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(Prologue: Extinguished and The siege)


It had been almost a month since Sasaya had finally found her way back to Horde territory, or almost there at least. While waiting for the boat to take her from Booty Bay to Kalimdor she had met someone she hadn't expected to ever meet again. The body belonged to someone else, but Sasaya eventually realized that it was indeed the old crone she had tried to save so many moons ago. It was young and healthy, Vazjas new 'vessel', and it was... pregnant.

Apparently Vazja had been away for quite some time herself, obviously embarrassed over her current state, and when they had run into each other at the inn she didn’t have more than three or four weeks left until the child would be born. Sasaya had agreed to help out with the delivery, not for the sake of Vazja, but because not wanting the unborn child to come to harm, nor let it be raised by its mothers murderer.

It was at this time she learned about what Vazja and Bamboo'Chaa had really been up to while she had been trapped in her homelands. Almost... bragging had they explained how they kidnapped this innocent young troll and extract her soul from her body, replacing it with Vazjas wretched one, and as if that action wasn't foul enough, they had taken the pleasure of trapping the soul of the young troll in a crystal, just like a hunter saves a trophy from its prey, instead of letting it pass to the other side.

Vazja and Bamboo'Chaa, two of the most astonishing hexxers she had ever met and had admired deeply, kidnappers and murderers? Defilers of all that's sacred to life and violators of the way of the spirits? Sasayas admiration had vanished in an instant.

Since Vazja still didn't want any attention they had decided to spend the coming weeks in the wilderness, a safe hideout free from visitors. Luckily enough, Vazja had trusted Sasaya enough to give her the chance to secretly send a letter for help before leaving Booty Bay, calling for the only one she knew had any knowledge about such a stone containing a trapped soul. The help however, should turn out to come from someone completely different.

Sasaya suddenly froze in her movement, someone was approaching! While trying to hide to the best of her ability, she recognized Coxingas low voice calling for her. A faint sigh of relief escaped her lips; he hadn't been caught stealing food from the small human town below. Lakeshire he called it?

By sheer coincidence had he found her distress call so many weeks ago, bless the spirits. Apparently her letter hadn't gotten far, but she had instead gained a new friend and ally when she needed it the most. Still, she didn't quite know if she could trust him completely. After all, he used to be an ally of some sort to Vazja before all this happened.

But she wouldn’t have gotten this far without the Blood Elf, she was very aware of that. Every time he had ventured into a human settlement to steal food for themselves or fresh milk for the baby she had been worried sick. "Two mouths but only one arm, how in the world would I have..." -Sasaya left the thought right there. They were safe for the moment and they had far worse problems to deal with than some mindless rambling.

Looking at the distance, she could make out the silhouette of the Blackrock Mountain rising up well above its neighbors, marking the end of the worst hardship yet to overcome on their journey, the Burning Steppes.

Ash, fire and brimstone, what worse landscape for an exhausted Frost Troll to cross?


Journal entry, well one I guess. I can't believe what we have done, looking back on it now. Its so stupid! Why did we do this, yes what Vazja was sick, and thats a kind word for it!, but this. I need a crystal... Anyway, whats done is done. We have the child, we're camping out. So far so good, i'll have to go steal some food from Darkshire after some rest. Hope those Human's have something good to eat down there, i'm too tired to write anymore, this'll be it for now.


Sasaya and Coxinga stumling upon the mysterious undead woman at the border between Redridge Mountain and Burning Steppes.

Journal entry two. I got food from the Human's, pathetic fool's didn't even notice me, how the hell can they keep guard from the Undead if they can't even notice me?! I even knocked over a wooden bucket and no one came to see what it was! Idiots, anyway, I shouldn't trail off...Sasaya is holding up alright, having regrets I think...That'll pass, I hope. I'm worried about the child, Vazja cast some sort of magic on her before we could get a way. She's pale and cold, i'm worried she might die if this becomes more serious and if she does so help me....No, no I can't think like that. She will live, i'll make sure of that..Hmm, she needs a name too. Heh, she's awake, better get the milk and let her drink.

Journal entry three. We've moved again, a found a nice little spot to camp. Better then where we were in Duskwood, i'm going to keep this one short, day was long...Anyway, i'll try sneaking into Lakeshire before dawn, hopefully they will be as 'alert' as the guards in Darkshire, would make it a lot easier. Oh yes, before I forget. We named the child Tan'yi, a cute name for a cute kid.

Journal entry four. I don't know if Sasaya is too nice for her own good, or just plain stupid at times(I hope its the former) We came across this Undead woman, freshly Undead I think, she can't speak Orcish and still knows the Human language. Anyway, Sasaya desided to waste time we could've had running trying to help her, did she even think of the time we could've made?, though its not all bad, she seem's to have been a Priest during her life, she used a spell of the Holy Light to help Tan'yi, she looks so much better! Thank the Sunwell for her in that respect, or maybe the Light. I dunno, its going to be hard keeping those three, and myself, alive out here. But I think I can keep them safe, I hope I can. Tomorrow we have to get to Blackrock, I don't want to be stuck in his light-forsaken place anylonger then we need. Now i'm tired, and need a crystal before I sleep. Damn this mana-craving.


"It is the end of all hope

To lose the child, the faith

To end all the innocence

To be someone like me."

- Nightwish: End of All Hope.

Dreaming black. Dreamy black. Is it a colour? I don’t know if I am dreaming, but I float, aimlessly drifting through the blackness. I don’t mind it. I think I don’t mind it.

Did someone touch me?

The world comes into focus. I can hear voices speaking strange words, unknown words – and upon moving my head I stare at what looks like a Quel’dorei, his eyes seemingly glowing, but I can’t discern the colour. It’s like all is...grey and white and black. He stands over me, his mouth moving, but I don’t understand what he says. It sounds, I don’t know what it sounds like, but whatever it is, it seems...familiar?

I turn my head, hearing another voice. It seems more rough somehow.


I scream in surprise, scurrying up on my rear as I try to crawl backwards. Where am I?! Who are these?!

Something is wrong. I don’t feel right – and I feel lighter. Holding up my hands doesn’t help... I can see the bones that should be covered in skin!

“What has happened to me?!” I scream.

They look at me, strangely, uttering again those strange words.

“I can’t understand you! Where am I?! What has happened?!” I ask in frustration.

Dreamy black. It must be a dream. A nightmare! I...I can’t feel properly!

I tear at my hair and despair more as strands thereof fall off my head. Someone has wronged me. Someone has done something unto me! Who?!

My face. It doesn’t feel right. eyes!! I have no eyes!! My sockets are...empty?!

I look at the Troll and the Elf. They look confused at me.

“Who are you? Where am I?!”

Still confused looks.

They...don’t understand me. I notice that the Elf's hand drips with something dark, something magical. It fades. I shriek at the sight, knowing in the core of my soul that it is something foul.

Oh, Light...

Light... That...seems familiar. Where did it come from? That word? Light... There is something that is called the Light. I remember that word. I remember that it meant...means something that I...that I had to do with?

The Elf approaches me, handing me something. I think it is bread. It doesn’t have the right colour, but it has the shape. They don’t mean me harm? I think they don’t. Standing up is...odd, but I can manage.

Oh, Light, my legs... My knees have no flesh. Who did this to me? I know I used to be different. I used to be...something else. Something with flesh? Yes, something with flesh. I know that I didn’t look like this.

The Elf says something. I think he does, as he gestures with the piece of bread again. Approaching slowly, I reach out for it, warily eyeing him and the bread. He’s in the company of a Troll. Elves don’t live with Trolls. Something in my mind tells me so. I remember...images of war? Depictions of Elves and Humans fighting the Trolls. I...think it was long ago?

Oh...the bread.

I carefully take the bread from his outstretched hand. Not too quickly. I don’t...I don’t want to cause them to harm me.

Harm me... I am already harmed! Someone has done something to me!

The bread.

