Alliancecrest small Richeron Miller Withamhall
Title(s) Lord
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin
Age 27
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation The Alliance
Occupation Scholar and Teacher
Status Alive
Relative(s) House Withamhall

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Richeron Miller Withamhall

Nickname: Known as Rich by some.

Work Title: Professor, Deputy Headmaster

Inherited Title : A long string of dubious utility. Lord should do well as a form of address.

Birth: Ironforge on the outset of the first war. [1]

Physical TraitsEdit

A rather unremarkable looking man with neat brown hair and beard. Average size and build. He has a pair of dark green eyes and a slightly irregular nose. He usually wears his blue robes, but will occasionally vary. Can always be seen with what appears to be a gnomish pocket watch and an old sword, with a small crystal at the hilt, glowing at his side. He walks swiftly, as if in a slight hurry, and often seems distracted, his eyes darting around.


The University of Dalaran.[2]


Living MembersEdit

Father - John Withamhall (Deceased on the 26th year of the Orcish Invasions - Aged 51)

Mother - Margret Miller (Deceased on the 29th year of the Orcish Invasions - Aged 47)

Wife - Elizabetha Istro Withamhall

Son - Iohannes 'Iohan' Williaum Istro Withamhall

Daughter - Annika Benedicta Istro Withamhall

Others - A few Uncles, Aunts and Cousins, mostly on the Mother's side.

Family HistoryEdit

See House Withamhall for detailed information on the Withamhall bloodline.


Squire of the Silver Hand - Basic tutelage at the Northshire Abbey under Sir Percival Lightwell.

Battle Mage - Taught by Magi Nelson DeBreton; recognised by Archmage Francus Pestle of the Kirin Tor. The theoretical exam earned high marks, the practical exam earned sufficient, but mediocre marks.

Linguist - Recognised by the Stormwind Library as capable of communication in a number of tongues.

External PerceptionEdit

"He is often distracted by his own thoughts, hindering his ability to deal with his surroundings beyond a very general level. When focused and dealing with very familiar subjects that interest him he may show surprisingly effective results and a good memory. Unfortunately, he is rarely focused when frustrated, stressed or in panic, and can act foolishly. He's mostly pacific, but has been known to have violent moments in stressful situations." - Professor Roudfus Fizzlespark

"He's a good guy. A bit boring, I suppose, but loyal. I like that in a man. And hey, he makes Liz happy, so it's all good." - Merwyn Lindor Morghani

"Withamhall? What dim bleeder, and a nosey git to boot!" - Mage Nelson DeBreton

"He'd make a horrible businessman." - Lord Montywort Thandrel

"That weirdo who thinks he's a mage." - Nelinde Belgarde

"He was pretty much the only person who was nice to me before I was kicked ou- I mean, left that damn school. Nice guy, wears a nice dress." - Cinty Cindersprocket

"Richeron? Oh, that young human guy with the beard. Yes, well, it's my opinion that he should think out whether or not he should have brought gnomes to Teldrassil... It leaves a standing image of the man in the brain, you know." - General Zeesa Bloomseeker


As written by a hypothetical historian

Despite being often overshadowed by his wife's popularity in life, posteriority has revealed Lord Richeron Withamhall as an enigmatic, and potentially equally significant player in the time of the Great Wars. Many accounts of R. Withamhall's life are often considered to be fabrications due to their sheer unlikelihood, however evidence shows that at least some are accurate.

It is well established that R. Withamhall was born to a family of Northshire farmers in a sealed Ironforge during the Orcish invasions.[3] However, there is no evidence to suggest that their narrow escape from the Orcs' initial invasions was fuelled by a prophecy of any sort. It was most likely sheer dumb luck.

When the Orcish wars ended, the family returned to Northshire with their young son (no more would ever survive past birth, leaving R. Withamhall an only child) to rebuild their farm. When R. Withamhall reached the tender age of 12, his father submitted him to train as a squire under the tutelage of Sir Percival Lightwell, an aged paladin who had fought in the wars. Contrary to what was usually the case, the young Richeron was accepted by the paladin, along with the sons and daughters of several higher-class citizens. This arrangement survived for seven years, until Sir Lightwell left to fight the Scourge in Lordaeron, leaving R. Withamhall with an incomplete training.

During the later years of R. Withamhall's tutelage, he took a keen interest in the local Abbey's library, and displayed a remarkable ability to assimilate new knowledge on many subjects. During this time an unkown Quel'dorei visited Northshire and created in Withamhall a fascination with the arcane that would last his whole life. When his training was interrupted by the war, R. Withamhall delved even further in to his studies and often travelled to Stormwind to visit the Royal Library. During this time, he amassed considerable theoretical knowledge of the Arcane Arts and learnt a small array of (mostly obscure) languages.

When his father and then his mother died, R. Withamhall moved to Stormwind City and became a librarian at the Royal library. He came to meet several influential minds of the time, including Professor Berdrin Stormspanner and Lady Lashela Alania, before she became the renowned Faith of the Dark Embrace. It was during the initial years in Stormwind that research led R. Withamhall to the startling discovery of his noble heritage. There has been some debate about whether his claims were actually legitimate, but as exceptional as these circumstances may seem, there is no evidence to put them in question. Apart from the right to use mostly obsolete titles, a few family heirlooms and a small boost in his political career, R. Withamhall gained very little from this discovery directly.[4]

R. Withamhall's participation in Stormwind politics was short, but it placed him in the public eye and earned him a favourable income, with which he bought a comfortable home (some documents hint that he bought it for far less than it was actually worth). He soon met his future wife, then known as Elizabetha Istro, as a more moderate figure within the local branch of the Scarlet Crusade. Their engagement was short (some documents identify her as blind, though other sources confirm that a few months later she had one intact eye. The explanation for this strange mystery is yet to be found.) and Elizabetha Istro Withamhall quickly became pregnant with Annika Benedicta Istro Withamhall and Iohannes Williaum Istro Withamhall.[5][6][7]

At some point during this period, R. Withamhall decided to get recognition as a practitioner of the arcane arts, and took official lessons under the Kirin Tor Professor Nelson DeBreton. After a few months, R. Withamhall took a theoretical exam, in which he achieved high marks, and a practical exam, in which he received unimpressive marks, and was promptly recognised as a Battle Mage by the Kirin Tor.

When the final efforts to destroy the Lich King began, R. Withamhall joined the University of Dalaran as recently instated Headmaster Nelson DeBreton's deputy, teaching Azerothian Lore and Languages.


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