Rosaceae Dawnstriker
Name: Lady Rosaceae Orizein Forestis Palatinus Dawnstriker, Sunrider
Title: Lady, Bloodknight, Honour guard
Allignment: Lawfull Good
Gender: Female
Age: 238
Race: Sin'Dorei
Class: Paladin/Blood Knight
Occupation Chief of the Dawnstriker steel emporium, Honour guard for the Argent Crusade.
Spoken Languages Orcish (well)
Common (mastered)
Thallasian (mastered)
Zandali (low)
Dwarvish (low)
Status: Alive, Aiding the Argent Crusade in Northrend

Physical TraitsEdit

Just below the average Sin'dorei height, she carries a small amount of battle scars.


Order of the Sun. [1]


Sin'Belore Sunrider, father: deceased.

Valeria Sunrider/Leafrunner, Mother: deceased

siblings:deceased (to be added)

Solance Dawnstriker, Husband: alive.

Solarius Dawnstriker, Son: alive

Amalia Dawnstriker, Adopted Daughter: alive

Vesper Fairbreeze, Half-sister: alive

Orana Dawnstriker, Sister in law: alive


((To be revised))

Born 236 years ago within the walls of Silvermoon in the home of her noble family Rosaceae carries the title of lady form birth and as such the title cannot be taken from her.

Rosaceae was alway a young girl interested in warfare, it was not uncommen in her family of soldiers. It only took Rosa 20 years to sign up for the Order of the Sun Millitary division. She was granted the rank of captain under her title. The division Rosa joined was the 1st Pheonix cavalry under Major Sharpfire. Rosa had a hard time with her Major who came from the ranks.

During the Second war Rosa fought alongside the alliance against the Orcish horde, she was commended for bravery. She traveled often with the knights of the Silver Hand, one of them even sought to train Rosa in the ways of the paladin. He seceretly trained Rosa as one. They traveled true the dark portal however on the other side she and the army she was in where attacked by orcs and Rosa was severely injured and brought back to Azeroth. When the Dark portal was suposedly destroyed Rosa went home still limping. She never knew what became of her mentor in the ways of the light. Home in Quel'Thalas Rosa learned of the fate suffered by her grandfather, grand mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. They where either killed in action or kidnapped by the horde. This news devistated Rosa terribly and gave her an increasing hatred for the Orc's, Trolls and Ogres who had served the horde. She joined hunting parties to hunt down surving Horde members, under command of her Major.

When the third war broke out Rosa was at the front of Quel'thalas where she fought along side Sylvannas. During the fight Rosas current love intrest Grovius ran from battle to save himself but was decapitated by a Gargolyle. While the Cavalary forces retreated under the Command of the High General, Lady Sylvannas Windrunner. Major Sharpfire ordered a flank attack to allow more soldiers to retreat, during this attack Rosa was foolish enough to attack a huge undead abamanation and her Hawkstrider was killed, Rosa herself was saved by her Major. When the forces of the Elves and undead met again, Rosa was forced to see her noble father be killed by Arthas himself. Rosa was knocked out by a being of the scourge shortly after. The undead Army advanced leaving the High Elven defenses shattered, some scouts looking for survivors found Rosa and brought her to a secret shelter. When the undead threat deminished, Rosa was brought to Silvermoon and remained there she recovered soon there after.

When she had recovered Lady Liadrin approuched Rosa to form the new defenders of Silvermoon, The Blood Knights. Rosa was picked because of the time she has spend with the paladins in the second war. Rosa accepted the lady's offer and became one of the first of the Blood Knights.After she felt she had complete her path Rosaceae trained many Blood Knights, amongst them one stood out very clearly, Solance Dawnstriker. Solance learned fast and was a A class fighter and former Royal guard.

During this time Rosa was approached by Carniifex to join his council to protect Silvermoon. Rosa accpeted and with the council the rebuilding of Silvermoon and Eversong went well. Alas the council fell to internal power struggels and corruption. Rosaceae felt force to resign as a officer at the Sunstrider council. In this time Rosa was also sucomming to the charms of her best student who kept showing his affection by bringing her apples from the human land of Elwynn forest.

When the regent lord anouced his plan his plan to join the horde. Rosa was outraged, she had lost many close family members to them. The regent Lord commanded all to welcome the members of the horde with open arms. Rosa did as she was commanded and welcomed the horde she loated into the city. She held her distance untill a Tauren shaman spoke to her about the ways of the spirits and the corruption the orcs had suffered. From that moment onward Rosa would give each horde member a chance to show his or her worth.

It would be several months later when Rosa lead a small raiding party to the Amani troll villages nearby when she a horse, she rconised it as Belore her fathers Warhorse. She called out to it, the horse came to her. When Rosa mounted the horse, the horse seemed to have gotten a own will and rode off to the Silvermoon ruins. Belore brought Rosa to ruined structure the former seat of the Order of the Sun. In here stould her most powerfull apprentice Solance. It apeared both their fathers had been Sun Knights for the order. Together they decided to rebuild the order of the Sun and did so with the help of Archmage Laerwen Spellsong. The order recruited many amongst the horde although the elves still had majority within the order many forsaken joined as well. The order recruited many amongst the horde although the elves still had majority within the order many forsaken joined as well.

