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"O God of Earth and Altar,

Bow down and hear our cry,

Our earthly rulers falter,

Our people drift and die,

The walls of gold entomb us,

The swords of scorn divide,

Take not thy thunder from us,

Take away our pride."

-G.K. Chesterton: English Hymnal

It was early morning as Shadow Hunter Bamboo´Chaa made his way to Yojamba isle It was far from big but a peaceful settlement for the few Zandalar trolls who remained there.

As he arrived on the shore he was met by the guards who welcomed him. He was known there, respected even. He wondered if he would ever have been accepted by them if not for his powers and rank as a shadow Hunter... for surely they would not welcome any bastard.

Anyway He was not able to think much about it (again. It´s not a big island) for he was soon standing before the Overseer, Servitor Exzhal.

"Long time no See,'Chaa Darkspear... have you finally left the Horde to come with us and serve up to your true potential in the Service of Rastakhan?"

´Chaa Grinned under the voodoo mask, just cuz he had the looks of a Zandalar they thought they could own him, he knew all he was due to the kindness of Bala´Chaa, the headhunter who had adopted him as his own. No Zandalar troll would have shown a halfbreed bastard any interest, for that fact he chose to band with the Darkspear.

"No" replied the shadow hunter with his booming voice - "But I seek the Blessings of your Loa Zanza of Zuldazar"

"You? has the great Bamboo´Chaa lost his faith in the great serpent?" said the overseer Exzhal as he waved the guards away with a stupid grin on his face.

"Don´t be a smartmouth -you are above that, if you must know It´s not for me, but my firstborn" replied 'Chaa.

"hah!" belched the overseer as he rubbed his hands together. "So you have a child now? and you seek Zanza´s protection? -then you have to make a worthy sacrifice"

- "I´ll do anything so the child may have Loa Zanza´s protection and blessings, she´s my life now" said Bam in a Hurry.

The overseer looked up. - you sound worried.

Bamboo´Chaa stroke one finger down his long sharp left tusk in a hurry before belching out

"How can I not be worried! I have many enemies who are ruthless and seek any chance to harm me"

The Overseer looked at Bamboo´Chaa with a quirked brow, he was a smart troll and had studied law for many years (then again troll law ain´t complicated) He knew a lie when he heard one, anyway he was not going to bother someone with Bamboo´Chaa´s straight about personal matters, he rather use it in his service.

"Very Well" said the overseer as he cleared his throat, -"The Temple will be opened for you if you manage to end our latest Threat" "When I come to think of it, it would be ideal for a Shadow Hunter to perform this task and please Zanza..."

The Overseer stood up and got himself a drink of water before walking to the end of the hut and pointing to the east, to the shore of Stranglethorn.

"Few of us have dared to sail over towards shore lately, the ruins are still crawling with Bloodscalps, and they are getting more hostile, believe it or not. - our people are being Kidnapped, generally they only went against a Zandalar if one was foolish to come to close to the ruins alone, then it was a quick death. but now, they take our kin and drag them into the ruins" Sighted Exzhal.

"Thats not normal for the Bloodscalp, for them butchery of the body is enough, do you know if something is changing them?" said ´Chaa.

"Not something, someone!" said the Overseer. - "Our Seers claim the old Bloodscalp High Priestess is dead, and now her young yet malignant apprentice has taken her place, demanding sacrifices in her name every day"

-"Sending this #%@*% to the Twisting Nether would brake the Bloodscalp and appease Loa Zanza, -do this Bamboo´Chaa and your child will recive the blessings"

"Sounds fair, Thank you Exzhal" said 'Chaa as he bowed his head and walked back to his row boat.

- - - -

soon he was back at Grom´Gol Base camp, writing letters in a hurry, he had only minutes until the zeppelin to Durotar would take off. Running up the tower he managed to pass the letters to the co-pilot,

"Make sure those letters get to Malaka´Jin in the Stonetalon Mountains!"

The Goblin nodded as he received the letters and a payment for the delivery.

Now all he could do was wait, he needed Ar´Jin´s assistance but it would take him at least a day or two to get here.

