Rin Kalmore
Rin Kalmore
Name: Rin Kalmore
Title: General
Allignment: Usually Evil
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Undead (Former Human)
Character Class: Warrior
Occupation Stationed in Undercity as a tactical advisor for the upcoming invasion of Gilneas.
Spoken Languages Orcish
Low Common
Status: Alive

History[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Rin Kalmore was killed by Arthas during the Scourge invasion of Tirisfal Glades.
He was a common soldier of Lordaeron when he got slaughtered, Rin forgot most of his past life as a human when he was saved by Sylvanas. He could only remember the torture Arthas had brought him and with those thoughts, Rin created a enormous hatred and pledged for revenge.
Rin created a deep depression with his new identity in the Forsaken as a slaughtered former human with only rotten flesh on his bones, he didn’t see any joy at all for his current state and didn’t care if he got slaughtered by the enemies. In his mind, he was already dead, what did he have to lose.

Rin joined the Forsaken Army and got stationed at the frontline of the confrontation with the Scourge forces.
Rin Kalmore’s brutal and savage attitude towards the enemy became a legend. He rushed right into battle alone against 30 soldiers. How he could survive such a charge is a mystery, but the word of his deeds venture all the way to the Forsaken Council.

Current status[edit | edit source]

Rin Kalmore has left his command of Shadows of Lordaeron to Nyttja Gello and ventured back to Forsaken land to aid the Forsaken in their upcoming assault on Gilneas.

Appearences[edit | edit source]

  • Rin Kalmore was the overseer on the Execution that was held (2010-11-07) in Tirisfal Glades by the Graveyard of Brill.
  • Rin Kalmore will be present during the "Second supplyline" effort in Tarren Mill. He will oversee the progress of retaking Durnholde in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Physical[edit | edit source]

Mental State[edit | edit source]

Rin has still not gotten over his deppression over his current state of life. He don’t care if he live or die. He drinks alot to be able to deal with the situation. Even though alcohol don’t have the same strong effect on him anymore as Undead. Rin is emotional inbalanced, he don’t show any weakness, he direct his discomfort and hatred towards his enemies. However, he has no thoughts about taking his own life. Forsaken gives him a purpose and as long as he has a purpose, he will do his duty as a soldier, soldier of Lordaeron and a soldier of the Forsaken. Forsaken Council does not care about Rin's mental state aslong as he continue to win battles.

Appearence[edit | edit source]

Kalmore is wearing a black armor from the Northrend campaign. It has alot of scares and most of the armor is trashed. Kalmore wear it to show people he encounter about his previous deeds and that they shall earn his respect and not the other way around.

Attitude[edit | edit source]

Kalmore don't belive in showing mercy or compassion. His acts towards his follow soldiers and officers are very crude and harsh. He don't believe that you should be soft to your men but to show them the hammer and smash their fingers so the soldiers can realize that this is not a game.

He is "famous" for beeing a man who speaks his mind and don't care of the consequenses. As well as not afraid of taking harsh actions. If there is just a small moment when he starts to question the loyalty of a soldier, he wouldn't think twice before the soldier hits the ground dead by his sword.

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