Rulayn the Untamed


Title: The Untamed
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Height: 8'2"
Weight: 350lbs
Age: Unknown
Race: Nightbane Worgen
Class: Death Knight
Location: Unknown
Spoken Languages Common
Status: Deceased


Rulayn Blacksaddle


Has also been referred to as a "Denmother" due to her large size.

Physical TraitsEdit

Human AppearanceEdit

Wearing rugged leather armour and a mask composed of a dead worgen, Rulayn's dark skin can barely be seen through the slight rips and tears in her armour. Built for flexibility, the woman holds a healthy posture and a rather stern, almost cold expression. From what little can be seen of her face, there's no indication how old she may be.

Occasionally, dried blood can be seen around her mouth.

Worgen AppearanceEdit


Rulayn's Worgen Form

With fur a dusty black colour and her mane barely any different, Rulayn is built to blend well amongst the shadows of trees and rocks. Her teeth are sharpened and stained with the blood of her opponents, adding to the fierce look she carries. Her eyes glow as they constantly observe.

Built tall for a female, yet slender enough to be manageable, her six-inch long claws are sharpened and her form is graceful as it moves efficiently and stealthily. Rulayn towers over even males of her kind, indicating her size to be some form of self-proclaimed status symbol.

Race and ClassEdit

  • IC: Nightbane Worgen
  • OOC: Worgen Death Knight


None, but serves under The Embrace.


Bitten at 16 years of age when living in Duskwood, Rulayn's childhood and early life became nothing more than flashes and blurs once her transformation became complete. She spent the next years of her life amongst the feral Worgen of the Nightbane, fighting for her own survival against her own pack members as well as hunters.

She was rescued five years later by the Howlfang pack after they administered a cure. However, due to her dislike of how others of her kind had become, she returned to the wilds, refusing to accept civilisation again. Her own pack turned against her, however, leaving her as a rogue outcast.

Current StatusEdit

Deceased after meeting her fate at the hands of Dathron. Her soul, however, has been contained.

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