Hordecrest small Rex Tech & Tinkering
Role Casual RP; A group of Bilgewater researches and engineers.
Leader Gazrex Lootore
PvE Possibly
PvP Hardly
Requirements Goblin-only. No level or class restrictions

Overview: Edit

Name: Rex Tech and Tinkering, more commonly referred to simply as Rex Tech.

Theme: Bilgewater goblins serving the Horde as researchers, weapon developers, and sappers.

Requirements: The guild is goblin-only, there are no plans to take other races at all. Level and class don't matter. On IC level it is preferrable that our members be Bilgewater Goblins, as it becomes a bit difficult to pull off the RP when done by representing, for instance, the Steamwheedle Cartel, due to its neutral standing in Azeroth's political affairs.

Description: The purpose of Rex Tech is to provide weaponry for the Horde war machine in its renewed war with the Alliance. It operates at a workshop located at the Bilgewater Harbor in Azshara. It also employs sappers to test and demonstrate these weapons, and, when needed, aid the Horde on the field of battle as saboteurs. Even then the priorities of Rex Tech remain mostly irrelevant to the battlefield and the company tends to be found in its workshop or Orgrimmar, working on Engineering or Alchemy projects.

Recruitment Status: OPEN

The story so far Edit

Rex Tech was founded shortly after the Bilgewater's arrival on Kalimdor. Its founder, Gazrex Lootore, fixed a deal with one of the Horde's generals, Torakk Bloodrain, and promised him the service of goblin ingenuity in exchange for resources and gold. It began to employ other goblins - Engineers, Alchemists and Bruisers - in order to hasten the research and production of weapons on the island off the coast of Azshara, where the Cartel had set up a major harbor. It has been in service to the Beastmaw Warband ever since, and has carried out its part of the deal by providing the orcs their promised weapons and supplies, but hasn't shyed away from free-lancing and making deals with others at every opportunity.

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