It is in my hand. Am I hungry? I don’t know if I am. I can’t feel anything in my stomach. Maybe...maybe if I eat, then I will know. Holding it up to my nose, I sniff gently to it, but...there’s no scent, no smell. I poke my nose in wonder and try again. Nothing. Maybe...if I take a bite? Yes, I take a bite. No taste... I can’t taste anything... I think I can feel the bread in my mouth, but it doesn’t stay. It is falling out of my...skinless cheeks...

I let out a yowl. I can’t taste it! I can’t smell! Where are my eyes?! How can I even see?!

The Troll speaks, gesturing to attract my attention. She points at herself, saying, "Sasaya." Then she points at the Elf, "Coxinga."

They are...telling me who they are? Must be. I think so.

I point at her, the female Troll. ""

She nods, smiling. I did something right. I said her name. Must be her name. Right?

I point at myself. And I frown. I am...

I am...


Who am I?! I can't remember!

I let out a loud wail, clutching my hair again. My teeth clatter in response.

I can't remember who I am!!


"An angelface smiles to me

Under a headline of tragedy

That smile used to give me warmth."

- Nightwish: Angels Fall First.

The Troll speaks to me. I still don't understand her. I think she's trying to comfort me. Maybe. I don't know. The Elf doesn't look too happy. He looks more annoyed than anything.

"I...I don't understand you," I mumble, torn and vexed. "I don't understand what you're saying!"

She looks frustrated at me, and then at the Elf.

Then someone coughs. Coughs and coughs.


And I notice that the Troll only has one arm - the left sleeve dangling as though it were empty. She frantically checks on something that is well wrapped. Yes, it is a child.

I didn't...I didn't know that Troll children could look so adorable. Coughing... Must be all the ash and dust.

Ash and dust? How did I know that? I peer around, finding that the place is...familiar somehow. Ash and dust. The little child's lungs must be very stressed by the dusty air. Yes, that must be it.

"Is it coughing because of the air?" I ask.

They don't notice me. Light, they can't even understand me, anyway...

So...I approach carefully. The Troll notices, and seems to withdraw from me, as though both disgusted and maybe a bit afraid. I don't blame her. I...I look like a monster, I'm sure.

I point at the child, mimicking a cough, and peer questionably at them.

Both the Troll and the Elf frown.

I mimick a cough again, and hold my hand over whatever might remain of my mouth and nose.

Still confused looks.

I pick up some dust, letting it fall again, and I mimick another cough, and again cover my mouth and nose. There is a sparkle in their eyes, as though they understand, and they focus on the child. I think they understood me! I feel like it stirs within my spirit. It...feels good, and thoughts of the Light pops up in my mind. To help...spreads...Light? Was that it? It seems familiar, at least.

Child. Children...

I move my arms into a cradling motion. It...seems also familiar. Did I cradle something once? Before...before whatever happened to me? Was it...a child? Children...? I...can't...remember...

Holding up my hand, I peer at the piece of bread. It is of no use to me. I feel neither hunger nor craving, so I carefully approach the Elf, handing him the bread.

"I...I can't eat it. Please...take it back," I try to say.

He doesn't understand me, of course - replying in his strange tongue. It doesn't sound Elvish, but still has something familiar to it - like a faint echo of somewhere else. Battles, maybe? I try again. Still no luck. Then I try with the female Troll, who again seems to recoil at the sight of me.

It hurts within. I don't know who did this to me! Why can't you understand me?!

I let out a wail of dismay. I have to make her understand, and so I kneel down again, picking up the dusty sand and ash and I pour it into my mouth, most of which leaks through my skinless cheeks. I don't even taste. I barely feel it in my mouth.

Then I hand her the piece of bread again. "I can't eat this... Please take it..."

The Elf says something, and I think they understood me. And finally they take the piece of bread.

I stand up, not knowing what to do. I don't know who I am, I don't know where I am, I don't know anything...

They speak to one another, sounding faintly like an argument. Then the Elf starts to move towards what looks like a broken gate. The image of it seems like something I recognise, but again I don't know why or where from.

The Troll speaks to me again. I think she wants me to...follow?


I wonder what that means...

She starts walking backwards, her face turned towards me. "<Aiit>?"

Is that my name she has given me? A title? Huh...<Aiit> is like a question, but...the way she used that word was gentle somehow. Does it mean "follow", perchance? is okay?

I tilt my head, hearing how the neck bones creak slightly as I do so. I don't know where I am, and...maybe they could help me.

I follow.

"<Aiit>," she says, smiling.

I...did something right again, I think. <Aiit> must mean okay...I think.

Oh, Light, I hope I'll remember...


We walk for some time. Ash and dust is everywhere. I see something resembling lava, and all these surroundings stir some sort of memories in my mind. I've seen this place before, and I know that...that it is a dangerous place. Why are they going this way? And with a little baby Troll? I don't understand...and I can't ask them, and they can't ask me.

The Troll suddenly shrieks as she looks at the baby. Something is wrong. Is it ill? She babbles something in that odd tongue, and both she and the Elf look horrified. I peer curiously at the child. It does look ill.

Sick, illness, ailment... It can be...cured? The Light again. The Light, that thought, it keeps returning to me. Something...something that deals with...healing? Healing was it?

P...p...prayers! Incantations! Wielding the Light! It can shine! I remember it can shine!

"Light, fill me. Let my hands be the channel through which the healing power can flow," I whisper under my breath.

My hands! They glow! I remember this! I remember the glow!!

I feel like weeping with joy. I remember the Light! I recall what it is!

The Elf stares at me, his hands again dripping with that strange dark and shadowy magic. His face tells me that he thinks I mean to harm them, and he steps in front of the Troll, who in turn looks frightened at me, shielding the little one.

" misunderstand. I can help you. The Light. I remember how to wield it."

They don't understand. They never understand!

I point at the baby, " <Aiit>...?"

No understanding.

I sigh and kneel down, beginning to draw into the dusty ground. I try to make it an image of a person that is lying on the ground, ill, and of another holding his hands up in supplication, as though praying. They frown, coming closer to see what I have drawn, and I point again at the little child.

"<Aiit>...?" I say, hoping they will understand what I'm trying to tell them.

Then I draw the symbol of the Holy Light. I can remember it. It feels so good to remember that. The Light!

The Elf seems to show hints of understanding. He says something to the Troll, who responds in a tone that seems confused.

I hold up my hands again. "<Aiit>...?"

Again the Elf speaks and the Troll nods slowly, kneeling down and unwrapping the child. Then she looks over at me, and I approach carefully. I don't want to scare them and make them think that I mean to harm the little one, which they seem to guard to fiercely. The Troll seems to hand me the child, but I dare not take it. Instead I gently place my bony hands upon the wrapped baby, and I begin my prayer.

Something hits my spirit. It feels like something foul, something dark. Like a curse of some sort. Strange... Who'd want to cast something so shadowy upon such a little child?

I clatter my teeth and croak before praying, and I focus the Holy Light into this little being, trying to fend off the power that seeks to cause the child harm, and I try to draw the protective power of the Light over it. Minutes pass...and I think I succeeded somewhat. The shadowy feel still lingers, but seems somewhat faded. I think...

I look up at the Troll. "Sasa...ya...? <Aiit>...?"

She looks at the child, and...smiles! Smiles! I did something right again!

The Troll says something, still smiling. I think she is thanking me, and so I try to return her smile. It feels like my remaining lip retracts into something I hope can be interpreted as a smile.

I think she sees and understand.

I did something good!


Sasaya let Vazja hold her infant child for five minutes, then she took her away. The last thing she heard of her child was a scream, calling out for her mother. By now she will have named it, fed it a dozen times atleast, soothed it.. Vazja stopped herself from crying.

A year ago she had sworn never to trust again and now she had done it. This was the punishement of the gods, to teach her a lesson as she strayed far from her true path. The only way to settle this was to sacrifice Coxinga and all who stood in the way of the traitor to the Loa, if that is what it will take to get to Sasaya. And when Sasaya would be in the web of Vazja, she would give her new lessons in Voodoo that she would never forget, in all of eternity.."