Rosa was one of the leading commanders of the Order of the Sun. The order had many leaders each of the commanding officers had total rule of the Order. Lord Solance would make sure no leader would ever act over the other. Solance and Rosa where romanticly involved for a long time. One would often seek the other out in private as often as they could, eventually leading to Rosa becomming pregant with their child. After the election of a new Order commander it became apparent that the system was to open for infection, many of the order said they needed a single leader. Rosa said she would support this. In reality, she heard Solance talk about this for so long she feared he had gotten hungry for power and thus started the weeing in her trust towards him as leader.

Solance was elected leader by a vast majority, Rosa was shocked by the low amount of people that had supported her. This infact broke her spirit although she'd never actually admit it to anyone. Everything went on, as it should. But coulds of doubts serounded Rosa. Solance proposed to Rosa she said yes when she actually had deep doubts about his intensions.

Rosa sought out a old friend to tell her doubts to, she couldn't have picked a worse person. She told this person all her doubts and flaws she noticed. When Solance found out only days before their wedding, it was only nearly in time. Rosa's old friend had infact been working for the Scourge and had sought to destroy them by using the information given to him by Rosa. Solance slew the elf and threw his head on Rosa's desk. Solance demanded that Rosa would leave his sight and the Order. Rosa knowing she had nearly destroyed everything did so.

The order was shocked by Rosa's departure she said she had done something horrible yet would not say what. The order would not punish Rosa for something if they did not know what she had done. Rosa sought solitude yet the orders members would not have it. The pleaded to Lord Solance to bring her back to the order. Solance brought her back to them a few weeks later where she was reinstated as Sun Knight of the order. He never revieled what she had done to anyone.

Times changed however, Solance had moved on and found a new love interest. Solance struck with grief about the betrayel of his former lover got his new lover pregnant as well. Rosa now saw she'd never return to him again dispite him being the father of her still unborn child. Solance found it in his heart to forgive Rosa. He and Rosa got along a lot better after a few weeks as they became good friends.

Solance would be decieved by his new lover aswell. She was frequently seen with other men and when Solance became supisous and had it investigated he found out she was seeing many different men of power at the same time. She had told all these men she was pregnant with their child. Solance was in a outrage and banished her from the order. Solance was heartbroken sought comfort with Rosa. It wouldn't take long before Solance and Rosa got engaged again. Dispite their deep affection towards eachother they still had fights often. Mostly about Solances missions to make sure Silvermoon was safe, meaning he was often away from her. Then on the 29th of July they got married. They vowed to love and be there for eachother till death would part them.

Altough Rosa wanted to play a active miliatry role in the Order fate decieded it would not be. Only a few weeks after her marrairage Klesa the forsaken and officer of the Order betrayed the Order trying to commit it to the Scourge. Klesa and Rosa quickly faced eachother and a battle between the two follewed. Rosa beat Klesa with relitive ease but was forced to run away as at this stage her unborn child could be affected by Klesa's shadow magics. it would be weeks before klesa and Rosa would meet again. both ready to face another Rosa had placed a magical barriar to protect her child from harm Klesa had encreased in power severly. The two battled in Thunderbluff Laying waste to many huts in the process. The fight ended in a draw as Klesa withdrew with the help of her minions and Rosa was healed by the tauren shamans. ((needs continuation))

Family BackgroundEdit

The name Sunrider was once a well known name trueout Quel thalas, know to be outstanding warriors. The Sunriders always ready to ride to war have suffered tremdesly on the last two wars, Rosa is the only still living member of her family.

on the 29th of July Rosa had her last name changed to that of her husband Solance Dawnstriker.

On the 30th of August Rosaceae gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Solarius Palatinus Aquarius Dawnstriker. The father is Solance Dawnstriker.

Criminal RecordEdit

Charged with public drunkeness 5 times, case dismissed on all occasions under suspisios surcomstances.

Personal NotesEdit

Rosa belives in drastic messures and the greater good. She will often set aside her feelings to get the job done. Because of her past experiance Rosa is not to fond of forsaken, orcs nor trolls how ever she will not show her distrust or dislike of them unless provoked.

Current StatusEdit

Rosaceae has devoted all her time to raise her son. The infernal in her soul which used to burn with disire for battle has nearly all but died out. Rosa resiseds in Shattrath with the Scryers, because her husband is a wanted man in Quel'thalas.


Rosaceae Orizein Forestis Palatinus Dawnstriker, Sunrider 's name is quite large and yet all words have their own meaning.

Rosaceae, is the Biological family name for Roses. [2]

Orizein, is Greek for to Limit. It stands for Rosa's view on everything shee keeps expanding. [3]

Forestis, means "forest preserve, game preserve" I felt it suited Rosa's need to preserve her home country of Quel'Thalas. [4]

Palatinus, is lain for the word Paladin as is Rosa's in game class. [5]

Dawnstriker, is Rosaceae's family name from her husbands side of the family.

Sunrider, the Sun is a referance to the High/blood elven culture as rider is a referance to Rosa's skill on horse back.

Rosa as a character was inspired by the works of Joss Whedon (known for the Buffy and Angel TV series). Orignally based on the character faith. I did not feel this would work after Rosa's pregnacy. I sought a different character to use as base. I ended up at a mix between Angelina Jolie (who has pretty much same rolesin most movies) and Padmé Amidala as in Star Wars episode III.

Belore is Rosa's mount a Elven bread warhorse (and with that has a longer lifespan then the average hore) Belore is middle aged, faster and stronger then most horses. Belore is elvish for the sun. which refers to the speed which the horse could make when mounted by Rosa's father.

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