He decided to pass the time by planning their path into the great Ruins of Zul´Kunda, the biggest Bloodscalp settlement.

he scaled the jungle tree by tree, it was not really a fast way to travel but good if you don´t want to be noticed.

It was Noon as he stood upon one of the biggest walls, he saw down into the heart of the settlement, good timing for he could see as the High Priestess make her way to a altar.

She had many bodyguards as to be expected, some of them ran ahead to a nearby cage, there they pulled out a troll child, one of their own, she was to be today´s sacrifice.

Bamboo´Chaa was startled, not by the cruel ritual sacrifice but the fact that the Priestess was a Darkspear and on top of that, she resembled Vazja greatly. He felt the urge to shout out to her but he knew it was impossible, she had died in Dun Morogh, Sasaya had trapped Vazja´s spirit in the shrunken head of the body and returned it to 'Chaa, so he could bury her.

Four months had passed since that happened, he had not been able to send her back, he did not want to, he loved her. All he needed was a body and he would be able to perform the dark ritual of soul transfer... but he could not bring himself to hurt another troll of his tribe.

He needed a explanation for this! quickly made his way back, off the wall and into the tree´s, back to Grom´Gol.

- - - -

Bamboo´Chaa was in luck, Nimboya, a seasoned darkspear headhunter was based in Grom´Gol, he would be able to help.

"This can only be explained in one way, Shadow Hunter!" Said Nimboya.

"Roughly ten summer seasons ago, During the first waves of the murlocs on our old homes, the bloodscalp made a raid on the east isle, we fought them back but they managed to capture a master named Thi´kal, his wife and two child doughters, Sen´Jin -rest his spirit, ordered me and your father along with a band of other hunters to chase after them. To bad Ro´Khan, Vol and you were away we could have saved them, after two days of tracking in the jungle we found Thi´Kal and his mate dead and one of the two twin daughter´s critically wounded, the other was gone, of course we thought of the other as dead, taken by the bloodscalp, now you come and claim she´s their High Preistess? funny, her sister who lived was adopted by a Darkspear priestess, she disappeared more than a year ago I heard... must have been the Bloodscalp, do you need any help, Bamboo´Chaa? your father saved me many times an..."

You have helped enough old friend, said the shadow Hunter and walked off.

By the serpent, a twin sister? what a twist of fate.

The plan was ready, once Ar´jin would get here they would sneak in, not to kill but to capture. he would take the soul of the priestess and replace it with Vazja´s, that way the spirit of the Bloodscalp priestess would end in the shrunken head of her sister, ready to be offered to Zanza and Vazja would have a new body, it was perfect!

It was midday now, ´Chaa made his way back to Yojamba isle, nothing to do but pass the time, and prepare the ritual -claiming to be preparing to slay the priestess.

- - - -

The sun was sitting, many wards had been carved and a ritual circle had been formed out of large stones by the shoreline west of the Ruins of Zul´Kunda. As Bamboo´Chaa made some small adjustments to the last stone he heard light steps moving towards him, he tuned around grabbing one of his massive kukri blades.

"Bah, how many times do I have to tell you? - do not sneak up on me!" snarled Bamboo´Chaa has he saw who it was. Ar´Jin had arrived. "You´re early" said 'Chaa sheathing his sword. "I was in Orgrimmar when the Zeppelin came by with the letters, I managed to catch the ride back here" replied Arjin.

"Fair enough, -if we make haste we can get in easy they change the guards at sundown..."

- - - -

They left the raptors behind and ran towards the ruins, silently they took out the guards who had just taken their place. Ar´Jin went in first, silently taking out the few patrolling guards, beside them the settlement was asleep. 'Chaa knew about the private quarters of the High Priestess and silently made his way there.

Once inside he was expecting to find her sleeping peacefully, but no, the #%@*% was awake and prepared. She lunged at the giant troll with a sacrificial knife shouting and Cursing like only a bloodscalp could, she had clearly forgotten all about the Darkspear tribe and taken the Bloodscalp for her own. 'Chaa jumped back in order not to get stabbed, he was going to strike back but could not, she was perfect, so much alike her, she did not even have to color her hair with blood like the rest of the tribe. There was no time to adore this gift from the gods, the #%@*% had somekind of a wand raised in the air, she was calling the guards.