As Vazja and 'Chaa looked out over the wastes of the Burning Steppes, the started they would have thought that they were chasing the dead if they had been guessing. They were not guessing. By now, Coxinga, Sasaya and their child should be dead, covered by ash. By now, 'Chaa and Vazja would have given up and began mourning.

Vazja kneeled on a big rock that was covered in ash, around herself she drew a big circle with her Hexxing-Stick. In it, she placed some her ingredients of choice, her own prefered materials for the rituals she prefered. All the teeth of an orcish child that she had ripped out while it was still alive. The right leg of a young dragonhawk. The beak of an Arrakoa. And last, a very small clay-doll with a piece skin wrapped around its neck. They would do for this ritual. They would all make the channeling alot easier. They made her feel tuned in.

Suddenly the air around the circle she had drawn started to clear the circle of ash, without moving the trinkets she had placed in it. As if shot in the back by an invisible arrow, Vazja suddenly stretched her back, threw out her arms and gazed into the sky with an open mouth. Her mouth and eyes were seeping with shadow as she started chanting in a foul ancient troll tounge. It was time to see what the fleeing traitors were up to and then it was time to make their life worse..

She easily found her way to the soul of the child, entered it's husk and peered out of it's eyes. She could feel the child coughing but had to ignore it. She saw the two traitors, exhausted and covered in dust, but still moving. She could see.. Another companion? Yet another who walked into it's doom then, some forsaken. And there, not far away, the Blackrock Mountain! They were far ahead, they must have pushed on very hard then. Fear can make people do incredible things.

Someone had lifted her first decoy-curse of the child. Must have been Coxinga, the bastard seems to have endless amounts of power!

"Bah, no matter, it was time to give them something to worry about for real!"

As she left the child, leaving her curse behind, black steam shot out of it's nostrils and mouth for a second. As she had left it, it kept breathing and it heart kept beating, but all of it's limbs had gone numb.

Suddenly Vazja returned to her own plane, grasping for air. As she packed her trinkets into her saddlebags, she said to 'Chaa:

"Traitors are hung by the neck, sacrificed to the Loa."


Traitors are hung by the neck, sacrificed to the Loa.

The faint sound of Tan'yis coughing made Sasaya wake up from her nightmares with a loud gasp. Yet awake, she could still hear Vazjas last words ringing in her head, and she could still see her eyes steaming with hatred, puncturing her very heart.

Oh why couldn't she just have taken the bait that horrid night? If she would just had accepted the laced potion Sasaya had offered her, it wouldn't have turned out so disorganized as it did. Instead of just taking the sedative, she had refused, obviously suspecting something, and with no other choice of action, Sasaya and Coxinga had to wrestle her down in her weakened state and steal the newborn from her. Vazja had defended herself in a furious primal state, almost as if she... cared about the baby.

Did she really cared for it? Vazja obviously never put anything or anyone before herself and her own well being, but the way she desperately tried to fend of Sasaya and Coxinga was... -No! She couldn't care for the baby. After all, she had threaten to break its neck when they had told her to let go of it. She couldn't care because the baby weren't hers by right.

...Or was it?

During the time they spent together, Vazja had revealed to her that the body wasn't pregnant when she 'claimed' it, and that Bamboo'Chaa might very well be the father of her spawn. The soulless hag had been lying from the start, just to get Sasaya to help her. But it didn't matter now. They had both the soulstone and the baby, there were still hope to fix this broken family. Somehow...

It was also during this time Vazja had started to teach Sasaya the very basics of hexxing, for what purpose Sasaya never really understood. Just to let the time pass, or in hope to win her over to Vazjas side? Nevertheless, she must have understood that Sasaya would never use this knowledge for anything else but to learn about how to ward herself and others from such sinister voodoo.

-Which she in the end wouldn't have to do. For no reason and to Sasayas great surprise had Vazja one day made a clay doll resembling Sasaya, then explaining how she had enchanted it, describing it as her personal focus for hexxing against Sasaya specifically. Then, in what was either a state of delirium, or yet another of her tricks, she had willingly offered the clay doll to Sasaya, explaining that it would from now on be vazjas one and only focus of hexx against Sasaya until it was destroyed, so as long as Sasaya kept it away from her, she would be safe from Vazjas voodoo.

"To even the odds" had she said, should they have to fight each other in the future. Almost as if she knew what was coming.

Sasaya's hand unintently reached for the clay doll in her pouch, where it rested carefully wrapped in a piece of cloth. A trick or not, she wouldn’t let go ot it...



Making new friends along the way.

Journal entry five. We've made it out of the Steppes at last...But damn it we wasted so much time! We need to make up for it when the others are a wake. We can let nothing stop us on the morning.

We picked up a new member of our small group as well, I pray we get no more, I can't remember his name, or much care for it. But he is Sin'Dorei like myself. I hope he brought his own mana crystals, I will not share mine if that fool forgot his own. Maybe being a mage he could extract the mana from the very earth? That would be a great help.

Sasaya doesn't seem to trust me, not that I can blame her truth be told, but still. After all I have done for her, to keep her safe. She could show me a little trust?! It doesn't matter I guess, hopefully i'll gain her trust when I lead her out of the Gorge.

Tan'yi was worse today, much worse. Vazja's spell had weakend her to the point she couldn't move. Thank the Sunwell she could still drink the milk we have though, but again the Forsaken woman, who has taken a liking to the name Illune, healed her, and she could move. To think I tought she cared for the child a while ago, no mother who cared for her child would put a spell that renders her child pale, cold, and numb would do what she did. Damn her to the Nether.

This is enough for now, need to keep watch..


As Vazja was waiting to leave Loch Modan behind she couldn't help thinking about it.. She had let them go, let Coxinga live and let Sasaya run away with the child. A day ago, she had been determined to take the child as soon as possible, no questions asked.. Now she had turned it into one of her games, and she liked it.

Still confident to retrieve the child and bring the traitors to justice, Vazja would not be so bold to regret her actions. She knew that a slow death in fear was what she was waiting to bring upon the three souls that held her from her child. She knew that in a couple of days the child would look like a total wreck, blackened fingers, black smoke belching out of its mouth and unable to open it's eyes. Sasaya and Coxinga must be so proud that they took the child away from such a cruel mother!

Vazja smirked. Perhaps it had been easier to just talk to them?

Ofcourse not, this was not about the child to start with, it would take weeks to make them understand how it could be right to take the body from the younger priestess..

Vazja begins laughing, what was it the elf said? "Breaking the rules of your own race!" If he knew anything about the rules of my race, he would laugh at Sasaya, not to mention most of the darkspears that seem to have got well accostumed to their new lifestyle.

She had sent 'Chaa home. It was neccesary. She had held his ways back too much and now it was time to play her game to it's fullest, should she fail then he will take the child back and raise her. Fail? Again, Vazja begins laughing. Ofcourse she would not fail. In a few days, the traitors will bring the child to her.


"So close, by the spirits it was so close! How had Vazja and Bamboo'Chaa found us so quickly? Had they pushed themselves over their limits, or hadn't Moztow tried to hide our tracks as he claimed he did?"

Of all the people who had joined Coxinga and Sasayas journey along the way, Moztow was the one she trusted the least, and he had been gone for days now, claimed that he would be off to hunt them some fresh meat. Faronus, the magister who reluctantly had agreed to accompany them several days ago had also gone missing, only yesterday when they had so abruptly encountered their predators down at the shores of The Loch.

It had all happened so very fast. Suddenly the two malicious trolls had just been there, and yet again had Sasaya shamelessly just fled for her life. Coxinga and Faronus had for reason stayed behind to confront them, perhaps to give Sasaya and Illume time to escape with little Tan'yi. Sasaya could only pray that Illume understood that they were in danger, and that she could defend herself should the situation require it.

