Hordecrest small Rocmar Swiftwolf
Title(s) Sergeant, Raider, Reaver
Gender Male
Race Orc
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Beastmaw Warband, The Warsong Clan, The Horde
Status Alive
Relative(s) Hirgma (Life-mate), Rokarna (Daughter), Natsu'gar (Son)

Physical Description Edit

His physical appearance is quite typical of an orc warrior. Bulging muscles, green skin, his fair share of scars, large and protruding tusks - now weathered and yellowed. His facial expression seemingly in a permanent scowl, this mask of anger and contempt lifted only rarely. His right eye is practically lost to him, an unpleasant and long scar running from the eyebrow down his right cheek. The eye itself is a milky white colour, deformed and hideous. His hair is usually kept in a traditional top knot and an addled beard clings to his chin.

Personality Edit

On the surface Rocmar is a hard-trusting individual, generally hostile and aggressive toward most, though to those he would call friend or family - he is steadfastly loyal, good humoured and protective. Those few who have gained his trust know him to be an honourable and ferocious individual.

He is usually outright hostile to strangers and prides himself on the belief that strength should be respected above all else. Because of this, he believes the orcish people to be above most of Azeroth's races, though he does not think they are without fault and acknowledges the need for allies, though he may be too prideful to express this.

Through this belief that strength is prized above all, he has had some trouble over the years with authority both within his own people and dealing with members of the other races. If an individual has not done, what he perceives to be their fair share of time on the battlefield, Rocmar will generally pay them no heed or even treat them with scorn, regardless of any rank or title.

Whilst on good terms with most of the races belonging to the horde, he has a general mistrust and mutual dislike of most goblins, blood elves and a deep-seated hatred of any form of undead. His dislike of goblins formed from the belief that, although he is very much what he himself would describe as "a true orc", he holds orcish tradition in high regard. That being the beliefs of shamanism and respect for the land, goblins in his eyes do not hold this viewpoint and tend to ravage and destroy it rather than respect it. His dislike of blood elves stems from his mistrust of magic and the arcane.

His utter hatred and contempt of undead, forsaken or otherwise, derives from a number of reasons. Betrayal being the central reason. A veteran of the Northrend campaign, he was disgusted when he had heard of the incident at the Wrathgate and how it had cost the lives of many of Thrall's elite, including the son of Saurfang. When he had learned of Sylvanas' further use of the blight weapon and her disobedience was also another. But the primary source for his undying hatred for the damned rests with Lundstark Andholm, whom caused the death of his unborn child.

Family and Background Edit

Born to Gor'shakh Skulltaker and Kareda Ragefang of the Warsong Clan, Rocmar was raised to fight. During the early days of the first horde, he was aged prematurely along with the children of the other clans by the first warlocks (which he recalls vividly, like a nightmare, only serving to fuel his hatred of warlocks and their ilk) which in turn, lead to him being baptized in the crucible of battle as one of the many orcs that invaded Azeroth in a murderous green tide, slaughtering the humans in their hundreds. He never could understand the purpose of the conflict, all that he knew was that within his very soul, he felt the burning desire to fight and to kill.

He did so splendidly. Developing a natural affinity for the dire wolf allies of his people and the tenacious tactics of the orcish raiders, he spent the majority of the first and second wars on wolfback. Slaughtering any foe that dared brave his blade and the jaws of his predatory dire wolf, which he named Kul'var.


As a raider of the first orcish horde.

It was during the final months of the second war that his parents had finally perished in battle, the newly-formed Alliance was gaining victory after victory and begun to push the horde back. With the defeat of the horde forces at the end of the second war, he fled into hiding with the other Warsong, retreating into the wilderness of Lordaeron and evading human capture. Most of his people were not so lucky.

It was when the attacks on the internment camps began to take place that Rocmar considered he had found new purpose in life. The shadow council and their hideous plans exposed, he vowed to see the orcish race restored to their former glory, before the days of demonic enslavement. Following the aftermath of the liberations, Rocmar followed the newly declared Warchief Thrall across the sea to Kalimdor, travelling with Grommash Hellscream and his Warsong kin. It was here that he first encountered Jaina Proudmoore and her soldiers, this would not be the last time he fought with those bearing the golden anchor crests, not for many years to come. Eventually, when Grommash Hellscream would free the orcish people from the shackles of demonic enslavement and corruption, Rocmar swore his people would never be slaves to power again, but achieve strength and restore their honour through their own means.


With Hirgma, Rokarna and Natsu'gar.

The weeks, months and years following the exodus to Kalimdor, Rocmar had fought through an abundant number of notable battles and conflicts, such as the battle of Mount Hyjal and various skirmishes in Ashenval as he rode as Warsong outrider for a time. The latter costing him his right eye, with the help of a Kaldoei sentinels glaive.

Eventually overcome with wanderlust, he sought out to explore the land the his people had claimed for themselves and eventually met those he would consider to be lifelong friends in the coming years. Joining the The Earthfury Clan and many battles, feats of strength, victories, losses and trials have occurred between these times when he would join the The Beastmaw Clan. It was in the latter that he would meet Hirgma, his life-mate and mother to his daughter, Rokarna.

He continues to fight to this day, alongside friends old and new.

Items of Interest Edit

Gar'kosh - The Blade Of Anguish


This axe, handed down from father to son, for generations. Has seen numerous battlefields across both Draenor and Azeroth. Given to Rocmar by his father, it is a Warsong howling axe, with a few additions - most notably the skull with the painted horde insignia. This was added by Rocmar himself. The blade itself has been honed over many years and has seen different masters, the almost ancient orcish runes still mark the surface of the axe blade.

Warsong Necklace

Tradition demands that those of the Warsong Clan create a necklace with the bones of their first kill and inscribe them with personal runes. Rocmar's own necklace is adorned with the tusks, skull fragments and teeth of another Warsong, whom was an older orc by the name of Tragak Bloodseeker. Rocmar was the victim of Tragak's constant abuses, presumably because he was jealous of the respect Rocmar commanded amongst some of his peers. After one insult and accusing finger too many, he engaged the older warrior in combat and caved in his cranium with a rock, succumbing to battle rage during the fight.

The necklace is also decorated with various other trophies from a lifetime of combat as well as the engraved rune that marks him as a Sergeant in the Beastmaw Warband.

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