Alliancecrest small Remnants of Lordaeron
Lordaeron crest
Role Heavy-RP
Leader Charles Laredo Hawkstrider (Grand Marshal)
Officers Antonar Bravehart (Field Marshal)
PvE Yes
PvP Yes
Requirements Understanding of RP, Knowledge of Lordaeron, Level 10+


The Remnants of Lordaeron is a Military Organization seeking to reclaim Lordaeron from the Scourge, Horde and other enemies which do not belong there. Led by Charles Hawkstrider, the Remnants seek to bring peace, justice and order to the refugees and militias in and out of Lordaeron. Led from the Keep of Menethil, the Remnants keep a close eye on the Four sectors in Lordaeron aswell as enemy movements and Alliance reinforcements.

To join us, you must first have an understanding of Roleplaying in a military enviroment. You also must be level 10,be active and know about Lordaeron's History. You must contact either Laredo or Antonar ((IC Letter or whisper and then you must go through an interview))


After the fall of the Last Legion of Lordaeron, Charles went at it to find Akoras' friend, Antonar, to rally up the lost soldiers of Lordaeron and form the Remnants. He was succesful at this and they soon began recruiting for the ranks and bringing order to the Remnants. After returning to Menethil, Antonar decided to organize the lost Continent into Sectors and change the way Lordaeron was dealt with. After Charles agreed to Antonar's ideas, the Remnants soon began to mobilize.

Rank SystemsEdit

Higher TierEdit

The Higher Tier of the Remnants are the core leaders. These are the Grand Marshal, The Field Marshal, The four Marshals and the Commanders. Each have their own function within the Remnants;

Grand Marshal: Currently held by Charles Laredo Hawsktrider, the Grand Marshal uses his advisers well and rules the remnants with an Iron Fist. He is strict, yet kind at times to those who deserve it. He is to be respected at all times as he is the superior. He is not to be crossed as he isn't pleasant at such times. He is a strong man and will not stop untill the task is done. If away he will leave the Field Marshal in command, if he is not available at said time, the Marshals will command the Remnants equally and decide what happens to their Units in their Sectors.

Field Marshal: Currently held by Antonar Bravehart, the Field Marshal is the main adviser and firend to the Grand Marshal. He is the one who tells the Marshals what the Grand Marshal wants doing. In the absence of the Grand Marshal, Antonar will cease control of the Remnants and do as he sees fitting. The Field Marshal is a kind and honourable man and will not stop at anything to those that threaten him,the Remnants or the Retaking of Lordaeron.
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