By Rocmar

The trudge is long And the road is treacherous.

Some of us do not make it. Some of us may fall.

Some of us have lost hope. Lost faith in all.

Stonetalon is overrun! The insects have taken all!

Some of us have lost hope. Lost faith in all.

The Durotar sands are warm.

As if heating us from within.

As we gaze upon a new hope - Orgrimmar.

Grand warrior city of our kin.

As we approach this new horizon.

The tattered banners raised high.

Hope shines down on us anew, from the cloudless Durotar sky.

The survivors of the shattered Earthfury .

Homeless, desolate and lost. Some lay dying ,

Others saddened by the loss.

We shall not remain like this ,

We are warriors strong and true .

And from the Earthfury remnants

A clan will be forged anew

And from this hour hence forth The Earthfury now torn Rising above the ashes

The Beastmaw was born.

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