Amy "severket" Redcross

(lady Severket)

Amy - Annoyed

Amy Redcross

Physical Traits Edit

Amy stands at about 5'5ft, the first thing that can be noticed are her eyes and lips.her eyes a light blue, almost being mistaken for a light gray, her lips are a rose red,her hair is as black as the night and is usually tied back with a single silver lined band. she is quite slim and well toned, she also bears many scars, some more obvious than other but her most obvious are her stomach (stabbed) her left hand (shot) her shoulder (shot) her right leg of which has too major scars (shot and clawed),her left leg (a weird looking bite mark) and her back (slashed). around her belt is a small bag with two blue snakes on it which inside has many surgical tools inside, she also wears a four part holster which has either two swords or two large daggers at the side and two Flintlocks which rest just on her rear,also she wears a Throwing dagger skirt which is a skirt of holders containing 5 daggers each.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, "Rogue" ,Mercenary


Redemptio Coronae


Amy is well known in Loch Modan for her skinning and leather work skills, also she tries hard to cook well and does well in her fishing but her primary jobs are as a mercenary and a field surgeon


Fredric Von Redcross-Killed in lakeshire by amy, nouala and Xania

Amnoria Redcross-died in child birth, though rumoured to be in a ghost form in elwynn forest graveyard

Lithia Redcross-murdered

Nicksonol severket who is her adopted father

Norra Redcross-only child of Amy
Amy - Drunk

"I am the Queen of Ironforges!"


Serenity(midnight black stallion)

dodge(brown prairie dog)

Lilly and Scratch (black Bombay and Siamese cats)

Snaggel (Red parrot)-Died due to cats

Siegfreid and Atilla (brewfest ram and swift brewfest ram)

Jade (Nicksonals faithful Horse)

Bandit family membersEdit

John Kindblade-arrested and hung

Lillith Kindblade-arrested and hung

Paul Kindblade (older brother)-Killed by Amy

John Kindblade (younger brother)Killed by Lithia

Julien kindblade (older sister) arrested and hung

Paulein Kindblade (2nd older sister)-killed by Amy falling along side Heidi

Heidi Kindblade (younger sister)-killed by Amy falling along side Paulein


(still under development)

raised by bandits, she was trained to hate and kill all those that threated her exsistance, she was poorly treated by her bandit family, never feeling in place with them no matter how hard she tried to fit in.

she came accustom to most forms of weapons such as swords, daggers and throwing knives and learnt to use them to deadly effect, also she was trained in the arts of stealth and acrobatics at the cost of learning to read and write.

In the years to come, Amy Committed many a crime, Mainly the assassination or hostage taking of Northern nobles but also petty crimes such as roadside muggings,assault (mainly on guards) and robberies.

when she was 17 she and her bandit parents had a bitter argument about who she was which resulted in her bandit father striking her with his fist as hard as he could, at such an assault she ran from their encampment crying,by chance running into her real sister Lithia, she began to talk to the girl until the girl told her about them being family, without hesitation she believed Lithia and took no time in planing her Revenge. after a few days of her being missing, the local Milita discovered and attacked the Emcampment due to the help of Amy and her sister, though John, Lillith and Julien were arrested, tried and hung, Paul,John,Paulein and Heidi escaped splitting off in two groups, this did not satisfy Amy's lust for revenge and she eventually tracked down and killed Heidi,Paul and Paulein.finally her lust had been cured, not knowing what to do with herself she decided to become a mercenary with her sister, doing both legal and illegal jobs. when she reached the age of 25, after all the killing she had done for her own gain and for the military, she decided it was time for a change, a change that came via a dream, a change she came to call her serenity, a state of mind of which she would right her wrongs and live in peace.

at that time she was under the service of Nicksonol, someone she respected greatly and was prepared to follow his orders.she became an ambassador of the hospitallers of stormwind, thus meeting Honoria, due to the impressive performance of Amy, she was asked to meet with Lady Honoria Detol, after a few hours strong feels for Honoria grew inside Amy, and one night Honoria told Amy about a dream she had, one that was similar to her serenity. she thought she had found it, her joy, her happiness with Honoria which they could discover her serenity together and soon Amy proposed to Honoria and eventually married her after bring adopted into the house of severket.

