Lectori Salutem,

Hereby I write you to announce the plans of our first meeting to be held on thursday the 27th at 8 o'clock in the evening ((server time)). The place to attend will be Stormwind Keep in the southern (right hand) wing where Count Ridgewell and I shall await you.

First and foremost point on the agenda will be introductions and inaugiration Secondly announcements and discussion regarding shops And finally the current state of crime and security

Salutations, Baron Bel Vardus

Summary of the first meetingEdit

The meeting started at a quarter past eight in the evening on thursday May the 27th.

Baron Bel Vardus bids everyone welcome and gives a brief introduction of him and his background.

Introductions and basic proceduresEdit

After an explanation of the seatings of the Houses, people spread out and take a seat in their appropriate area.

Baron Bel Vardus continues with explaining the procedure of speaking, where after the following hour passes with all the members from the council, giving a short introduction of themselves.

Baron Bel Vardus proceeds on with explaining the procedure of voting, before the debate is opened.


Sir Clearwater from the House of Commoners, opens the debate with speaking of the current taxes. The debate takes speed, and in the end a vote is started.

Baron Bel Vardus: "Should the current taxes wich cover military and guard funding, be raised to also fund the hospital, increase education and libary availability as well as possible insurances for the local people? Vote in favor if you deem this a good cause to pay additional taxes for, vote against if you wish these services to hold fundraisers for their money"

The voting procedure takes place, leaving these standings:

  • The House Of Nobles: Against
  • The House Of Commoners: Against
  • The House of Emessaries: For.

The proposal is deemed voted Against by Baron Bel Vardus.

The matter is finished.


The next speaker is Lady Elisca who brings up the recent style of executing prisoners. June Summer confirms as an eye witness, the brutality of the executions.

Many words are spoken before the repesentive for the Stormwind Guard Selacius speaks:

"I know for a fact that the captain (Read: Guard Captain Herius) will not commit such brutality again, I for one will be looking over his shoulder for any excess".

The debate moves on, several other suggestions are mentioned that are for discussing further on the next council meeting.

The areas are: Effectiveness, brutality, coöperation and Cultists. Furthermore Lord Danninon Wolfmorth wishes to debate a Banishment on the next meeting.

The date for the next meeting is discussed and pinpointed to be: Monday the seventh of June.


Lady Elisca: A possible Sermon will be held at the Cathdral of light next thursday.

Mevyan Copperscrew: "You are all invited to the Brigade's annual celebration the sixth."

*the summary is signed with the signature of June Summer*

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