Lectori Salutem,

I invite you all to the next meeting of the Stormwind Council. If you have not yet received the minutes previous meeting, feel free to contact miss June ((Sivri,or check on swc wiki)).

The meeting shall be held monday the 7th at 20.00 in the same debate hall in the Stormwind Keep. The agenda will be as follows, pending requests:

  • Announcement by Lord Dannion Wolfmorth
  • Guard's handbook on treatment of delinquents (and only that)
  • Summer and the canals: Hygiene and polution in Stormwind
  • Summer and the canals: Future events

Thank you all, and till monday, Baron Bel Vardus


The meeting is opened at a quarter past eight.

Additional visitorsEdit

Before the meeting begun, some inclarities arised regarding bringing new people. These were first addressed: Any potential new representatives have to be announced in advance to Baron Bel Vardus. Guest speakers as whitnesses to certain accounts should not be required as the council is no court, however not forbidden. Aside of such, audience is always welcomed, provided they remain audience.

The house of Commoners started out thin in attendance, and the guard topic was dropped from the agenda on their request as they were not present.

Lord Baine WolfmorthEdit

Captain Mevyan opened the first topic, bringing the details of Lord Dannion's issue to the table in his absence. Proof had been submitted regarding Lord Baine of Wolfmorth collaborating with the cultists once known as the Dark Embrace in recent events in Darkshore. After a short derailment towards the topic of cultists.

Lady Elisica decided to leave during the topic "I don't believe that the Ministry can have any input on the matter".

The request was to strip Baine of Wolfmorth of his noble title, however the chairman noted this is to be considered internal Wolfmorth affairs, as they are not nobles of Stormwind Kingdom, but an emissary house of the north. However, it is possible to warrant an exilement of the Kingdom's territories. Such was voted upon and cast near unanimous in favor.

Stormwind and the CanalsEdit

All agreed with the current polution needing work and quickly moved on to suggestions on cleaning the canals. Offered suggestions included:

  • Adding plants and herbs with purifying properties
  • Adding current to the water
  • Adding some mechanical sanitation system
  • Cleaning up with manpower, by Starlight representative
  • Request scholars for a proper solution, by Lord Withamhall

The last two were considered favourable for now in an attempt to find a short term solution to get through the summerheat with less chance of infections and deseases, allowing childeren more free reign. A long term solution may be considered afterwards.

Miss Zizey had proposed to organize an event as incentive to give inhabitants a reason to make, and keep, clean the canals of Stormwind. "If we did something to make people see that the canals are more usable and a lot more fun"

To do listEdit

  • Lord Withamhall: Gather information on the canal polution problem from scholars.
  • Zarcon from Starlight and Sergeant-Major Cendron Clearwater: Organize manpower for cleaning up the rough polution.
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