Sasaya and Illume had litterally run to the hills. Taken refuge in a pine covered slope they couldn't do much else that hope that the others would make it safetly away from Vazja and Bamboo'Chaa....


Now looking over her shoulder, Sasaya watched Illume and Coxinga sitting by the camp fire, Illume holding little Tan'yi for the time. Somehow it seemed to Sasaya that the mysterious undead woman seemed quite used to taking care of a baby, most likely her own, whatever family she had before she died.

Sasaya could only pray that Faronus and Moztow would show up soon. By morning they would have to continue their journey if they were going to make it in time. If what Vazja had told Coxinga was true, they would even have to take some paths dangerously close to dwarven settlements in order to make it within a week. Sasaya really didn't want to draw Vazjas attention to her homelands, fearing that they would also suffer from her wrath, but with no other help within reach, she knew they would have to make this detour in order to save the poor little suffering Tan'yi.

"Is this what Vazja wants me to do? Is this just another of her tricks to make me suffer? Will she ever stop?"

Slowly, a feeling had kept growing inside Sasaya the last few days. She knew in her heart that this chase would never come to an end. By the spirits, not until she had confronted Vazja herself.

"The spirits... "

By focusing her mind and peering around, Sasaya could vaguely see them manifest in the world around her, or rather what she would call their reflections from the spiritual realm here in our world. Swift, joyous sylphids soaring the sky, playing catch with fire flies. Slim undines rising up over the surface in the small mountain brook nearby, peering at the unusual visitors. Fiery salamanders playing in their camp fire, gently stroking their backs against the flames. Tiny gnomes sitting on the ground beside her, poking curiously on what seems to be an extra interesting pebble among thousand others.

She wouldn't be alone when the time came. She had her army.

"So be it. I will not run away the next time.

Next time I will...



The Vicious Shadow Hunter Bamboo´Chaa eyed Faronus over as he lid a campfire.

They were on their way to Kalimdor, they had camped in Redridge.

'Chaa had learned in Loch Modan, that Faronus was a ally to Ray Garner, the elf he was sheltering at Malaka´Jin, with Faronus´s help, Bamboo´Chaa could hopefully get Ray of of there...

But that would have to wait.

' Chaa stared Faronus down again, a little, old, soggy, elf who was as dull as candle-less Kobold.

' Chaa had been speaking to him on the way, Faro was always quick to answer and it never took long, his truthfulness and politeness had gained him a little trust, good.

Speaking of trust, He had trusted Sasaya for something he held more dear than anything, his own unborn offspring.

- A offspring he had not known about until few weeks until it´s birth, Vazja had left without a word many months ago, he suspected the reasons to be all but this.

During those Months, 'Chaa had been made overseer of Malaka´Jin, A small troll outpost in the Stonetalon Mountains, Land of the Earthfury Clan who were facing war on two sides, he had sworn to aid them.

And then the day came, Vazja sent for him to meet her in Stanglethorn Vale, for she was pregnant. The moment her saw her, he knew. she claimed the child to belong to ´the body´ but then why had she left in such a hurry? why was did he felt so drawn to her? - there was no doubt in his mind, his instincts told him, that child was his, - but he needed to hear it from her, so he acted as cold as he could.

Sasaya was there, she was mad and disgusted -Vazja had told her of how she and 'Chaa had ´killed´ some innocent trolls to keep Vazja´s spirit in this world.

-It was nothign Bamboo´Chaa was proud of, but he had his reasons, Sasaya claimed she was there to help the child and that was all ´Chaa wanted from her, he would explain his actions once he had the chance - and make sure she knew that he would not allow Vazja to take her own need´s over the child´s...

just a matter of day´s before Bamboo´Chaa had to leave back to Kalimdor, Vazja confessed that they had conceived the child, he was glad -Vazja was both strong and smart, a worthy mother, he did not even care that the child was a bastard, he was a bastard himself but had turned out great thanks to his father´s loving upbringing, ´Chaa looked forward to become a father himself.

He left over seas with pride in his soul and a ache in his heart... what kinda of a man leaves in a time like this, if only she had told him sooner, he could have hunted her some decent food and protected her...

few days passed, the spirit´s had told him Vazja was in labor...

once in straglethorn he found something to be wrong, he found Vazja, weak from giving birth yet putting on her battle armor, he rushed to her, learning what Sasaya and Coxinga had done, he knew he should have suspected something to be going on once he appeared...

- Anyway, things had to be put right again, and he knew he was the one who would need to do it... Vazja was blinded with fury and could become a threat to herself, he needed to hold her back, Sasya was on the run with a newborn child, to the cold north, with a elf!

Bamboo´Chaa and Vazja began their ´hunt´ the next day... in silence they plotted on their own...

Bamboo´Chaa was dragged back form his flasback by a light yawn from Faronus...

'Chaa needed to know where exacly where Sasaya was heading, what she was up to and why in the nether she had taken such a risk!

-He also wanted to know how she was taking care of the child, he was assured that the infant would die, or at least grow weak and stupid without it´s mother´s milk, cow-milk is not appropriate for a troll!

He sighted as he thought of this, he had not even seen the child yet the idea of it suffering was eating his mind -hopefully Faronus would be of help...

And that he was...

Then ' Chaa asked, if Sasaya had dared to name the child, something the father is supposed to do! And she had, it made him angry, made him feel like Sasaya was simply taking the child to keep for her own... no, it was not acceptable, he decided to stick to his own plans, he was a double dealer, once Faro would be done with Ray, he could return to the eastern Kingdoms, he had more information than anyone now, once there he could make his move and make things right, make sure this would now end as a disaster...

With that thought he went to sleep...


The cold snow biting into her cheeks, the scars and burns covering her body. This time she went in alone and now it was too late to call for back up. She had been hoping to find a place to rest and then she pursuit the traitors the next morning, but when she had seen Coxinga walking along the road, she had known it would be best to act as if she was expecting him.

The battle was not epic, Vazja's desperate spells had done little to push the experienced warlock back. She tried her best to kill him but she failed. Was this the end of Vazja? Would she die at the hands of a warlock to retrieve her child? Would a stupid frost troll take her firstborn away from her, before she even got to name it? Why had Vazja let 'Chaa leave?

The warlock had left her there, why had he not killed her off? Idiot.. How could he know that her body was already dying? Why had he come to her face to face? How could he know?

Vazja managed to smile somehow, her offspring was still alive and kicking. The thought had not crossed her mind before.. She remembered an orcish warrior who said "I live on through my children", not many months ago, when he died in Booty Bay, she remembered what she had thought..

..Ofcourse it was worth a shot.

Vazja then shut her eyes and slowly froze to death.


"Put to rest all that’s not life

Drink for beauty and fill my blank page."

– Nightwish: Cadence of Her Last Breath.

Days have past. I’ve been able to determine that by noticing how the sun has been rising and descending before the stars have appeared on the night sky, accompanied by the moons.

Days. No sleep.

I hate this state of being. I cannot rest like normal beings. I’ve watched Sasaya and the child she cares for peacefully sleeping, dreaming, while I can only watch them in envy. All I can do is to watch time passing by, and I having barely any grasp of it. All I can do is to look down at myself and despair at what I’ve become.

My only comfort thus far as been the view of Dun Morogh, a place I’m glad I was able to recall, but I dare not leave these people I’ve come in contact with. If I were to approach the Dwarves, I know what would happen, but it would only cause the Troll to seek fool-hardy vengeance – the Dwarves have suffered enough as it is, both at the hands of the vicious Trolls and other malicious forces.

But I don’t know why they won’t let me pass on!

I tried to, sneaking away when I was sure they weren’t looking, content that they were now safe and that little Tan’yi was alright. Instead I was tracked down by that Elf, Coxinga, who wouldn’t leave me to my own agenda. Why won’t he let me free myself of my curse? Is it that they need me? They’ve said something about Lordaeron. Maybe they need to go there, and fear that Tan’yi might become ill again and would need the Light to strengthen and cure her?

