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This page will house a story once it has been written. Closed RP Story limited to Nelinde Imoen Louise Aydith Hejin and Ormsby.

You Have Failed Me Edit

Aydith grovelled before the Dreadlord. Her beautiful face scraped the floor in front of him. I'm so sorry Master, I failed you. You will redeem yourself, girl, or I will terminate your existence. Take your minions now and your talents and put them to some use at last! Aydith backed out the room, looking at the floor.

The Persuasion Edit

Aydith finally found Louise in the Cathedral of Light, praying for her husband, Hejin. She drew Louise to a side room and started to talk to her in whispered tones. Within a few minutes, the seeds of doubt had been sown into Louise's mind. Hejin had indeed fallen asleep in a chair on their honeymoon, but maybe he was just tired? And yes, she decided, she had indeed broken her vows of chastity and could only serve the Light if she retook them. And yes, she would sadly have to let Hejin go. The Embrace was his home, how could she take him away? Louise thought of Hejin, cross legged on the floor in Nethergarde Keep, listening to Elizabetha speak about the three virtues to the assembled Lightbringers Army. So out of place. Then she remembered Imoen's face at her wedding to Hejin.

Aydith was thrilled. It had taken only one hour of persuasion to get Louise to walk to the City Hall and demand an annulment.

The Attack Edit

Aydith waited in the World's End Inn, drinking steadily. She rubbed her hands at the thought of the family fortune falling into her lap, and even better, of being able to drain Louise's life force for her own use. I praise my Master! She said, and drank to his name

She called on her warlock fel powers, and was able to contact her minions. There hadn't even been any reason to disguis them, as Louise would think they were part of the burning legion anyway. Through their eyes, she watched the attack take place. She took a great swallow of mead as she saw her sister lying unconscious on the floor, bleeding from the attack. And that, she thought, takes care of the child.

Two letters from City Hall Edit

Hejin received two letters in the mail, both of which seemed very formal and confusing. It seemed his wife had demanded an annulment on the grounds that she wishes to retake her vows of chastity, yet the annulment had not been granted, due to Louise's pregnancy. Hejin put it down to Louise's pregnant hormones, she had been very up and down over the previous weeks.

The Hospital Edit

The Draenei physician changed Louise's sheets for what seemed the millionth time. She leaned over to say something to Louise: She's been taken to the Exodar. Don't worry, she will be safe. Louise spoke back, her voice weak: Heather.

When Derrin, Nelinde and Imoen arrived, Louise was unconscious, the nurses changing her bandages and padding every few minutes. The trio were shocked and upset. They did their best to help, and Louise seemed to recover, her internal injuries healing. Neli and Imoen worked hard to save her, to stem the massive haemorrhage. Neli nervously tried twice to stop the bleeding, whilst Imoen looked on, terrified that she would lose Louise.

It was 3 am before they rested that night, Louise asleep under bloodied blankets, Imoen Neli and Derrin exhausted from their efforts to save her.

The Theft Edit

Aydith looked down at the dead female at her feet, showing no regret. One dead person was the same as another for her. She turned to her imaginery friends, rogue and warrior: But this sacrifice was worth it, wasn't it? They nodded in her imagination.

Aydith had painstakingly disguised the female, trimming the hair to the shape of Louise's and using clever make up techniques. Next she began the ritual of illusion and disguise, the strongest she had ever created. it took her almost the remainder of the night, and she was exhausted by the time the body seemed to resemble Louise. Aydith, drained of her energy, gestured to her crowd of minions. Take her away then. They swapped the disguised body with Louise, and set off with Louise's body into the night.

Announcement Edit

  • written in a formal Draenic handwriting*

Louise of Tirisfal, known to many as Sister Louise, has died aged 19, announces Shatrath Infirmary.

Louise died in the early hours of this morning, attended by physicians at the Shatrath Infirmary, due to obstetric haemmorage caused by physical trauma. "She passed away peacefully after intensive nursing and unsuccessful surgery," said a physician. She added: "We give our sympathy to her friends and family at this time.". Louise's Will allowed for the use of her eyes to be used for transplants, and therefore her body has been retained by Shatrath Infirmary at this time, until her widower determines whether to fulfill her wishes.

An inquest will be held to determine the cause of her suspicious and severe injuries, which caused her to miscarry her mid-term unborn child, leading to a critical haemmorage. Her funeral will take place in the following few days, and will probably be a simple affair.

Louise was known for her feisty public sermons in the Scarlet Crusade, and for her fiery temper. She also had a soft heart for the children of the Stormwind Orphanage and a strong will to fight for The Light in the face of all adversities.

Louise leaves behind a widower, Hejin, sister Aydith, and mother Donni. The news of her death has also shocked members of the Lightbringers of Outland, and the Scarlet Crusade, with whom she worked previously.

Hejin's madness Edit

Hejin was talking to himself in the Cathedral of Light. Eyebrows were raised. A member of the Argent Dawn whispered to a Lightbringer, who laughed at Hejin.

Hejin took a deep breath of the fragrant rose air that surrounded him. He could always smell when the spirit of his dead sister, Heather, was nearby. She started to talk to him. He felt comforted by her presence, as always. They talked about their childhood together. Hejin seemed to be talking to himself, but he received a reply whispered into his head in Heather's voice. He spoke to her about killing their brother, Hezhao, the previous night. Heather spoke encouragingly, pretending to scold, "I should have been there too, you should have called me."

