Ragnar Bearclaw, portrayed by Ragnar

Personal Characteristics Edit

Third War Military ServiceEdit

Ragnar Bearclaw was first placed in the skies above Straholme and it's coast, being an experienced protecter of the skies, he lead his fellow Windriders in protecting the surrounding area from threats from above and at sea. His first few accomplishes were mere skirmishes, only the occasional gargoyle like creature or hostile sailing vessel. Some records show of him terrorising a Goblin flying ship due to his own personal beliefs.

A while after the Prince left for Norhtrend, he was asked to scout out for him and he did.. Or tried to at least. On approaching the Isle, he was chilled to the core by what he saw. I quote. "The destruction, the mayhem, the mourning and sadness for the lost who would later rise to haunt them all once more. It made me turn back around, hoping that Arthas was smart enough and left or killed himself, something that wouldn't spread such chaos."

It was to his horror that what he hoped did not come to bare. He lay down his shield and mythic Stormhammer to fight on the front lines with the remnants of the Old Knights of the Silverhand, taking up a blessed and holy blade which he used to cut through his enemies like a scythe through wheat, though the things he saw scarred his mind for what would be the rest of his life. After fighting a losing battle in the front lines of Northrend he retreated, back to his homeland like so many other Knights, to defend the problems that they were having.

It was within the Hinterlands that he made his last fight in the Third War, as both a Dwarf of the Wildhammer Clan and as a living relic of the Knights of the Silverhand. He stood amongst his fellows, ready to fight and diefor his clan and the Alliance itself.. Pressed on one side by Scourge beasts and on the other by Forest trolls, only having as much help as some surviving High Elfs could spare.

Current Status Edit


Ragnar has always been in action since he joined our ranks not long ago, suffering from one horrible injury where he claims his right eye was "MIA" what ever he means. But since the Expedition in the Northern Lordaeron, he disappeared for a time on his own, which he claims to be "hunting" the Scourge, and ended up in Northrend where he was found standing over and protecting First Marine Caiden Murphy when she disappeared as well. And again, he was prone to wanderlust, but has returned once more but completely changed.

At the moment, Ragnar is currently missing.

Criminal Record Edit

<This section of the documented file is blank and clean. The reason for this is he has never been caught or the authorities were scared by him.>

History Edit

"During the Second War, Ragnar was said to be a valuable asset to his company. Advising to form an alliance with the Elves of Quel'Danis and appearings as a tremendous sight to the Humans as he and his fellow Windwarriors flew over the mountains of Northeron and showed themselfs, distrusting of both humands and his Dwarven cousins. When the call to battle came, how ever, he was the first to head out and fight alongside the Alliance.

After this time, Bearclaw was one of my gaurds, proven himself time and time before. He was with me when we patrolled the shores of Lordaeron for Hostile draconic activity, taking a few by his own aswell. He also ensuredthe safety of myself, but of Rhonin and his companions across the Great Sea and in Khaz Modan. During this journey, he fought bravely beside me and our fallen comrades, one of which whom I called Brother, against the Red Dragons and their Orcish Masters. After, a clan of Hill Dwarves helped us reach our old home, the Grim Batol where we grudgingly fought and slain many dragons and orcs, but eventully freeing the Red Dragon Queen Alexstrasza. As a gift, she allowed the rest of the warriors with me to take trinkets from her dead kin. Some took scale skins, others, content, took scars home but Ragnar only took two large dragon horns with him, which he later hollowed out and used." - Quoted from a letter from Khudran Wildhammer to Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Family Edit

  • Father: Arbrek Bearclaw (Deceased)
  • Mother: Helga Featherbeard(Deceased)
  • Siblings: ---
  • Pets: A Snowshoe Rabbit called "Fluffers" which he keeps in his beard most times.

The Footlocker Edit

Ragnar is often seen to appear like a walking armoury, in thick plate armour and with a number of weapons and trinkets, recently he has taken a liking to arming himself in the traditional garb of the Wildhammer's, but with a wolf headed helm to cover his eyes.

Stormhammer: Ragnar carries his own Stormhammer with him everywhere he travels, it has served him well on numerous occassions and saved his life since before the First War, some say, with a shield to go with it.

"Gryphon's Fist": A large spiked mace that is slung over one shoulder and looks like it would take take two men to carry, which is now in a grave with his deceased friend that went by the name Hammerfall..

"Claw of the Gryphon": A another item he keeps slung over his shoulder, a large single bladed axe with a pick on the other end of it. He has taken a liking to this new weapon and carries it in his hands at most times.

Lightforged Blade: A long sword normally over his back, in a sheath behind his mace. It has an aura of pure light essence in the blade, useful for the slaying of anything unholy, which is now no more than a pile of melted down scrap metal.

Bag of Pipe Weed and Pipe: Ragnar is often seen with a bag of a powdered weed by his hip, next to it is a wooden pipe, with a golden rune covered plate that circumnavigates the spout, which he is often seen smoking when bored or needing to think clearly.

Drinking Horn and Bugel Horn: Ragnar keeps these as trinkets from his past, from which he fashioned himself from Dragon horn which he earned from the battles against the Red Dragons.

Red Gem on a chain: The origin behind this trinket still lays a mystery to anyone.

Triple Wheelock Handgun: An advanced weapon that he despises to use but a nessecary item he has to carry nowadays, he comissioned a Gnome and a Goblin Engineer to craft this particular weapon for him. It has three barrels and after each shot the barrels rotate due to a clockwork mechanism inside the gun which puts into place a new loaded barrel. Only useful for three shots in close range, but those shots can be placed in three different places, unlike your traditional double barrel handguns. It's often not seen on him, so he does hide it somewhere.

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