Hordecrest small.gif Reginald Winthorpe
Image of Reginald Winthorpe
Title(s) Mister
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Rogue
Age 32
Alignment Lawful Good
Occupation Bard
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Ronald Winthorpe

Character Description[edit | edit source]

A now deceased Forsaken Bard of some reknown, he was rather famous in the Northern and Eastern Kingdoms during his time as a human. Reginald was often invited to play his songs at larger occasions, and has visited such fine establishments as the Stratholme Inn, the Royal Castle of Lordaeron, Andorhal Inn, Shadowfang Keep (before it's ruin it was quite grand), Dalaran and even so far as Silvermoon City.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

There are no known photos or painted images of Reginald during his short Forsaken life. Personal friends and companions has described him as an average height Lordaeron citizen, with bleak, yellow-ish hair and a pair of strangely calm eyes. People around him referred to Reginald as "Friendly, humouristic, and with a great sense of understanding". At one phase he lost his jaw to an unfortunate incident with a crazed Forsaken woman, but this didn't change him much in personality. The only notable difference was that he would end long sentences with a slight gurgle.

He was also good with the female Forsaken, a rare trait considering his appearance. He would act like a true gentleman and sometimes, not on purpose, would he sway you with his influence. It has been said that his tongue was "not of this world", whatever that means.

Background & History[edit | edit source]

Reginald Winthorpe grew up in Stratholme, where he was quickly introduced to the Bard profession when the local Inn proprietor heard his talent of song. He travelled land and kingdom telling great tales of heroes and villains, mighty battles and fair maidens. Many women wanted him, but he found true love in Déliana, one of Stratholme's finest Priestesses. It was love at first sight.

Reginald and Déliana married in secret, and soon Déliana gave birth to Ronald, their first and last son. But as Ronald grew into his teenage years, his mother became more and more distant. Reginald suspected foul play, and since his wife had been cast out of her Holy Order due to breaking her chastity he tried to find out why she acted as she did. It soon became apparent that she had begun worshipping the Shadow. Not wanting Ronald to grow up near her, Reginald offered to raise his son on his own. Déliana cared not for her son anymore. So Reginald raised his son until the age of fourteen, where he had to witness his father being slain by Arthas' soldiers as the Culling of Stratholme began.

Reginald was buried in what is now referred to as 'Death Knell', where he laid dormant for several years before being awakened to the call of the Forsaken. He awoke confused, broken and lost.

But Reginald is a tough man. He realised what he had become, and with the help from an odd elven Deathknight he dragged himself up from being nothing to being a person again. He made friends, outcasts similar to him, and he regained some of his lost reputation. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months. Reginald soon learned that his wife was Forsaken just as him, but that the Shadow had twisted her, making her sick and evil. She hounded him, trying to claim revenge for something Reginald had not done. But when all seemed dark, Reginald found light. His son, Ronald, was alive.

And after gathering all his strength, Reginald met Ronald, after so many years. To see his son alive was truly a fortunate turn of events. But then came Déliana. Having restored her powers greatly, she had set upon an evil crusade to track her former husband down. And found him she did. That night, exactly two and a half months since his Awakening, Reginald was brutally murdered by his insane ex-wife, his soul drawn into the Realm of Shadows for all eternity.

And that was the end of Reginald Winthorpe, the once beloved Bard of Lordaeron.

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