I don’t know what it is, but I hope we will arrive there soon. The sooner, the better. It aches too much to linger in this world as an affront to life, the very thing that the Light cleanses. I can’t stay like this… Upon death I was supposed to enter the afterlife. Why was I denied that?! Who dared to do this to me?!

Bah…it doesn’t matter. I just have to keep myself from going insane. No hunger, no thirst, no need for sleep… Light, it all fits with the theories of why the Undead are such cruel and evil beings. The minds have been shattered, broken – just like mine is becoming. I feel like I’m falling into a deep black hole that just gets deeper and deeper, without any chance of escaping it.

No! I must escape this! I must seek a chance once they have completed their journey to Lordaeron!

I cannot continue like this, lest the Light will never welcome me into paradise!

I must…put myself to rest.

I wish I could remember who I am…

I wish they’d tell me that they’re leaving now…

A sound. Someone approaches. It is Sasaya, smiling though I don’t know what at. Then again, she can have reason to smile. Her heart beats, her blood flows through her veins. She is alive, and has something to live for.

She approaches me, speaking in her odd tongue and holds out a wooden box.

I look at it briefly. “Yes, that is a wooden box,” I mutter and peer at the valley. Still grey, white and black. No colours. I hate it that there are no colours wherever I look. I hate that my eye sockets are empty. I can’t even blink!

Sasaya speaks again, placing the box on my lap. I frown, looking up at her.


Resting in Dun Morogh after having Tan'yi cured.

“What?” I question her.

She opens the lid. It’s a rabbit. What in the Nether is she doing?

I groan in annoyance at the lack of understanding and pick up the box, placing it beside me. She of course has to pick up the rabbit and placing it on my lap.

“What are you doing?” I question her, confused.

She begins to pat the rabbit, then points at me and then the little thing on my lap.

“What? You want me to pat it…?”

Sasaya keeps up the gesture till I tire of it, and then carefully pick up the rabbit, placing it on Coxinga’s lap instead, since he apparently sat down beside me. Then I resume my looking at the valley. The Troll vents a sound that I reckon is in annoyance. Fine, I think, now you know how annoying you are…

Then Coxinga does the same, patting the rabbit and then places it on my lap again. “Why do you keep giving me this living thing?” I ask annoyed in my own tongue. “Hoping that I’d feel more alive?” I rasp annoyed and place the rabbit back into its box, closing the lid, and I resume my gazing at the valley, ignoring Sasaya’s seemingly rising temper as she vents a number of words in their strange tongue.

Inconsiderate fools…

I’m dead. A rabbit, which breathes and whose heart beats unlike my own, won’t make me feel any more alive than a piece of stone in the hand of a child. It only helps remind me that I once too breathed the air, that I once could sleep and dream, that I could place my hand on my chest and feel my beating heart, that I could close my eyes, that I could eat and drink, that my skin was once warm and whole.

Oh, Light...

I wish we’d leave soon…



Once again I'm running for my life.

Why? Why can't I fight? Why must I be this crippled?

The memory of Bamboo'Chaa finding her and her friends in their hideout in Dun Morogh flashed before Sasayas eyes as she ran into the Arathi Highlands, leaving everyone else left fighting on the colossal bridge behind her.

But I tried to...

After having barely escaped Vazja and Bamboo'Chaa in Loch Modan, the party had made it deep into Dun Morogh to seek the aid of Sasayas kinsmen, where they had eventually found Chi'yah, the witch doctor of the Icewalker tribe who had reluctantly agreed to help her lift the curse from the dying Tan'yi, after angrily explaining the danger that were following in their tracks.

Knowing that Vazja would surely come hunt them down once she had realized they had managed to lift her curse tormenting Tan'yi, Coxinga decided to head out and intercept her before she could do any harm to Tan'yi or anyone who had given her shelter. Miraculously had he not only survived the encounter, but also managed to extinguish the wretched crone.

Sasaya hadn't enjoyed obtaining this information the slightest. Even if it meant the freedom of the baby and possibly the end of their escape, she never wanted anyone to die. As little as she wanted to ever see Vazjas broken body again, she knew she had to. She couldn't risk Vazjas spirit wander around haunting her homelands, nor give it the chance to possess someone else again. The following day had she went to find the by then deep frozen corpse in order to seal her fate for good.

Returning to their camp later that night, she brought back what was left of Vazjas hexing accessories along with her head. To deal with the malicious spirit once and for all, she was to shrink her head in order to craft the final prison to seal the spirit within.

As the days went on, Sasaya and Coxinga gradually came to realize that Illume wasn't satisfied with her condition at all, she had almost seemed suicidal at times and nothing they did nor said seemed to be able to light her life spark again, not even the cute little rabbit Sasaya had gotten from her tribesmen seemed to do any good. Foolishly had Sasaya hoped that having something to care for would help her.


Trouble brewing.

With no other hope of helping Illume had they decided to continue their journey towards Forsaken territory, but before they even got the chance to leave their camping spot had they suddenly stood face to face with Bamboo'Chaa. The Shadow Hunter was furious, on the verge of loosing himself into a berserker rage after finding the frozen headless corpse of Vazja in the snow, and now he was standing in front of the ones who had murdered and maimed her.

...I tried to fight him back then, but couldn't even scratch him.

Finding no other way out of the situation, and raging from the taunts Bamboo'Chaa kept hurling at her, Sasaya had for the first time in her life called for the aid of the spirits with the purpose to harm. Closing her eyes and calling for the spirits around her, they slowly heeded her call, tiny gnomes gathering on the ground in front of her feet, sylphids swarming around her, kicking up the soft snow around her and made her hair and the hollow left sleeve on her robe waving wildly in the wind. Still with her eyes closed, she formed a silent 'harm him' with her lips, raised her one arm and pointed at Bamboo'Chaa, sending her spiritual comrades to clutch his hair, to pinch and claw his skin and to pound his toes and ankles.

Opening her eyes, she expected to see the spirits swarming around a swatting, befuddled Bamboo'Chaa, something that for those without the gift to see the spirits would look like he was being attacked by thousands of invisible raging fists and claws, but what she instead meet her eyes was a sight she would never forget.

Of course Bamboo'Chaa was far superior to her when it came to fighting with spirits. Instead of watching the spirits assault him, she could only hopelessly watch as he assimilated the spirits she sent for him, the cursed voodoo masks on his shoulders soaking up and consuming them before they even realized what happened. After watching in horror as she had sent the spirits to their doom, Sasaya simply fell to her knees, unable to comprehend just how useless she really was.

I cannot protect those I care for.

Luckily enough, Coxinga had the experience of fighting, and would give his life to protect the others in the camp. The battle could have continued all day, but suddenly it became clear to all three of the combatants. -Illume was missing, and Tan'yi with her. Realizing that the source of the conflict had eluded them, they called for a truce and went on together to catch up with the undead woman.

Sasaya couldn't remember much after what happened after they had found Illume and Tan'yi safe and secure. Enraged over Bamboo'Chaa having devoured her spiritual comrades, taking his never-ending harassment and being treated like a child and runned down constantly, she had eventually lost herself. Her mind dissipated into a red haze of hatred, she could only remember picking up a large rock and trying to bash it into the back of Bamboo'Chaas head when he wasn't paying attention.

Of course, what harm could a one-armed female troll do to a Shadow Hunter that’s almost one and a half her height and possessed ten times her regeneration capabilities? Bamboo'Chaa hadn't even bothered to strike back...

Im... useless.

For whatever reason, perhaps even the one he stated about not being safe in dwarven lands, had Bamboo'Chaa stubbornly decided to stick to their little group, making the mood most tense and awkward. Sasaya wanted nothing else than to see him dead, and at her darkest hours she even grinned at the fact that she was carrying Vazjas shrunken head in her backpack.

But she kept on going, constantly fighting Bamboo'Chaas insults and scorns. The by now silent and ever watchful party continued the journey towards Forsaken lands, crossing Loch Modan and the Wetlands. It was... manageable, and everything was going alright until they reached the border between the Wetlands and the Arathi Highlands, the colossal bridge known as the Thrandol Span.

