Name Edit

Salieri Jones.

Physical Traits Edit

A brief description of physical appearance and objects of note.

Race and ClassEdit

Forsaken Warrior

Guild Edit

The Twenty Fourth Patrol.

Occupation Edit

Mercenary Warrior


No given family.

Background Edit

Salieri Jones' background is a bit of a mystery. He speaks little about his past, and when asked about it, draws either blank questions, or changes the subject. All that is known is he was alive, but now is not, and was found one day, walking the Eastern Kingdoms. He was taken into employ by the Twenty Fourth Patrol mercenary company. Desoite this, he is fiercely loyal to the Dark Lady.

Family Background Edit

No given family history.

Criminal Record Edit

No given criminal record.

Personal Notes Edit

Salieri is an extremely skilled hand to hand combatant, favouring to fight with claw-like fist weapons, which he uses to inflict painful attacks on his opponent. This was shown when he won the Earthfury Clan's Trial of Blood, defeating a Silvermoon Farstrider called Sanarala and the Earthfury Warrior, Ergoth in one on one combat to take the winning prize of an axe imbued with the powers of the spirits.

Despite his unlife, and loyalty to the Dark Lady, Salieri is quite a modest individual, albeit a bit sarcastic at times.

Current Status Edit

Working through unlife.

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