For Elune, Nature and the Light Edit

We are doctors. Our task is to heal the injured. We will do so for whoever needs our services. If the patient be evil, try to make him turn to goodness.

Above all: "Do no harm!"


A doctor from Redemptio Coronae treating a patient.

About the Guild Edit

Redemptio Coronae was started by Nouala Ravenwind and Blueleaff Moonsong as a response to the lack of qualified doctors due to most of the Alliance doctors serving at the battlefronts.

The doctors of Redemptio Coronae try to fill that need by bringing healing to the peoples.

Days of Note Edit

Code of conduct Edit

Doctors Oath Edit

Doctors of Redemptio Coronae must all abide by the following strictures:

  • They must share medical knowledge freely with other doctors
  • They must heal those that need it, not those they think deserve it
  • They may not assist in suicides
  • They may not abuse their knowledge

Joining Edit


Join now.

To join, ask Nouala, Blueleaff or Kiva.

All applicants will have to complete a small trial. The trial will take place In Character, and will be in the form of a mock consultation. Two of the senior members will participate. One of them playing a patient. It is then the job of the applicant to explain to the examiner what he/she would do to cure the patient. (This test obviously only applies to doctors, guards have their own interview process.)

All levels, classes and races except Death Knights (in rare cases an exception to this rule can be made, but don't count on it) can join.

((OOC: But we do encourage members to get some levels under their belt. Doctors can be called out to any location after all.))

Guild Chat Edit

The guild chat is In Character. The RP reason for this is that everyone has speaking stones that allow them to communicate. The stones need to be held in the hand to function. As such it is not possible to speak while doing surgery or anything else that requires the use of both hands.

((OOC: The guild chat should NOT be used for metagaming. If we find metagaming, the member will be given ONE warning. Repeat offenders will be demoted or in extreme cases kicked from the guild.))

Guild Ranks Edit

Officers Edit

  • Hospitaller (Guild Leader)
  • Trauma Surgeon
  • Physician
  • Guard Captain

Members Edit

  • Doctor
  • Researcher
  • Nurse
  • Mediziner Guard

Introductory Ranks Edit

  • Intern
  • Guard

Officers Edit

Uniform Edit

RankDress color
The HospitallerBlue.NouDoctorIcon
Trauma Surgeons, Surgeons, Doctors and MedicsGreen.BlueDoctorIcon

All members wear the guild tabard when on duty.

Guild meetings Edit

Members can see the next scheduled meeting on our WebHome

Hospital Edit

Redemptio Coronae has set up a hospital in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Another branch is in Darnassus, in the wing to the left outside the Temple of the Moon.

Floor plan (Interactive version)


Links Edit

Guild Website Edit

We have our own website. Besides members of Redemptio Coronae, friends and associates can also sign up for the site.

Redemptio Coronae

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