Name Edit

Sir Raphiale Ser'tharos Redthorn. His last name was Cloudrunner before the destruction of Silvermoon.

Physical Traits Edit

Raphiale has long blood red hair that he ties into a tall pony-tail that has sharp blood red tendrills of hair spiked out at all angles. He is young at a mere 32 and his face shows no sign of the battles he has fought. His ears though slightly small for the standards of his people point proudly toward the sky.

Race and Class Edit

Blood Elf, Rogue

Occupation Edit

He is a noble of Quel'thalas and has had no experiance of any real hard work. Though some say his dodgey dealings in Murder Row could be where he gets his wage.

Family Edit

Father- Lord Ser'thaern Cloudrunner (dead) Mother- Morthera Cloudrunner (dead) sisters- Sylvia and Sylvanna (both rangers) Cousin-Bal'theron Sunborne (alive, blood Knight

Background Edit

Raphiale has always had a lot of money in his pockets. His father's father's father (and actualy futrther back than that) were all nobles. He spent his childhood feasting off the sunwell's magic and using it in his combat practicing. His older sisters were great archers and he often complained how he had not been granted that gift and often sabotaged their practising.

He has always been a fond friend of an other noble Cissia Rosebow a young ranger-to-be who has shared with him many adventures. Though their relationship has always been "Just Friends" he often thinks of her as a little more.

His family stayed in Silvermoon to help rebuild their fallen capitol. However He felt somthing was amiss and rightly enough his father never payed a single gold coin to help. Infuriated by this (and knowing he would inherit all his father's money) he made the plan to kill his father. He, his cousin Bal'theron and Cissia stabbed his father to death as he walked to a false meeting with Lor'themar. He got his money as was planned and he helped build Muder Row and fund most of the criminal acivities of Quel'thalas. His mother died in the same year granting him a third of his mother's treasures.

Family Background Edit

Like all the other blood elves his family started as Highborne banished from Kalimdor. His Great great great Grandfather, Seceres Mooncloud, changed his family name to Cloudrunner and help shape Quel'thalas and rid the land of forest trolls.

Criminal Record Edit

Though he killed his father he did it with a great deal of planning to avoid ever being caught.

Personal Notes Edit

Raphiale is usualy the first person to crack a joke at someone for doing somthing foolish, he is very two faced and once angered all his fury is broken loose.

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