Richeron Miller Withamhall

Physical Traits

Brown hair and beard. Often wears a robe when in Stormwind or his armor. He used to wear an old locket around his neck with a faded coat of arms. Can always be seen with his gnomish pocket watch and some vials.

Race and Class

Male Human. Paladin.


Mercenary Alliance


Linguist, Arcane physicist, Philosopher, Scholar of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind, Member of the Stormwind Library, etc.


Father - John WithamHall (passed away five years ago) Mother - Margret Miller (passed away recently) A cousin and an uncle still living in Northshire.


Lived in Northshire with his parents, learned the ways of the Paladins in the Abbey, read a large section of the Abbey's library and learned three languages until he became 21 years old. He then moved to Stormwind where he became a member of the Library. In the space of a few months he became member of the Mercenary Alliance and of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind.

Family Background

Duchess Eilyan Wrynn of Southern Westfall and sister to the ninth King of Stormwind married a man called Witham. They went to live in a hall in Stormwind and became known as Duke Witham of the Hall and Duchess Eilyan of Riverton. A century ago or so, the family lost all it's posessions and the title of Lord Withamhall was forgotten. The last Withamhalls are now a simple family of farmers in Northshire.

Personal Notes

Richeron is extremely curious and has the ambition to learn as much as he can, both from books and other people. He has very keen eyes and ears.

Current Status

Studying. Has recently obtained a High degree in Linguistics.

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