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On this page I will try to write down the concept story (mostly loose scenes so far) for a drawn comic that I am intending to make. I will share my thoughts and visions and hope for your feedback and suggestions, fellow RP-people/story writers.

I am not the best of writers, but will do my best and since this will be a comic expect visual and panel descriptions as well.

As you will see I am bending Lore here and there or write new Lore. I try to keep it within the current Lore as much as possible.

Currently I am working on some initial sketches of important characters.


Short time after the end of the First War when the remnants of Stormwind still had their hands full with the Horde.


Stormwind (or what's left of it)


-the beach command post

-the mountains south of it

Stranglethorn Vale

Booty Bay

Location changes: This is a Warcraft comic, not a WoW comic; so the world described in this comic will be much larger, more like the real world. Stranglethorn Vale will be like the size of the entire Amazone forest instead of a backyard.


A male human knight: The main protagonist of the comic. A member of the Brotherhood of the Horse of about 25 years of age. He fought valiantly during the First War and was responsible for some surgical strikes against the Horde. His actions have caught eye of what one day will become SI:7. He is a battlehardened man, but has never lost his boyish charm. Most people don't see him as a warrior and a commander, but Stormwind Command knows of his victories and sees a great future for him as a key figure in the destruction of the Horde.

Name suggestions: Martigan (thank you Twincruiser[1]), Devan, Alexander.

A female human knight: Another member of the Brotherhood of the Horse. She knows the other knight very well (maybe they grew up together or were lovers once). She is even so battlehardened, but far more cinical and grimm. The living proof that women are just as well warriors as men and don't even dare argue about that.

Name suggestions: Elwenn, Laurynne, Aurinn.

A male human priest/medic: A cleric of the Brotherhood of Northshire Abbey and a skilled field medic. He tends to avoid fighting himself and is reluctant to go on this mission, but he understands his importance and will do his best. One of those cowardly types that will prove themselves to be a honorable comrade.

A male human captain: Big guy, one of the hardcore militairy officer types. Old fashioned; he doesn't think women are suited as soldiers and lacks confidence in the main protagonist, so he is constantly arguing or challenging his authority as leader of the mission. His military career and his sense of honor are the things he lives by.

A male human corporal: A young man that only follows orders from his captain. Not the brightest of the bunch, but he means well and is a skilled soldier. The one with the crush on the female knight, alltho she doesn't like him at all.

And a few soldiers: (cannonfodder if you will) Random soldiers from the captains group that have been ordered to come along on this mission.

An exiled Darkspear Troll: The guide to the jungles of Stranglethorne Vale. He has been an exile for many years and is known to guide various people, mostly traders and a few scouts through the jungle. A warrior and tracker at heart and very knowledgable about the jungle, the tribes and troll lore. He is always reluctant to go back to the jungle, but for the right price he will. At first he'll act as a mercenary, but will become a part of the team. Forms a pact of blood with the female knight.

Name suggestions: Sa'juro

Skullsplitter Trolls: Brutal savages that decorate themselves with split skulls.

Darkspear Trolls: A tribe of hunters and warriors that tend to themselves mostly, but still roam the jungle looking for prey.

Bloodscalp Trolls: Warriors like the Darkspear, only in far greater numbers and more driven in warfare and combat.

Gurubashi Trolls: A cruel warrior caste from the past. They are feared by all other tribes, for they are the superior warmachine. Always heavy plated and ready to kill.

Hakkari voodoo-priests: The ones that order the Gurubashi around. Zanzil himself may be one of the big bad guys for this group. These priests are know for their horrible methods of sacrifice like cutting out hearts and shrinking heads...with living people off course.

An ancient Silithid: A remnant of the past. He roams in ancient Troll catacombs, heavy battered and pierced with troll spears and arrows, but still alive and very dangerous.

A dire Troll: Let's say it's an arena surprise.

Bloodsail Buccaneers: Pissed off pirates that just got beaten by the Blackwater Raiders and have now lost their city.

Blackwater Raiders: The new rulers of Booty Bay with Baron Revilgaz as their king.

and finally a Steamwheedle Cartel agent: The man from Undermine, who is back in Booty Bay to await the answer of Stormwind on the offer of his prince. The Cartel tries to keep this a secret, since they are supposed to be neutral...or are they?

