"What is this circle of Magic called Sacramentum you say? Well youngling I shall tell you, it is a spiritual bond between all of it's respectful members, a bond that honours friendship and teaching, a bond that makes students learn and teachers teach, a bond that makes all of us proud even though we are not recognizable yet. If you remove all that, it's just a name but if you add the summary, you have something irreplaceable, something you rarely see in our days. And this is only the beggining."

Substitute-Archmage Gemoran Twinklespringer, Founder of Sacramentum

Sacramentum means Oath in Latin and is an academic and expeditional RP guild that is based purely on magic classes. We try to bring a great experience for all of you who decide to join, while we are now on a practice state of everything we do, the numbers of our members swiftly grows.


It was years back when Gemoran Twinklespringer A.K.A Gemo was just an apprentice spending time on Loch Modan on herbal research, together with his best and only friend, the warlock Farkanda Villkulson . One morning his friend told him he must leave and he didn't know when he will return or if he will. Before parting ways he said to Gemo, that his dream was a "circle of magic" that accepts everyone with no restrictions, Gemo then gave an '"Oath" to him saying that if Farkanda wouldn't achieve it, he will make his dream come true. After years, Sacramentum is created in order to make the forgotten dream come to life to honour the memory of his lost friend.


Current StatusEdit

The guild even thought in a state of practice recruits everyone that meets the requirements above, please contact Gemo if you are interested to. Also do not be surprised by the low number of our members, I repeat we are still on a practice state.


Spellcaster Magi Ranks:Edit

  • Spellmaster
  • Head-Magi
  • Spellweaver
  • Adept
  • Apprentice
  • Novice

Battlemage Ranks:Edit

  • Head Magi
  • Sergeant Arcanum
  • Spellsword
  • Trainee


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