Alliancecrest small Raynold "Guttrender" Goldmane
Title(s) Knight
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Death Knight(ex-Paladin)
Age 47 (Human Years)
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation House of Goldmane
Occupation Second in line to the Goldmane Fortune
Status Proper Deceaed
Relative(s) House of Goldmane


Knight Raynold "Guttrender" Goldmane

Physical TraitsEdit

Physically strong and holds scars from battles past

Race and ClassEdit

Human Death Knight (ex-Paladin)


House of Goldmane


Second in line to the Goldmane Fortune.


House of Goldmane


Born in the year -20 Raynold Goldmane lived a life filled with richness and noblity. He Moved to Lordaeron a couple of years before the Third War to get away from the fighting in the Southern Kingdoms. He joined Lordaeron's Military but died in the last months of the Third War .He was reanimated and gained the rank of Death Knight and became one of Mograine's finest Lieutenants. He then split with his fellow Ebon Blade Knights and joined the rebellion against the Lich King. He then met his family and re-entered a normal way of life.

Family BackgroundEdit

House of Goldmane

Criminal RecordEdit

The mutilation of many villages in Lordaeron and the cause of a sudden inflation in the Lich Kings army etc.

Current StatusEdit

Killed by the Scourge during a skirmish with the Ebon Blade. Body was buried in Eastvale outside the Family Manor.

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