for a long time in her life she was happy, overjoyed as now she was married which went well, for only a short while.

a month after the marriage Amy and Honoria began to argue due to Amy's fear of Honorias new shadow based powers, then in Ashenvale the marriage dissolved,Amy did one thing after Honoria left Ashenvale, she fell to her knees and burst into Tears for nothing she could think of could shake Honoria out of her mind and body.

her blades began to look too friendly too her,fortunately the kind hearted Elizabetha came to her side,being there for her and trying to calm her.

Amy - Mad

"in the Snows of Northrend, Amy goes to war.

after many days Amy, thanks to Elizabethas aid calmed down and managed to get back to her life, deciding that she was bound by her honour to take care of elizabetha no matter what the cost.

but another issue arose, her pregnancy,though the making of her child is unknown to all but few, it was quick, causing her to be come tired quickly at the development of the baby and months later she was in labour, due to her being weak she found the pregnancy incredibly differcult, feeling exhausted by the time Norra's head was into the world, fueled by determination and the help of Kiva, she gave birth to Norra.

a week after she took Norra to elizabetha for the first time, elizabetha seemed greatly attached to the infant which made Amy feel joyed, also she heard again from her old friend Suzanne who she had met in raven hill graveyard, she managed to see past the tabard of Suzanne and chose to fight along side her.

she encounted her father who wished death upon her for the first time, after a long fight with the hybrid, xania, nouala and Amy came out on top, defeating the insane man

after some time she has realised feelings for a Dear friend named Kiva who has helped her on many occasions (such as delivering Norra), she finds herself working many jobs now since the death of Nicksonal severket, also giving her some extra political power, also due to the friendship with Nouala amy joined redempio coronae of which she has become the commander of the guard

Family BackgroundEdit

Amy's parents were at some point servants of the light, her older sister Lithia was born 2 years before her, 3 months before Amy was Born, her father Fredric Von Redcross as he demanded he was called disappeared,beginning to learn the ways of the shadow. 2 months later he returned,attacking Amnoria in a series of violent attacks before she finally defended herself and made him flee in his insanity. a month later her mother began her labour of delivering her second child which was to be Amy,but to certain circumstances her Mother has to choose, would she live and her new born die or continues with the pregnancy at the cost of her own life, she chose her own life, before her passing off she Named Amy.

trivia Edit

Very few people know that Amy speaks one other language, Dark iron or "the Devils tongue" as Amy herself calls it, she is fluent in it, in fact it is as fluent as her common, she is very secretive about it, especially around Dwarves but at times the Dark iron tongue forces itself onto Amy

Amy also has double joints at the elbow, making it hard to restrain her arms behind her back

Criminal RecordEdit






being drunk and disorderly


shooting a hole into the cathedral ceiling (not yet tried)


honourable woman in a den of thieves- this is influenced by captain Malcom renalds from the firefly series and serenity film, though renalds is a man unlike amy, he is still a man of honour, and will generally do thing right, even crime as in said in the first episode of firefly "your a man of honour dancing in a den of thieves". Amy is like this as, even though she is meant to be a merciless mercenary she will try to do things by the book.

Protector- Balian of Ibelin is a good influence from the film "kingdom of heaven" as the Muslim army match toward Jerusalem, Balian stays behind to protect the people, though his odds are very slim, Amy is like this as she will charge those to defend those that need protection even if her chances are very slim

"friend of the dwarves"-this influence comes from Snow white funnily enough. in the many forms of snow white she eventually Befriends seven Dwarves. though amy is friends with more than seven dwarves she has the highest respect for the dwarves, even having a home in there lands

Serenity-the influence for Amys dream and Heaven are based on that of general Maximus from the Film gladiator, just as Serenity is, the heaven of the general is a farm with wheat (or some kind of cereal)

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