Their conversation moved on to his dead wife, Louise. "Why did you not ask me to find her?" Hejin looked surprised at Heather. "Could you do that?" "Only if you ask me, brother. Then we could both be with you forever." Hejin nodded eagerly at the idea of having both ghosts haunting him. "Yes please do it!"

Heather left for a while. Hejin could smell the normal cathedral incense instead of his sister's rose fragrance.

"I can't find her." Heather sounded confused. "Where did you bury her?"

"I left her at Nethergarde, with the Lightbringers?"

"She's not there, I can't find her spirit in the whole of Azeroth or Kalimdor."

"Wha-at!?" Hejin didn't know what to say. They must have taken her to Outland to bury her without you!

Hejin grabbed the Lightbringer sitting in the Cathedral, demanding answers. The man was surprised. He soon told Hejin that Louise's body had gone missing two nights previously, and the guards had seen no intruders.

Hejin turned to his sister, Heather, confused. Where is she then? If we can't find her body, and we can't find her spirit? What's going on?

"Either they are lying, and she is in Outland. Or she's not dead." And with that, Heather's ghost left Hejin.


Goldshire Edit

Ulgarf approached Imoen cautiously. How would he explain that he had been "hearing things", especially from a dead woman, asking for Imoen? He was surprised, though, when she wasn't shocked.

The voice had been speaking to Imoen too, calling for "Red", for Ormsby, for Ulgarf, for Kisun, for Hejin, and for Aydith. It was a weak voice, uncertain in origin. How could she have heard it? Was it because of the time Ulgarf and Imoen had shared a part of their soul with Louise, saving her from poisoning? The voice was distressed, weak, rambling, talking of being 'drained' by Aydith, and asking repeatedly for Heather, despite Imoen's replies that she was safe.

Stratholme Edit

Aydith peeped through the door. Good, he wasn't here at the moment. She checked the bundle tied on the floor. Good, it was lively. As always, she intended to leave just enough to keep her little battery ticking over until the next time. She sat herself down in a red chair, and began to drain the life from the bundle. It took less than twenty minutes. Shorter than usual? Perhaps she had been overdoing it? She kicked the bundle onto its back and checked the pulse. She realised she would have to take it slower than normal, she had been working it too hard. Aydith looked cross. She called her minions to her, and marched out.

Cathedral Edit


Conversation in the Cathedral.

I must apologise for my behaviour yesterday.

Go ahead.

I haven't been myself.

You want to know where I buried her, is that right?

You stole her body and buried her!?

I'm her sister, not a body snatcher. It was a quiet burial.

Where is she?

Fortune first.

Money money money, alright, I'll somehow get four thousand gold.


They confronted her together. Nelinde, Imoen, Ulgarf, Hejin, Hymm. Aydith made the mistake of angering too many people at once. During a struggle, the numbers overwhelmed her. Despite the best efforts of her disguised imp and voidwalker, their combined attacks left her vulnerable. Imoen's sword at her throat, Hejin's fist around her neck, and Hymm attacking first her minions, and then knocking her unconscious.

They found the diary, full of boasting and strange marks. Lou's diary. They knew where she was.

Stratholme AgainEdit

Louise's face was dirty with tears that had collected down her face, washing away the ashes that circulated through the air from the neverending flames. Her lovely black hair was matted, the grease sticking it to her head, and she stank. At no point in the past three weeks had she been allowed to wash, only to lie here, bound, to eat the slop her sister brought, or to use a bucket as a toilet. Lou had given up all hope of rescue. Aydith had probably taken baby Heather by now, sacrificed her to the Dreadlord, or worse. No one was coming for her, they all thought she was dead. Even Hejin and Imoen would have given up. She dreaded to imagine the grief they were feeling. She felt so tired, so drained from being used by her sister. Aydith came to her so often now that she lost track. The familiar tug at her soul as the girl laughed and drained her lifeforce still horrified her, yet she lacked the strength to struggle, had lost track of the days. Her mind filled with regrets, despair, horror, and desperate longing for a clear sky free of flames. She fell asleep, she didn't know for how long. Minutes or days, all time was the same now.

The dreadlord was here, she could sense him, feel the draught from his huge clawed leathery wings. Smell his stench. He was talking to some minions, not Aydith. Aydith wasn't here. Lou's mind swam, she tried to open her eyes then she passed out again.

Rescue at lastEdit

When she came round, she was in a chapel, a new place, near the entrance of Stratholme. Terrifying noises of swords, magic, and violent screams mingled with the deep groans and sickening rotting sound of undead. Someone was battling the scourge in the city, but Louise couldn't work out what was going on. A gnome's quiet voice, two females one desperate one confident, a dwarf, a male, the sounds seemed so strange to her after the last weeks of torture.

Suddenly they were through to the room where Louise was, and everything was a mess of shocked voices, of knives cutting the rope, bright light from the flames, arms lifting her up, cutting their way out. Imoen, Neli, Merwyn, Ulgarf, and.. Hejin. She curled up to him whimpering, reaching for Imoen's hand. It was real, not a dream, she was free. No sound of persuit. No Aydith. No demons, no flames, no scourge. Louise sobbed in relief, and passed out from the effort.

They took her home, Hejin held her tight in front of him on his big black horse, the plaguelands blurring around them. Minutes, or was it years, passed in silence. They were too stunned at her state to comment, speaking quietly about the route in words Lou couldn't understand.

Someone washed her gently, she was in Stormwind. Imoen was there, she said the words which Louise had been longing desperately to hear for the last few weeks. "Heather is safe, the Draenei paladins and physicians are caring for her in the Exodar." Louise smiled weakly at Imoen.

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