Hordecrest small Rind Sungazer
Title(s) Archer of Silvermoon
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Class Hunter
Age 120
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation The Suncrown Conclave
Occupation Archer
Status Alive


Rind Sungazer, Archer of Silvermoon

Physical TraitsEdit

A rather common elven male, with golden hair and emerald eyes. He takes well care of himself, much like any other elf.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood elf, Hunter((OOC)) Archer((IC))


The Suncrown Conclave


Lieutenant of the Suntalon Retainers


Father: Astero Sungazer (Dead)

Mother: Riniha Sungazer (Dead)

Brother: Astoth Sungazer (Alive)

Sister: Jeneriania Sungazer (alive)


Born many years before the first war with the orcs, Rind spend most of his early life as a farmer together with his family in the outskirts of Silvermoon. He held a high regard for all living things as a youngling and no-one would believe that this young boy would one day join the army. Yet a few years before the first war, he did. The reason he joined were his own and he never told anyone about it, not even the young nobleman Pyrius dawnfire, whom Rind would come to trust as his own brother. Years past in the army and soon enough the first war arrived. During this time, Rind followed Pyrius into battle, taking orders from the young captain and growing ever stronger with his bow.

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Family BackgroundEdit

((Coming up))

Criminal RecordEdit

- Five days labor service for hitting an officer of the army

- Removal from the army due to disobediance


Rind. After being dismissed from the army

Personal NotesEdit

Current StatusEdit

Alive and well.

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