As you can see none of these have names yet or more detailed descriptions. I am very open to name suggestions, even if you think some of your own characters or ancestors are suited, just say so. One warning though, most people will die.


Chapter 0: A New Hope

The Kingdom of Stormwind has been destroyed and the survivors are getting ready to make the long journey to Lordaeron and are in dire need of supplies. All hope seems lost untill a dying Kul Tiras sailor brings hopebearing news; a Steamwheedle Cartel agent is in Booty Bay and is willing to discuss about delivering supplies which could change the course of war. The only evidence of this meeting is a seal of a trade prince of the Cartel.

Stormwind command quickly puts a team together to undergo the secret mission to Booty Bay. The male Knight, someone who had proven himself in the war, will be in charge of the seal and the secret papers that contain which supplies are needed and what Stormwind will be paying, documents that must stay out of the hands of the Horde and their spies.

The seas are deemed to dangerous for this mission as the remnants of the Horde fleet still wander and more importantly, the waters around Booty Bay are infested with pirates. Booty Bay itself is undergoing a shift of power now the Blackwater Raiders have kicked the Bloodsail Buccaneers off their seat.

In the mountain range that seperates Alliance territory from Stranglethorn they meet up with their "special" guide, one of the very few men that can guide people through the jungle.

And then the game begins.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Being chased by the savage Skullsplitters.

Rescued and then chased by the Darkspear.

Chapter 2: Living History

An escape into an ancient underground Troll tomb and some history lessons.

An ancient evil.

Another Darkspear rescue and some family drama.

Chapter 3: A place worse then Hell..

A betrayal and a grave mistake

Captured by the Bloodscalp and captured by the Gurubashi

The Arena

The deal for freedom

Redemption failed

Voodoo sacrifice


Chapter 4: Captured Booty

The arrival in Booty Bay

Gang wars and pirate wars

In the darkest hour hope still shines

Thought out scenes so farEdit

[visual descriptions]

normal text = normal text

thoughts or storytelling

Chapter 0: A New Hope

[zooming in on the ruined city of Stormwind]

[a fight between a group of humans and orcs] The orcs destroyed Stormwind. Anduin Lothar has evacuated most of its citizens. All that roam the streets now are stray refugees, soldiers and orcs.

[Our main hero fights an orc] Stormwind is lost and we know it. Some of us have come here to rescue the last few civilians. Others have volunteered to come here to make a "last stand", to kill as many of the orcs as they can. They love this city so much they want to die here.

[he decatipates the orc] I came here to do my duty. I now see that I would never volunteer for these vengeance missions...

[silhouet of our hero against a background of the ruins of Stormwind] Seeing our once proud city in ruins is a thorn in my heart. The mere sight of these ruins cause me great grief... But I will not die here... I am done here.

[medium shot of the hero and the medic caring for some civilians ((insert a young Elizabetha here ;) ))] Luckaly the order came for me and the company's medic, ((insert name)), to finally leave this place. He has also seen enough grief and destruction here. This order came just in time.

[two figures on horses running through Elwynn forest] I was hoping there would be a message of hope at the temporary basecamp in Westfall.

[shot of the Stormwind basecamp in Westfall] The new Stormwind base is at the shores of Westfall. It is from here Lord Lothar wants to venture north, over the seas, to the kingdom of Lordaeron, taking every Stormwind citizen and soldier with him...everyone. Once there he hopes that Lordaeron will join us in the war against the Horde.

[shot of a command tent]

[inside of the command tent, showing a table with several maps on it and a younger Shaw and a Stormwind officer behind the table]

Storwmwind officer: Ahh, ((insert knights name)).. You've made it. Mister Shaw here was starting to wonder if the order came through.


Sebastian Shaw: I have an important mission for you.


[Shot of the knight leaving the command tent and meeting up with the female knight] "Aurinn"(temporary name)...last time I saw her she still had her beautiful curls...She was a girl then, she's a warrior now. Our good times were over once we signed up to defend our home.

Knight: I'm glad you're still alive, Aurinn, and that you're joining us on this mission.

Aurinn: It's been too long,... Last time I saw you was at Grand Hamlet.


[close up of a Bloodscalp raft faring down the canyon the party uses to get into Stranglethorn. Small silhouets high above the raft are the party; the main focus of the panel lies on the "captain" of the raft, namely a young Kyu'zo ;) ]

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Jungle

The rest will be comming soon.....and expect changes.

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