Name Edit

Miss Psue DeNimh

Physical Traits Edit

A tall woman with dirty blonde hair, Psue was probably around 35 when she died and is the only confirmed proof that the pen is mightier than the sword- as someone has driven several of them (and quite a few pencils) into her skull. She wears smartly tailored skirts and shirts, and lipstick on the ragged remnants of her lips.

Race and ClassEdit

Female Forsaken Warlock

Guild Edit

Unspeakable Villainy

Occupation Edit

Editor of the Undercity Oracle



Background Edit

Psue was a cub reporter for the Lordaeron Gazette and was always look for a big story to make her name as a journalist. She thought that oppertunity had arisen when she heard rumours that a vicious local squire had killed his servant after making the girl pregnant. Psue was investigating the sotry and someone thought she was getting too close to the truth. After an encounter with a masked man, Psue remembers nothing until she woke up in Deathknell with half a stationary cupboard lodged in her head .

Family Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit

Clean record.

Personal Notes Edit

Nosy, and likes to flatter people.

Current Status Edit

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