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Hymm took off his Battered Hat and reported to the senior knight at the desk. Hymm looked around the new recruits lineing up outside and smiled to himself. "Welcome to the scarlet mission boys and girls" he thought. he watched them do the physical jogging at different paces around the yard. one girl was faster than the rest. including the trainer, she completed the laps faster than any other recriut and stood panting hands on her knees. Hymm walked over to her "Nicely run Adept" Hymm said and stopped as the girl looked up. "Tabatha!" Hymm exclamed as the gril grined back at him "i wondered where you had got too!" Tabatha looked up at Hymm and said "Good to see you captain i wondered where YOU had wandered off to" both grinned then burst out laughing.

Day's later Hymm felt happier than he had in years he had an old freind and was back in the old relationship they had but never to close to break the oath he swore as a scarlet. they trained together and patroled together and both laughed at the others joke even the sadistic Gerris who turned up for a day seemed to be less shouty and more happy. Tabathas company changed the entire world around Hymm. Other crusaders seemed more relaxed and Hymm began to settle into another basic routine. His old Millita Habits where retuning.

After a few patrols came back with news of a different type of Creature attacking the patrol's Hymm became uneasy as he noticed his Group now including Tabatha had the most dangerous route from whitch most of the attacks had came from. The next day Hymm moved out with his patrol numbering 30 in all some adepts some Penitents but all scarlets. alnong the way Hymm began to feel his old senses kick in something was stalking the patrol he looked to Tabatha and both nodde both drew there blades and Shields ready for anything. Both wary and the rest of the patrol casual they moved up another few feet before something jumped out of the foalige at the road side. a rabbit looking scared hopped away and Tabatha turned to Hymm. "We've been stalked by a rabbit" she said smiling. Hym grined back maybe he had been wrong about the patrol being attacked. A large CRACK! echoed round the path and Tabatha fell side ways only to be caught by Hymm before she hit the ground. "TO ME BREATHEREN!" screamed the most senior knight the others huddled round behind there shields as Hymm held his Dying sweetheart, "H..H.Hymm?" Tabatha croaked blood dripping from a bullet hole straight trough her "T...take my ring and i will always be.....with you" Tabatha smiled weakly "I...i love you Captain......" Tabatha closed her eyes and sighed. Hym cried tears down his face "Brother Hymm to me!" the crusader shouted Hymm ignored him kissing Tabathas still warm lips "i loved you too." Hymm wept. gentley pulling Tabathas ring off her body Hymm slipped it on. "i did" he whispered Hymm looked up and saw a person dressed in camoflage darting away. Hymm's vision whent red, nothing else in the world featured in his world exept a burning hatred for the creature runnig away from him. a few brain cells clicked in his mind it must have been a Human for the undead dont use guns, the brain told him before it was silenced by a red mist.

The other crusaders hid behind there sheilds looking around Hymm stood there in front of them raidiating something worse than any magic.With a primevil roar Hymm charged into the folaige drawing his fathers sword. trees parted infront of him like magic and bushes failed to get under his feet. the forset seemed to feel his sorrow and anger.

Hymm charged forward his anger supassed any he was not in the layer of shouting nor the layer of low and menace this was a totally new level. not even magic had ever been this strong. Hymm chased the figure into a clearing. the place was a camp full of dark brooding men and women scarlet heads and sheilds decorated the tents and shacks. all turned to look at Hymm and all drew there swords. the figre witch had shot his sweetheart looked at him and grined from behind at the post mortem count 50 heavely armed people. All Hymm focused on was the man who had pulled the trigger, and charged Screaming long and hard weilding his fathers thorium blade he cut the first person who tried to stop him in half cleanly anger giving the blade a sharper edge than was ever possible. he was shot at but it fell short the anger driving it to the ground. fourty nine people charged at the same time yelling curses but all drowned out by Hymms Scream.

The rest of the patrol heard screaming yelling and crashing in the direction Hymm had ran. Two missionarys carried Tabatha back to Tyr's hand while the rest investigated the shouting and strangley flashing lights followed by cut off screams. Carnage met the missionary's eyes a few of the younger ones threw up at the sight, Hymm was attacking a few fleeing Scarlet haters above him was a red outline of some god-of-war Hymm blasting red energy at the broken men killing them by blowing them apart in a red or blue explosion. the last one. the one who had shot Tabatha huddled in a corner Mumbleing to himself "Light what have we done?". Hymm advanced on the man who began begging for mercy "No please! NO!" Hymm heedless to them mans word began hacking the man ignoring his screams hacking at him long after he had been dead. "DAMM YOU! DAMM YOU ! DAMM YOU YOU SON OF A BITCH DAMM YOU TO THE DEEPEST PITS! DAMM YOU YOU BASTERD!" Hymm screamed these as he hacked away.

Hymm was slightly aware of the rest of the patrol behind him and he began destroying everything in his beserker rage. not even Arthas could have stoped him. The rest of the partol began to get scared that he might kill them all. "Tackle Him!" yelled the patrol leader Hymm dissapeered under the dogplie of crusaders hymm stoodup the crusaders clinging to him still screaming Hymm moved sluggishly not even the weight of the plated crusaders slowed him down "Enough!" the senior knight screamed hitting Hymm on the back of the head knocking him out. "Quickly before he comes round!" The rest of the platoon pulled hymm back to Tyr's hand having to stop every five minutes to hit Hmm again to stop him from waking again.

Hymm's cries of anger echoed roundTy's hand as Hymm lay pinned to a table screaming. a mage looked at the most senior crusader. "His anger is to strong to contain i suggest we move it into a inanimate object ive never seen brother Hymm like this....". "Very well we'll put it in his cooper shortsword", the mage shool his head "Copper would only crumble to pices and release the anger upon us again ui suggest his OTHER Sword its made of Thorium and would last forever". Hymm awoke in his bunk and sat bolt upright hitting his head he looked around he could see properly and then pain hit him. Hymm groaned looking at himself seeing hundreds of cuts bruises and even a large burn that covered his stomach. "Rest brother you took the worst beating ive ever seen you should be dead a Thousand times over, but what i see here is nothing compared to what i heard you did to that group." The preist handed Hymm a scabbard of Thick leather "Here you wouldent stop being angry brother no one has ever seen anything like it. you wouldent stop so we moved the emotion to your blade be careful with it". Hymm nodded drawing the blade slightly seeing it had a blood red aura around it "now brother you are now on leave from any patrols or any kind of action the Emmisery's here wish that you calm down from...What you did". Hymm nodded and fell asleep.

Hymm stood in a feild tears streeming down his face. "Hymm" came a voice. Hymm turned around and looked at Tabatha "I will guide you in your world but now come and see mine" Hymm grined his old grin and walked with Tabatha through the golden field Towards a white shining town.

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