and commune with the Avatar. Some have been said to exist for over many generations suggesting that they are not mortal and could hold great power.

The Prophet (Guild Master): The Prophet is the leader of the following and is the the direct communication between the order and the Avatar. It is he who brings the knowledge of the Avatar and is in charge of protecting destiny, time and balance.

The Dragon Scrolls Edit

The Dragon Scrolls are spiritual texts that were created by the first Prophet, they are used in teaching new Seer’s in the ways of a Prophets life. (for usage of members only IC)

The Journey of a Prophet Edit

Searching for Tilters

The Prophet and Keepers are on constant search of those they consider worthy uphold the Balance and maintain peace. It is then the Avatars decision to grant the individual the status of becoming a Seer by granting them the ability to foresee time.

The Apprentice Seers

After the gift of foresight is granted a Tilter is automatically made a Seer and given the robes of a Prophet. A Seer is an Apprentice Balancer, they begin their training under the tutelage of other Balancers’ Keepers and The Prophet himself. Such training can include meditation, martial arts, weapon and casting training, Avatar teachings, foresight and many other tasks that will prepare a Seer for their Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage is a sacred journey for all Seers. They travel with The Prophet and other Keepers to the Lands of Kalimdor, their they must cross the vast deserts, forests, seas, lakes and overcome any obstacle through their teachings until they reach the lands of Tanaris. It is there they face their final test and learn the truth of the Avatar. If they fail their task the individual has their memory wiped and expelled from the order. If they succeed they become a fully fledged Balancer a Guardian of Destiny.

Excel to Keeper

To become a Keeper is not an easy task, it requires true faith to the Avatars teachings and the ability to control tremendous power. This rank is not granted by The Prophet or any other Keeper but the Avatar himself. The role of a Keeper is an eternal vow, past life and death and into time itself. They hold council with the Prophet and share with him the power and knowledge of the Avatar.

The Vows Edit

The vows must be spoken in relation to the Avatar. A Seer’s test of faith and intelligence is to learn the vows and to understand them completely if they are to become Balancers.

“I shall forever accept the teachings of the Avatar, I shall regard them with utmost respect and intelligence”

”I shall always maintain Balance, I will remain impartial to all and not succumb to the corruption of Light and Dark”

”I will protect Time and Destiny, with strength of mind and body. Through the Avatar's training he will guide my hand”

”I will keep the secrets of all the Avatar's doings, I will protect my brethren and their identities”

”I will guide all life as the Avatar guides mine”

The Training Edit

Each Seer must undergo three trials of training in preparation of their Pilgrimage

The Trials of Spirit

Learning to become at peace with oneself. By sharing their dreams and visions with others. Undergo meditation to train their minds to accomplish foresight

The Trials of Strength

Training basic martial arts, usage of weapons and fashioning a weapon of choice. Concentrating their minds on hidden powers.

The Trials of Knowledge

Understand the Avatar’s ways of neutrality and Balance and learning the vows of the order

OOC InformationEdit

The Prophets of Balance is a RP guild that focuses on remaining neutral rather than good or evil. We regard the Light to being biased and selfish and the Darkness chaotic and destructive. We work around the battles, altering the destiny of others as we see fit. Following the will of the Avatar who’s identity is known only to the Keepers and The Prophet we set our task to bring Balance to Azeroth. We wear a uniform when preaching yet some may wish to keep their identity hidden so it is not vital to use. No set meetings or play time requirement but we ask that you try to be online when you can.

Requirments Edit

No level requirements

Any class or race

Minimal RP required

Try to remain Neutral on any matter

Uniform must be worn when preaching

Alts are welcomed

Have fun!

If you wish to join the Prophets or want to find out more contact Telrunya with a OOC whisper

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