'Chaa grabbed a small bag of goova-dust and tossed it into her face, after few breaths she fell down in his arms fast asleep.

a split second later Ar´Jin rushed into the hut.

"You got her? - then lets go!" shouted Ar´Jin, they could hear horde´s of bloodscalp warriors call each other to arms.

But for those two The escape was easy, the enraged Bloodscalp charged to the exits while Ar´Jin and Bamboo scaled the highest wall and disappeared into the dark.

Ar´Jin wiped the blood off his sword while 'Chaa untied the priestess (he had bound her to his back so he could climb the wall) and placed her in the middle of the circle.

"Do you ask anymore of me, Shadow Hunter?"asked Ar´Jin, he wondered why 'Chaa was so careful with the Priestess, since by the looks of it he was gonna sacrifice her, he guessed something was up, but he knew when not to ask questions, he was no hexxer.

"No, leave" Said Bamboo´Chaa.

Ar´Jin mounted on his raptor and took off to the north.

All was set, the ritual could begin, luckily he had not wasted much energy on the fighting.

He began to chant the ancient spell, within moments the soul of the mad priestess was split from the essence of the body and consumed in the rare diamond she held in her hand. Bamboo held the shrunken head of her sister, which held Vazja´s soul, taking it into his grasp he led it into the empty body to blend with its essence.

Then it was done, he was exhausted.

He stood up and eyed over the young female troll, still sleeping due to the powder, maybe a whole bag was a bit to much. He could not wait, he had to know if the ritual had been a success, He reached for a full waterskin and splattered some water on her face. She opened her eyes and that was all he needed, to see that cold stare glare back at him, it were the eyes of the one he loved.

"About damn time!" she snarled back at him, being locked up in a shrunken head had been about to drive her mad, no sense of time or place, cold and alone.

"Where is she?!" Snarled Vazja, "I want to hold her, my daughter!"

"She´s safe, in Kalimdor" said ´Chaa, trying to soothe her.

"Gah!... its freezing out here" Said Vazja as she glared over the dark shoreline. "Take me to shelter! and don´t let me see you again once you have her!"

Bamboo´Chaa was tired after the ritual, but not as tired as Vazja, still getting used to the new body and dazed by the dust, and she was using all her power to shout at him. He did not care, he had missed her. He took her into his arms and carried her to his riding raptor, she avoided all eye contact until they reached the inn in Grom´Gol, there she glared at him before slamming the room door back into his face.

He removed the Voodoo mask from his face and turned to writing another letter to Kalimdor...



She was once again braught back to life. Teaching 'Chaa the ritual had proven to be a very usefull act. He had made her swear not to go after Sasaya or Coxinga but to care only for the family. Bamboo'Chaa had braught back not only his loved one, Vazja, Bamboo'Chaa had braught back a storm of hatred and anger.

She had sent for him to get their child from Kalimdor instantly and he did. The thought of Sasaya caring for Vazja's beloved offspring still made her sick of hatred. Vazja had let the anger grow into deep hatred during her entrapment and as she was released back into the world of the living it had resulted in a fullblown frenzy. As soon as she would have her child in her arms she would set off to find Sasaya and deal with the crippled excuse of a troll, or so she had planned.

When Bamboo'Chaa, some days later, returned with the infant Vazja suddenly got stunned by emotions. There she was, her offspring, the heir of her powers and knowledge. Her key to eternity, her one true love. They had named the child Tanyi'Chaa, it did not matter to Vazja, it was her child and the child knew she was the mother.

There would be plenty of time to chase cripples. She knew instantly that only one thing mattered now. Sealing the future of her heir, ensuring the safety of the offspring and making sure this child would be able to carry Vazja's legacy one day.

That night, Vazja rewarded Bamboo'Chaa with promises of love and a life as he wanted it to be. That night Vazja's new plan was born. As she smiled at Bamboo'Chaa before falling to sleep with Tan'yi in her arms she thought to herself..

"Traitors are hung by the neck, Sacrificed to the Loa gods."

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