"The Ragefire Legion is but one of many answers to the Alliance that our new warchief sends onto the field of battle. It is both a declaration and a warning. It sends a message to the humans and their pompous king that the Horde will abide their treachery no longer. And it sends a message to all that Hellscream's eyes are upon them... always.

- Extract from the warlock Akrida'zhul's personal notes.

Hordecrest small Ragefire Legion
Role - A Horde military roleplaying guild centred within the capital city of Orgrimmar. This community strives towards a welcoming and high quality environment focused upon the wealthy lore provided by Hellscream's Horde and the destruction wrought by the cataclysm.
Location - Orgrimmar
Base of Operations - The Hall of the Brave, Orgrimmar
Leader -Orc male Overlord Nardreg Dwarfbane
Officers -Orc male Yakatarr Foulmouth

-Orc male First Sergeant Engrik Ripsnarl

Allegiance - The Horde
PvE - Yes
PvP - Yes
Requirements - Orc, Troll, Tauren, Goblin
- Level 10
- Satisfactory grasp of Warcraft lore
- Obedience to uniform protocol
- Sensible and realistic characters
Recruitment Status - Open
Recruitment Contacts - Nardreg, Yakatarr, Engrik
Website - Upcoming



Organisation & Structure:Edit




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