Upon the bridge, without warning had Illume started to act up all confused and disoriented, then somehow taken a misstep too close to the edge and fallen of. Screaming in panic, Sasaya had run to the edge, praying that she would find that Illume would somehow have survived the fall. It was then when everything turned upside down. Bamboo'Chaa had taken the opportunity to use the disoriented situation to rid himself of the rest by trying to force Coxinga over the edge. Luckily enough had Coxinga obviously expected such a move and was able to stand his ground, ready to fight back.

A sudden roar coming from behind her made Sasaya snap back to present time. Still running from the alarming sounds of battle in the distance she peered over her shoulder, expecting to see Bamboo'Chaa or his raptor coming after her when she suddenly heard a voice.

"Mymy, a troll?"

Sasaya gasped and turned her head back to the path ahead of her. Someone was blocking her way!

An... elf?


Like the sun through the trees you came to love me

Like a leaf on the breeze you blew away

My life will be forever Autumn

Cause you're not here

Justin Hayward - Forever Autumn.

Shadow Hunter Bamboo´Chaa sighed as he sat down in Chillwind point completely drained of his powers after a tough fight against Lord Coxinga Darkstorm, a Arch warlock... The killer of Arch Priestess Vazja Darkspear.

This was the first time ´Chaa was on his own since he found Vazja´s corpse, headless and frozen in Dun Morogh, oh how he prayed it was a dream, his heart was filled with grief, he had followed her to make sure noone would die and now she was gone.

He had never expected this to happen, she was so smart and cunning. Ever since she entered a young body she had been happier than her old self, she smiled and acted warm towards him. They were truly soulmates, they had even conceived a child, ´Chaa had even wondered about purposing to her.

Sasaya and Coxinga had stolen their offspring, ripped the newborn from it´s mother, no wonder Vazja had been driven mad enough to face him alone - she had faced the Arch Warlock alone and lost, now it was up to him to make avenge her and set things right.

He did not want see Sasaya harmed, she was a good troll he was sure she was under the warlock´s spell, she refused to listen to him... time would tell why.

Coxinga knew how strong Vazja was with the shadows, he was properly going to use the powers the child would posses - this could not happen, 'Chaa could not loose the one thing that remained of Vazja.

'Chaa failed to kill the warlcok upon Tandol Span, he was outnumbered and tired anyway a random elf had come to his aid! The first time they had fought Coxinga had been lying near death by his feet after a battle that took less than five minutes.

Had he failed? -no!

This was just a minor setback. this was not the time to be depressed. He was a man, far stronger than most of his kin abd no elf who was properly some Dreadlord´s *@%*! would stand in the way between him and his offspring while he had one breath in his body.

After the battle in Dun Morogh Chaa had tried talking, trading and what not! what a waste! he was a man! a Hunter! and when needed to a killer! A man kills to feed his family. A man Kills to protect his family. A man Kills to ensure the future of his family! - the child was his family! the first one of his own blood he had seen to remember.

There was no doubt Sasaya had taken good care of the little one, properly defended the child against the warlock, damn if that woman was not so poorly educated she be the leader of her people! he did not want to harm her, both Hrisskar and Vazja had trusted in her, but what had to be done had to be done - she had confessed she only wanted the child for herself and if he wanted her he had to take her form her cold dead hands.

´Chaa was sure she said that in haste, no wonder she was acting so defensive against him, he could smell she was almost in heat and the child´s presence clearly helped her deal with it, yet she was not good for a talk right now... The warlock only spit out one lie after another, said he actaully cared for a troll infant, Bastard! ´Chaa had learned that Coxinga was sexually deranged and was attracted to female trolls, sick, maybe he was going to abuse the little one once she was of age... -'Chaa could not go on thinking like that or he would never get some sleep!

The Shadow Hunter had to gather up some straight again before the last stand, tomorrow he sould sharpen his blades, poison his arrows are pray to the gods, death would come to all who opposed him.


Tian sat amongst the short grass, feeling its thin soft blades brush against her skin as her dark pink hair fluttered in the breeze softly, her soft orange eyes gazing out across the soft breeze. Its fresh, salty smell lingering around her person. but no matter how at peace she felt, how serene her sorroundings made her feel, a constant sickening feeling kept biting at her heart.

She often consulted her deceased mother, the assasin Zuljen, through the spirits ofcourse, as often as she could. they would often talk about their past and their family - thats when she realised the last time she had saw her grand father, they had parted with a bitter ending. But no matter how strongly Tian felt about something, she could often be puersuaded by those close to her, thats when she decided that it was time... She left for silvermoon, thoughts pushing their way into her head.

"Jus' 'cos 'es an elfie, dunt mean 'e didn' l'uk afta' me..." she whispered.

she realised it was time to set things straight with her grandfather, but as she reached silvermoon, word reached her that her grand father wasnt around at the moment. and no matter how much she asked, no one could tell her where he went.

"Well den.. if Cox'ie wants'ta play da trackin' game, den 'es gunna lose it" she grinned to herself, before setting off to his last known location.


Tharzek sat down by the frozen corpse, tilting his head to the left. This was not the time for mourning. He sifted through her bags quickly, retrieving those items he knew were rare. A couple of vials of frozen Zulian tiger blood, some golden Arrakoa feathers.. Not much. Strangely enough it seemed like Vazja was unprepared for the fight, surely this wasn't meant to happen?

He kept looking for the stone. Where could it be? There! In some kind of "secret" pocket on the inside of her robes he found it, next to her heart. A soulstone. He did not want to think of the soul that had taken her place, that had been stored in her now shrunken head. He looked at the stone squeezed it hard in his right hand and smiled. He did not know what she was planning.. Facing an arch warlock alone, almost unprepared judging by what she had braught. Did she want to die?

She had told him to follow her tracks and wait weeks before getting to her body and retrieving the stone, so she must have known she could die.. Was it what she wanted? Hopefully, Vazja's soul was stored in this stone. No, wait. Not hopefully. Ofcourse it was. Vazja never failed.

Now what? He had done as she asked of him, but he had no further orders? About time.. It was about time he got to do things his ways. He had learned from Vazja, he had decended from Vazja, but he was not an image of Vazja.

He was Tharzek, wrath of the Arch Priestess, Berserker of the Loa Gods.. His rasping voice spread chills through the trees as his lips formed the words: "..Mother, you are all but forgotten. Traitors are hung by the neck, sacrificed to the Loa."


Tian approached the last known location of Coxinga, the scouts from Grom'gol said he saw him, heading north, with company apperantly.

With company? who did Coxinga have to take? She scanned her memories for a brief moment, but pushed it aside when she realised she was wasting time... She tightened her gauntlet around the horn of her Talbuk, swinging into the saddle as it rode on. the time passed by, her thoughts racing urgently, considering what to say to her grand father - before she realised it, she was riding out of stranglethorn, the beutiful wildlife was more blackened, and dead the further she went on.

after a few more minutes ride, she climed from her saddle, uttering a prayer to the wind quietly. a few seconds past, and the wind picked up, she began to concentrait, her eyes half closing as her figure was engulfed by a blue haze, her form rapidly overcome with long silvery full, as she dropped to all fours, as she blue haze dispersed in the wind, she took the form of her ghostwolf. She began to sniff at the air, the increased wind aiding her strengthened scent of smell.

Yes, she smelt something, faint, but still something. She ran on, still in her wolf form, her talbuk following loyaly. then she neared the human town. her eyes widened lightly as she realised that the smell was just humans. She left her talbuk behind for a brief moment to scout the area, prowling through the foliage as to avoid detection, but as she went on, she realised that the guards might not be as "vigilant" as she first thought. but soon she picked up another scent, she followed it rapidly, her legs working furiously as she tried to reach her goal before the scent dispersed in the increased wind. as she neared it, her wolf like nose sniffed at the floor - after a brief moment her form began to change back, her fur shrinking into what now was light blue skin, and she pushed herself onto her two legs.

