Forsakencrest small Oscurit; Gulamir Rukadare
Oscurit Gulamir Rukadare
Title(s) Magus
Gender Male
Race Undead
Class Arcanister, Conjurer, Mage, Diviner, Necromancer
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation The Banshee Queen, The Forsaken
Status Deceased

Gulamir Rukadare is an undead magus belonging to the minor nobility. He has been the successor of Oscurit and, to honor the one who gave his ownings to him, sometimes, refers to himself with the name of Oscurit.


Not much is known about this member of the little nobility, few notes are written in some texts.

Human Life

  • Rukadare family comes of Lordaeron and its details were partially burned or destroyed during the Third War, but it is clear that their origins were the ones of the minor nobility.
  • His name appears to be under a book of Masters of the Kirin Tor.
  • He made different accords with the family of the Faramos, in one of them he is described as a vassal.
  • Gulamir, in the census, is stated as dead during the Third War's Dalaran assault.


  • Rukadare is the heir of the Faramos, as it is written in the Faramos Testment.
  • His skills keep increasing and is now a master in the Magic Quarter, often with the duty of recruiting new commers.
  • He now owns the Faramos, despite being an esponent of the minor nobility. Well, he owns what is left of it.


Finding the corpse of Oscurit Faramos lying in Winterspring, the undead brought the cadaver to the graveyard of Deathknell, hoping the mage to be ressurrected and his grasp upon the Soul of the Frozen Death diminuished. The idea did not go well as, once the mage has been ressurrected, claimed the forsaken to have killed him and after a short time, left. Rukadare, for this, was found and executed.

The Faramos TestmentEdit

Gulamir Rukadare eventually received Marcus Faramos's testment, his in-life friend. Owning the dragonsworn's artifacts, he received the Soul of the Frozen Death who the mage completely assorbed. While he, doing so, hereditated Oscurit's knowledge, he came to know his story aswell. Gulamir appears now to have a deep respect for the deceased dragonsworn and for the blue dragonflight.


With a cold and deep voice, Magus Rukadare usually wears magician clothes, such as the Arcane Storm, bloodmagi clothes, or more simple (and darker) ones while not on duty. Bearing artifacts with him, he emanates a powerful magical aura that can be sensed by far, altrough his deceivement skills prevents people from locating him directly and, most likely, sensing his arcane taint.


Oscurit Rukadare is well-disciplined, with a twisted sense of justice. While he appears cold and merciless, his eyes betrays often an hidden wiseness that appeal his title: Magus. Regardless his love for magic and power researches, the loyalty he has towards the Dark lady is almost surprising. Magus Gulamir rarelly talks and prefers listen what others have to say, before giving his opinion that the mage rarelly acepts to be wrong. While he has a stong sense of honor for his title, and for the one he considers his master, his methods are subtle and does not hesitate to use any kind of spell to appeal his, or his commanders, desires. The mage has, on the other hand, a strong interest in his nobilty and arrogance towards the common people, as example, often claims to be superior to other races and almost not considering them upon the rank of a common swine. Possibly a trait acquired when he consumed the Soul of the Frozen Death, Rukadare has a strong interest in the ley-lines, something he often wishes to study, regardless the danger.

The Soul of the Frozen DeathEdit

Attempting to control the Soul is revealing every day more frustrating for the Magus, as the presence of Marcus Faramos, trapped inside, reveals every day stronger and the struggle to keep every day Faramos trapped inside the crystal becomes always harder.


  • Grand Magus of the Forsaken: as such it's his task to look for possible good recruits or train unexperienced sorcerors. He could even come to know secret plans Bethor Iceshard chooses to put in motion, sometimes be even an agent of the spoken forsaken.

Forsaken banner


Lawful Evil



Magus Gulamir Rukadare is a forsaken human with experience in different magic schools, all comprehending usually the arcane tree.


  • Soul of the Frozen Death: A powerful artifact containing different magic knowledge making Rukadare becomming one of the most powerful magi in the Forsaken who consumed the mage in a few weeks.
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