Alliancecrest small Quelith
Title(s) Knight of the Ebon Blade
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Class Death Knight
Age N/A
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Steamwheedle Cartel
Occupation N/A
Status "Alive"
Relative(s) N/A


Once she would be called Quelith "Light Bearer". Today the day She keeps it as just Quelith.

Physical TraitsEdit

"As long as i'm in this city, i'll not take up my sword untill i'm fully accepted".

And so she does, not seen with her sword or any other weapon by her side, and probably wouldn't even fight when someone attack her. She can be found fiddling with a small emerald gem, crafted in the form of a teardrop.

She's dressed in long wavey robes, her hood over her head, she doesn't dare to take it off, it giving her a feeling of safety.

The once Strong willed and subborn Paladin she was has changed a lot, she's very calm and content, even slow at one point, and of her subbornness isn't much left.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei, Death knight, Knight of the Ebon blade




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Coming soon.


Once a Great Paladin in service of the Aldor, Full of passion and a heart full of faith, but..something went wrong.

When her one and only love joined the Exodar, As the strong and very subborn woman she was, she stayed to fight off the legion with all she had. Upon reviecing the word that the exodar had crashed, Her heart shattered in a million pieces, she was broken by this event.

She traveled to Azeroth to find out what happend to her fiancee, but bumped into a small group of scourge, With no knowledge about what they were, or what could happen, she knew they were a danger, and killed them one by one.

((more coming soon, i'm still brainstorming on this character))

Family BackgroundEdit

Brief summary of family history.

Criminal RecordEdit

Being a Death knight mainly? Killing off innoncent in the name of the lich king

Personal NotesEdit

Current StatusEdit


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