Hordecrest small Rowos von Shadowtongue
Rowos Dread Father
Title(s) Dark Patriarch of the Church of Shadows, Dread Father of the Church of Shadows
Gender Male
Race Forsaken Human
Class Priest, Dark Cleric
Age Age of death: 46
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, The Forsaken, Church of Shadows
Occupation Shadow Cultist
Status Dead
Relative(s) Wife: Illumine of Lakeshire (dead)

Daughter: Ilusiame of Lakeshire (Unknown)


Former: Rowos of Lakeshire

Current: Rowos von Shadowtongue

Physical Appearance:Edit

A dismal display of the physical beauty once bestowed upon him, Rowos' body is a ravaged, light-weight and mangled corpse, brought to such a state by both torture and the plague. Rowos has no eyes, no hair and no nose, all of his flesh and skin is rotten, his bones make up for most of his physical appearance. However, he is not to be underestimated, he is still a tall man with a powerful grip, combined with his knowledge of the Forgotten Shadow, he can reduce opponents that are weak of mind to also become physically weaker.

As a consequence of the torture process that Rowos endured, his chest presents a massive gap in the area were a heart would normally be found, from said gap all of his blood has been drained, thus making Rowos' rotten skin cold to the touch. It is said that his body is kept together due to his new-found knowledge on the Forgotten Shadow or perhaps that it is done through the usage of Embalming Ichor, the true method used to maintain Rowos' rotten flesh as it is remains a mystery.

Race and Class:Edit

Former: Human Priest of Northshire Abbey / Forsaken Shadow Priest

Current: Forsaken Dread Father of the Church of Shadows


Wife: Illumine of Lakeshire (dead)

Daughter: Ilusiame of Lakeshire (Unknown)

Character History:Edit

Birth and early existance:

Born to an unknown father and a mother who refused to reveal her family name as she died in labour, Rowos was named by the community of Lakeshire, 19 years before the events that would lead to the conflict from there on known as the First war.
He was taken by a Northshire Cleric to be educated and cared for amongst his equals in Northshire Abbey, at the age of 15 he had competently grasped the usage of Light magic, and was a promising apprentice Cleric, with some flaws as he had not yet fully grasped the three virtues of Light worship.

Questionable Faith:

Rowos' tenacity was unquestionable and there was no doubt that he respected the chain of command the Clerics had educated him to believe in, but many wondered if the boy was capable of compassion. With no true parents of his own, it was disturbing that the child had never sought out paternal icons, even amongst those who had regarded as teachers, he was a competent and independent individual, but many had begun to wonder the true reasons behind his dedication to his studies of the Light.

At the tender age of 16, Rowos was asked to serve as a cleric in Lakeshire for 2 years, a task he performed dutifully. He was a successful Cleric, he advised the locals well and assured them to be true believes, but many considered him to be "emotionless" in his interactions, that he only did what he did for the sake of doing it successfully, this worried the Clerics of Northshire.

The first war:

When Rowos was 19, back in Northshire Abbey, he heard news from his masters that the Sorcerer Medivh, a man that had been cared for by the Northshire Clerics during his coma, had opened a "Dark Portal" that had allowed unimaginable horrors to pass through and attempt an assault on Stormwind Keep, although the so called "horrors" had failed in their assault, many suspected them to be rallying once more and preparing to assault the entire Kingdom of Stormwind.

Rowos, alongside many others, followed Alonsus Faol's call to war, later on he was placed amongst the many Clerics and Priests in Anduin Lothar's forces, he battled his way through the First War against the Horde and it's forces, while aiding his fellow comrades whenever he could, when forced to flee to Lordaeron together with the rest of Lord Anduin's forces, he was already 25 years old.

Rowos in Warcraft2

The Second War:

Rowos' life during most of the second war was rather uneventful, due to his participation in the First Great war in the Kingdom of Stormwind, the king of Lordaeron, Serenades Menethil II, had allowed him, and several like him, to remain within the relative safety of the realm.

Rowos chose the town of Brill, here he was assigned to fortify the people's strength in the Holy Light and serve as one of the town's Cleric, despite being more then able in his second task... he was "questionably successful" in his first.
Though Rowos preached the Holy Light's healing powers to the people of Brill, he had apparently begun exploring "alternative faiths" that could provide him the power he craved for, many Clerics desired to investigate their new suspicions of Rowos, but when the Horde assaulted Lordaeron's capital, their focus was diverted from the matter as all of Brill's citizens were forced to remain within the walls of the Castle, citizens which Rowos, alongside other Clerics, protected from harm.

By the end of the second war Rowos was 33 years old, once more in Brill, this time with no Clerics and their suspicions keeping him from his studies, the man of Lakeshire began absorbing as much information as he could on the faith opposing that of the Holy Light, the faith of the Shadows, he had also begun practising some rituals alongside a much younger woman with whom he had a child with, Ilusiame, the woman was to be known later as Illumine of Lakeshire.

Eventually Rowos began learning of Necromancy and it was not long before he, and others like him, heard the call of the Lich King to seek out a man called Kel'Thuzad, he would later associated himself, but not his wife, with the Cult of the Damned.

Rowos in Warcraft 3

Rows in Warcraft 3

The Third War and Avoiding the Plague:

Rowos spent much of his time aiding the Cult of the Damned during the early events that would lead to the Third War, he would be 39 years old by the time the infection began spreading throughout Lordaeron, thanks to the contribution of him and those like him, the town of Brill, where Rowos was living, was one of the most affected, abusing his position as a Cleric to provide no real aid to the townspeople, but also maintaining his daughter a secret from the Cult of the Damned as well, it was not clear where Rowos' loyalties were set.

Eventually these immoral activities were discovered by the authorities of Lordaeron, they had begun seeking out all possible origins of the plague of Undeath that had struck their nation, Rowos arouse as a possible associate of the Cult of the Damned. The man of Lakeshire, however saw to it that his wife would be caught instead of him, allowing for him to escape into the home of a fellow cultist with his daughter, who had no knowledge of what had happened to her mother.
Rowos continued to aid the Cult and the Scourge as an active Acolyte, having numerous encounters with the forces of Lordaeron and reamining in the region of Tirisfal Glades, one would assume Rowos to have had an "easy life" amongst the Cult, particularly when Prince Arthas returned to Lordaeron to seize the Kingdom from his father, but Rowos was unable to undergo a sacrifice and soon the fact that he had been hiding his daughter from the Cult would be uncovered, he flees to the nearby camps of Lordaeron Refugees, claiming to have redeemed himself from his former path and seeking only a home for him and his daughter... it is still not clear if these were true claims.

Undead Rowos in Warcraft3

Undead Rows in Warcraft 3

The Encounter with Death in it's cruelest form:




Current Status:

Untimely death when utilizing his Human Aspect, currently provides council to the Church via spectral form.

Traits & Abilities:Edit

Mind Link Mind Link: Rowos' spirit remains mentally linked with the minds of his most devoted cultists, allowing him to manipulate them... to a certain extent.

Ghost Ghost: Although he possesses no body of his own, Rowos maintains spiritual existance upon the world of Azeroth temporarily as a ghost.

Prophet Prophet: Rowos is known to have prophetic visions regarding certain individuals, though these visions may not always be accurate.

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