Sally "Saddlebutt" Copperwrench.

Physical TraitsEdit

A Gnome, small in comparison to pretty much any other humanoid. Her face looks clean, almost empty, a scar running over her head. It looks deep, and is held together only by a strong, iron-like thread. Her pink hair covers it neatly, although a keen eye might spot the gaping wound.

Her ears and eyebrows are pierced several times, and although the simple, iron rings are starting to oxidate and show signs of rust, she hardly seems to care.

The same rings are jagged and pierced trough her armor in various places, like shoulder trims, gloves, belts, and so on, and so on. These rings seem to be fresh and clean (for the time being), though.

Several skulls are dangling from her belt, tied around the metal cord with the skull's hair. Other trophies are draped around or to her shoulders and armor, like loose claws, fangs, feathers, and sometimes a hand, rotten and shrunken.

Usually, a set of hammers, wrenches, clippers, shizzles, bolts, pincers and other tools used for blacksmithing are found on or near her.

If seen without armour, her stomach shows a large, gaping wound in her belly, where a large, sharp and jagged object went straight through her. The wound never seem to have healed, and something seems to be moving around under her skin...

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome Death Knight.




Miner and Blacksmith, specialized Weaponsmith, Hammersmith. Seems to have mastered certain levels of Runesmithing too, altough it is unknown if these are the Dwarven Runes or Unholy Runes. Whatsoever, these runes appear all over her armour and weapons she crafts.


Close family members.


Family BackgroundEdit

Status of her surviving family is (at the moment) unknown. Several members dissapeared or were killed during the Gnomeregan Wars and the evacuation of their city, while others are scattered across Azeroth. A few decided to find a cure for the radiation wrecking Gnomeregan and it's citizens, but have yet to come back with or without solutions. Others have taken up residence in Ironforge, or are scattered all along the safer areas of Dwarven teritory.

Criminal RecordEdit

Include or omit acording to the case.

Personal NotesEdit

Some stuff.

Current StatusEdit

Her left arm is currently completetly bandaged, a thick leather cord strapped around the bandage. Several icons and runes are scribbled either upon the leather, or danging from the cord with chains. The bandage around her hand seems to be dark-red non-stop, like there's some sort of wound that won't stop bleeding underneath.

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