Biography[edit | edit source]

At the starting of his life he has been a criminal sneaking around Lordaeron, later the young human joined the Faramos acting as a bodyguard. He has died defending Ashmur Faramos, the leader of the house. When raised as an undead, for long no one heard of him, until Illidan weakened the Frozen Throne; there, thanks to their help, he got freed from the Lich King's grasp and joined the Forsaken's cause. Later he found out that Lord Rayan Marcus Faramos, the son of Ashmur, was an undead aswell. Now, under the Faramos's protection, he serves them without question.

Appareance[edit | edit source]

His appareance may be assume the aspect of a started Deathstalker, wrong. Keep atdistance from him...

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