The Ruins of Mathystra are located in northern Darkshore, just past the Tower of Althalaxx. Mathystra used to be a night elven city before the Great Sundering, but it was utterly decimated by the destruction of the Well of Eternity, and has long since been abandoned by the night elves in favor of the smaller coastal villages further south.

The ancient ruins are now inhabited by the Stormscale Naga, who aggressively guard against any intrusions from outside sources. The ruins contain scattered relics of the old Highborne, and young night elves sometimes attempt to search through Mathystra in search of these relics


The Ruins of Mathystra

The Oracle

Annarima, lurking in her domain

Server Lore Edit

Lured by the Highborne architecture and the hint of powerful relics, Annarima DeLavey, a warlock of The Dark Embrace took an interest in the ruins. At some point, It is unclear when, she took up residence in the darkest depth of Mathtystra, concealed from the world and safe to carry out whatever nefarious scheme she intended.

Eventually a battle took place in the ruins, between the heroes of Starlight and those Embraced loyal to Annarima. Though she was slain, her corrupting presence lingered, further adding to the wider problem of the woodlands. That is, until a young druid by the name of Fae Leafrunner and her Shan’do Entriia Shadowwind came to the ruins and planted an enchanted acorn deep in the heart of its corrupted waters. It was their hope that this acorn would take root and eventually negate the corrupting influence of the waters.

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