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Reithn Ravenstorm

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She has just reached adulthood.

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Race and ClassEdit

  • Night elf Druid.
  • Chaotic Good.

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Reithn works with her love, Miyutha, as a freelance 'Detective'. Though; her only real loyalty bar this is to Nature. Not even to the Alliance.

Occupation Edit

Reithn used to love making small gadgets, out of anything she could find. She learned alot from her Brother, as she did in most aspects of life. She began to ask of materials from Nature to be able to form her gadgets, and now is an engineer. She is also the assistant of Miyutha, freelance detective, though Reithn does not seem to show to much talent in that area of work. But, she calls herself mostly a wonderer.


  • Grandfather - Living.
  • Father && Mother - Both Dead.
  • Brother - Apocalypse Ravenstorm.
  • Love - Miyutha Crestmoon.

Background Edit

Family Background Edit

Personal Notes Edit

Profile still under construction, if you couldn't tell. xD

Current Status Edit

Goldsire; after investigating dead bodies found in and around Northshire Abbey and being reunited once again with Apoca; and loosing him in the same night, she headed back to the inn to allow herself to fall into sleep.

Inspiration Edit

A mix of previous roleplay characters; relations; my own personality && a fierce love of nature. Partly for fun, obviously, too.

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