Name Edit

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Thornum Sagehoof II, known as Sagehoof

Physical Traits Edit

Tall, broad-shouldered Tauren. often seen wearing a dress. insists it's a robe.

Race and Class Edit

Tauren Druid. Balance Specc.

Guild Edit

The Will Of Grom .

Occupation Edit

Blacksmith and Miner (EPIC MACES!)

Family Edit

Only surviving relative is Orgmothgrum Sagehoof

Background Edit

Thornum Sagehoof II, son of Thornum Sagehoof and Mena Wisehoof. Thorum Sagehoof was senior advisor to Cairne Bloodhoof and the Chief Druid of Thunderbluff. He had other children, but they all died in The Great War apart from one of his Daughters, Orgmothgrum Sagehoof. Shortly before i started my adventures, he was pushed off Thunder Bluff's high rise by an Elf who had snuck into the great city, hoping to rise in the Cenarion Circle by eliminating my father. He was caught and eliminated from the Circle. When he fell, he barely survived when he landed, but was crushed by a herd of migrating kodo on their way to graze the pastures near Bloodhoof Village.

Current Status Edit

Not in a relationship... currently. unfortunately for him..

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