Alliancecrest small Roudfus Fizzlespark
Title(s) Professor
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Technomage
Age 100
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation None
Occupation Engineer and Arcanist
Status Alive
Relative(s) Uncle Spar Fizzlespark

Physical Traits Edit

His is a small Gnome with a very large brown beard that covers three quarters of his body. He has dark blue eyes and very tiny hands.

Occupation Edit

Engineer and Arcanist.

Guild Edit

The Arcane Order


An Uncle in Darnassus.


Roudfus is a rather forceful character who is rarely "nice". He is mostly polite but will not tolerate a contradiction or attempts to diminish his personal pride. He is a fierce suporter of Anti-Heightism movements. Everything is a source of knowledge or experiments to him and as such he often cries out: "Fascinating" even if staring at the most simple daily objects or routines. At some times, Roudfus proves to be rather paranoid, believing that his alleged rival Castpipe has spies following him.

Roudfus has a profound understnading of all things mechanical or arcane. He is a genius, he knows it and has no fear of saying it outloud with pride.

Background Edit

Since the accident in Gnomeregan, he has lived in Tinkertown. Being a rather gifted engineer, he created a company called Fizzlespark and Co. specialised in crafting engineering components and in researching miniature technology. It has since ceased to exist and Roudfus blames it on another gnome called Castpipe.

Family Background Edit

His father was one of the Gnomish Engineers to work on the Deeprun Tram. Both his Father and Mother have passed away. His Uncle left the Eastern Kingdoms to explore Kalimdor and has only returned twice since.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

He was the Engineer to invent the most acurate Cronoarcanometer to date, but he only built a few. One he kept to himself, another he sent to the ArchMage in Stormwind, another is in Dalaran and another is in the posession of Richeron Withamhall. The location of the others is unkown. The device is so complex to use that only three people are known to be capable of using it, Richeron Withamhall amongst them. Fizzlespark is one who can't. The device resembles a large pocket watch, and can be used as one.

Creations Edit

  • Chronosensor (Component)
  • Arcanoconverter (Component)
  • Essencium transistor (Component)
  • Spirchronum link (Component) 99,5% Efficiency
  • Chronoarcanometer
  • Arcanum emitter
  • High-intensity Infra-red Radiation gizmo.

Current Status Edit

Roudfus has exiled himself from Tinkertown and gone to reside in the city of Stormwind, planning his revenge on Castpipe. He has joined the Arcane Order, believing them to be a perfectly Lawful organisation.


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