"Dey were 'ere... bu' prob'li far 'way by now.."

but still, she raced back to her talbuk, using the trees for cover from the guards, she jumped onto her saddle and made her way to the path that led on. after a few days ride, she found herself passing lakeshire, the scent becomming stronger with each day. but it was still very faint... and if Coxinga took his mount, would she ever catch up to him? all these thoughts flooded into her head as she rode around Lakeshire, riding into the mountains.


We made it. We really made it!

I can’t remember the last time I felt this safe. It... must have been over six months now.

Friendly faces, at last.


Reaching safety after so long.

Sasaya, Coxinga and Tan'yi was sitting in the grass in the outskirts of Tarren Mill, Little Tan'yi trying her best to sit up with some help from Sasaya, staring at the giant orc warrior sitting in front of them with big eyes.

Yes, not only friendly faces, but familiar faces too.

It hadn't been hard to find someone who could help Illume at all. Whether it was her unknown origin or her unusual voodoo light Sasaya didn't know. Regardless, the undead seemed to prefer to discuss the subject in their own tongue, leaving Sasaya and Coxinga a little bit left outside, but it didn’t bother her much. They had finally reached safety after several weeks on the run and nothing could dampen Sasayas mood now. Not even the disturbing thought about Bamboo'Chaa still might be around seemed to bother her here.

Today they were for the first time since they escaped Stranglethorn Vale able to relax, and tomorrow they would reach Undercity and the end of their long journey. Two of the forsaken they had talked to had already seemed more than interested in helping them out with their situation. One of the gentlemen, Lawci, was to accompany them tomorrow on their final route from Tarren Mill to Undercity, where the other, Williem, had already gone to prepare for their arrival.

Tomorrow everything will be alright.

Sasaya let the thought be and returned her attention to Snorkyorky, who kindly had made them company in the grass, telling them stories about his endeavors in Thrallmar. Relieved not to think about her own troubles for today, Sasaya gladly spent the rest of the day listening to the stories of her old friend.


Junior Apothecary Williem pushed through the twisted streets of the Undercity. Just a few hours ago he had been in Tarren Mill, assisting with some other pointless experiment, and also to take in a shipment of herbs from Booty Bay.

But his day had turned upside down when a Troll, Elf and a Forsaken staggered into town. Fine, nothing new there, more and more had been coming by lately to adventure, but these ones had something different about them.

It took some help of his associate-in-business, Lawci, but Williem had discovered something, something... promising.

Making his way quickly down the steps of the Apothecary, Williem called for the Master Apothecary.

"Master Apothecary... I have found it. Our ultimate tool."


Chaa made sure his raptor Zuuluz was well rested, he needed to catch up with Sasaya, Coxinga and Illumi.

Tracking them was easy and in less than a day he was only few hours away from Tarren Mill.

Now time was a factor, he needed to be careful about when to strike....

Soon, evening fell, he saw Sasaya and Illumi leave the inn without the child.

If the foul elf truly cared for the child like he claimed he would not be able to stand for long against the Shadow Hunter while holding her.

The locals gasped and screeched as the giant troll made his way inside, even the dead held fear towards him. The old wooden floor cracked under his feet as he slowly walked towards Coxinga who was holding the the little troll.

Anger and hate boiled up in Bamboo´Chaa, That elven felsucker seemed to hold the child all the time, 'Chaa had never been allowed to take her into his arms even though he had asked, even be prepared to put his weapons away.

A crowd of locals has already gathered as Bamboo´Chaa took his place against the blood elf who remained a cocky bastard, he was insane for sure, most elves held a healthy fear towards ´Chaa, Coxinga did not.

Bamboo´Chaa left his giant swords rest in their scabbards, he was a master of unarmed combat, and besides he needed to be able to grab the child when Coxinga would try to harm it to safe his own skin...

´Chaa knew a out brake of violence would force him to fight off the whole town, he guessed they had made some alliance with the locals, after all they were traveling with one of the living dead.

Bamboo´Chaa did not care, all he wanted was the child, he was driven on by fatherly impulse, to protect his offspring from those who (he thought) would seek to harm it, he was even beginning to feel a little mad... None of those people should dare to think he would allow them to take her away, not while he had one breath in his body, sometimes he even thought "if I can´t have her noone can!"

No, This needed to be ended the way he had planned to end this all along, with no blood to be spilled.

'Chaa kept pressing the Warlock to hand over the Child.

Suddenly Sasaya and the rot skin returned, they seemed surprised to see the Shadow Hunter alive.

At least she could be argued with.

The Locals sure enjoyed the show, some even belched out, trying to get in on this!

Bamboo´Chaa felt cornered, he expected the deathguards to start flowing inside at anytime but somehow he felt strength through standing alone.

Sasaya was clearly tired to be hunted, she could see this would affect the child and after a while she agreed to hand Tanyi over if Bamboo´Chaa would not return to harm her ´friends´

'Chaa agreed but warned them to play any tricks, they were to face death if they entered Central Kalimdor... and entering any Darkspear settlement could be called suicide.

Sasaya managed to get Coxinga to pass the sleeping troll infant to Bamboo´Chaa, it was the first time he got to hold his Daughter, she felt so small in his giant arms. This moment changed something within the giant troll, he understood how his own father who had passed away not so long ago had felt towards him, for a second, Bamboo´Chaa -one of the most feared Trolls on Azeroth melted inside, life had changed.... Then his primal urge to protect his child kicked in, he was still in the dark cold lands of the living dead.

He quckly made his way out, to the skytower to leave for Kalimdor...

-He hoped this was over...


As the three new faces slept Lawci decided he would take a walk around Hillsbrad to assist in clearing out the human infestation, thoughts running through his head the whole time, plots and plans, all of which left him excited and almost giddy, of course he would never show it.

At long last! I will finally get my just reward! With the help of this girl and the unwitting elf and Troll she will be ours for the taking and none will stop the Forsaken!

Memories of his earlier conversation with Williem came flooding back and for the first time in a long while Lawci's face contorted into a sinister smile.

It won't be long now...

Tomorrow they would make their way to Undercity where Williem would be waiting to take them to the Apothecarium where he had prepared his tools to "help" the undead girl, thanks to the two travellers. Tell them you can communicate and they'll assume you intend to help, such gullible fools.

Realising that he had already reached Hillsbrad fields Lawci let out a malicious cackle and went about his night long slaughtering of the local humans, tomorrow they would leave for Undercity.

Victory for the Forsaken indeed! Those gullible fools are delivering her right to us!

Letting out a final cackle he began his fun for the night.


Tharzek sat down outside of a village called Malaka'Jin. Right now he was hoping to think "Everything has gone as planned" but he wasn't. As soon as he had reached Malaka'Jin he had no plan. His plans wasn't holding together.. You can't scare people to give you something if they are not scared of you.

The one that had taken out Vazja was a miserable excuse of an elf now and still they did not fear him. It was time to see what he could make out of this situation.. Atleast they respected Vazja. That would do for now.

From now and on he would do as she had taught him. Tharzek knew what he was capable of. Tharzek know what he would do now. Kalimdor was so different, much of it was just as he expected. All the trolls had strayed very far away from traditions, the Horde seemed to show little mercy to culture. Everybody was adapted to this new way of life. It would be interesting to explore this world, perhaps he could change it?

He leaned back, rested in the grass and looked into the sky. The legacy of Vazja was far from over. They did not know that she still lived. He shut his eyes and happily fell asleep. The legacy of Vazja was far from over.


Angels, they fell first but I'm still here

Alone as they are drawing near

In heaven my masterpiece will finally be sung.

– Nightwish: End of All Hope.

Lordaeron. Even as my unnatural sight had me view it in cold black, white and grey, I still could perceive all the damage ever done to it. Nevertheless, as the worn walls of Capital City came into view, I felt excited. They would finally have reached their destination, and I would be able to end my torment, my unnatural state. I don’t know how it can be that the Forsaken can abide to such an existence. They are fools, ignorant of their curse. They know nothing, have lost hope. Yes, that is it. Lost hope and filled it with a twisted and perverse attempt to fill their void.

I am not like them. I will never be like them, because I shall be free. The Light shall make it so.

I take my chance as soon as they enter the gate. No farewells. They’ll only try to stop me. Sasaya is the last to walk around the corner, and then I turn about – and I walk away. As we’ve entered Lordaeron, fragments of memories surfaced. I remembered a grave that I had visited before; the grave of a most holy man, Archbishop Alonsus Faol. Something had stirred in me, and images had flashed before my mind’s eye as yet another night of no sleep had been passing in silence, with only the vague sounds of whatever moved in the night.

I see more Forsaken as I walk onwards by the road. Some croak something at me in their strange tongue, but I pay them no heed - can’t understand them, anyway. Yet as I have left them, I do hear a familiar voice. Coxinga.

Of course it had to be Coxinga, trying to dissuade me from seeking release. Why must you be so terribly fond of me? Why are your hearts so cold that you cannot just let me go?

Rebuffing him did no good. He did eventually ride off, but only to bring Sasaya and that Forsaken that had guided us from Tarren Mill to the ruins of Capital City along with him! Back and forth, back and forth. They keep trying, keep expressing that they don’t want me to die! Even at the altar raised at Faol’s Rest!!


Illume's goodbye?

You don’t understand. You’ll never understand. Sasaya. Coxinga. No, you’ll never know what it means to be what I’ve become. An abomination. An affront to life itself! This is not what I was meant to be. I was meant to cross over into the Light’s grace upon my death. Not to become an Undead, with only the Light as my comfort! I was not meant to have no smell, no taste, deprived of the beautiful sight of the colours of the world. What should be my lot was paradise in the beyond, where the infinite blessings of the afterlife would be for mine to have! The eternal rewards of those who follow the Light’s path!

Sasaya weeps, cries. I hate it. I hate the sight of the tears running down her cheeks – no eyeballs are in my empty sockets. Would that I had been blind!

The Forsaken translates, telling me of how sad they’d be to lose me, while he adds that their accursed Apothecaries can help me. Hah! I remember now all too well their hellspawned Apothecaries and how they’ve poisoned Human soldiers combating them in this Northern place. Help me, they say. I’d sooner kill them all and send them down to the Nether where they belong!

Sasaya says something, pointing at me. I peer curiously at the Forsaken translator, who seems confused – yet he relays the question, “Do you still have the sketch?”

The…sketch? I frown, rummaging in my robe to produce the piece of paper that Sasaya had drawn upon; the crude depiction of us three and little Tan’yi.

Oh, Light, Sasaya… You really do not make it easy for me.

I peer at her, resisting the urge to rasp something insulting at her for that cheap trick. But the sight of her despaired and hopeful face makes me think otherwise. She really doesn’t want me to depart into the afterlife.

“I will pray on it,” I finally inform the Forsaken translator, and make them agree to give me some time on my own as I kneel before the altar.

“Light, I don’t know what to do… Everything that I’ve been taught tells me that I should end this now, and enter the afterlife…”

I yowl, clutching my hair as I peer up at the altar. “Why did I have to be found by a Troll and that Elf, whom I assume is a Blood Elf…? Why do they want to hold me back…? Why do they want me to remain cursed, an affront to life…?”

I vent out a loud rasp, hammering my bony hands against the ground in front of me as I cast down my gaze. “Against all that I’ve been taught!”

Peering at those bony hands, stripped of life and colour, I vent a grieved yowl.

“Oh, Light…help me…”

Then I notice again the drawn sketch, depicting Sasaya, Coxinga, little Tan’yi…and myself – and I sigh within.

“Light, give me strength… Light, give me wisdom…” I pray as I look up again. “And illuminate my darkness…”

I nod slowly as I get up. “May it be so.”

The choice’s been made. And I return to them.

Death will find me some day.

And when it does, I will finally know the peace that I deserve.

The Light shall set me free.


(Note, this is long passed, but I never remembered to add it to the story, so better late than never.)

In your creation heaven did decree

That in your arms sweet death should dwell.

Nightwish: Deep Silent Complete.

I easily lost count of the days since Sasaya suddenly left us in Orgrimmar. She did return briefly, residing in the hut that Coxinga had led me to outside the Orcish city. Light, what a wretched place. Full of Orcs, Trolls and Shu’halo - once in a while also with a number of Blood Elves…and Forsaken.

I quickly begot a disdain for that place, though I did visit it at times during the night. Just couldn’t help myself from using some of my power. I don’t think anyone ever saw me.

In the other hours of the day without sleep I sat by the riverbank, listening to the sound of the river flowing idly through this area, whilst reading the book that Coxinga and Sasaya somehow were able to purchase. It described how to learn Orcish, even with a quite handy list of words in my own tongue. And as the days have passed in thundering silence, with nothing but my clattering teeth and the flow of the river to accompany me, I was able to keep myself from going mad!

Then Sasaya came from nowhere. Just as swiftly as she had gone, and I had bitterly inquired of her if it was for this solitude that she had so adamantly beseeched me to linger in this world. She was taken aback by my question. Good, I had thought. One more lesson for her to learn of what existence I have.

More talking reveals that Coxinga has been injured by someone that had attacked him; explained the strange black spots inside the hut. We had to go to him, not safe anymore in this place. Also good, I had thought. I was growing tired of this empty place, and Orgrimmar was hardly a place of my liking in the first place. We pack what little there was in the hut and departed, with Sasaya trying to question me as to how I liked this place – and I actually felt glad that they’d purchased that book. I can communicate with them on my own for a change, which proved a relief, to say the least.

Yet when she asked if it was too warm for me, I vented an annoyed grunt. As if I can feel warmth or cold, Troll!

She realised her mistake, fortunately, and I deftly changed the subject as it was only vexing me. I inquired how Coxinga was healing, since I could understand that he’d been injured, but apparently no priest or healer had tended to him. Strange people. And on that note she becomes interested in how I know of healing, apparently forgetting how I had helped Tan’yi, while they still had her in their possession. That is until this Bamboo’Chaa, as she had called him, had taken the little child into his care. I still don’t know why, nor really who that loud Troll is. Knowing his name is hardly enough.

Whatever the case, I find myself clueless as Sasaya uses a strange word in regards to the Holy Light, “<Voodoo>”. I haven’t encountered it in the book on Orcish, but questioning of Sasaya reveals it to be something related to the Troll gods. Such a foul comparison, to liken the divine power of the Light to that of the despicable Troll deities…

We finally arrive at our destination, which I learn later on is called the Crossroads. Sadly it is a small place, though the seeming majority of the Shu’halo here does ease some of my tensity. I’ve met some before, I feel sure of it – something that lurks in the back of my mind, an elusive memory of speaking to members of the Shu’halo. I could remember their name for the greater moon while in the Wetlands, though I’m not sure what Sasaya was asking me back then.

That aside, I feel thrilled when I perceive that I will have a chance of wielding the Light in order to help Coxinga’s legs heal. Bearing in mind the last time that I had used it with great effect, I had slipped into a dreamstate. Such a blissful escape from the black, white and grey world. And upon ignoring Coxinga’s pitiful trust in the Horde, I focus the healing power into his legs. Then I bid them both good night, and head out to find a quiet spot under the stars, eagerly awaiting that my heavy usage shall have its toll, and I shall find the dreamstate once again.

And now I feel it. The slow fading of the world. It is as though I’ve not slept for a hundred years, full of painful weariness that is about to be ended. I wonder now if this is how dying feels like, but I know also in the back of my mind that I will awaken, just like in Blackrock Mountain. Then I will find myself once again in the world of no fair colours.

But I did find something for me to do in Orgrimmar. Something that made me feel rekindled. And since I am already dead, I have nothing to lose.


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