That guild went dormant on October 2010.Edit


Sanctum Eternal is a strict Roleplaying Guild, claiming that roleplaying isn't all about drama and attention whoring, but about acting the way your character would at all times, including guild chat, quests, instances and raids. It also makes a fuss of insisting on people typing full words and using full stops, which usually improves all members' English (and helps sieve out idiots at an early stage).

There are people who protect concepts or ideals; who protect their lands, race or religion, who mourn the past and fight today, to peacefully live tomorrow. Few know that time itself is at risk as well; and to preserve time - it must be safely stored.

Time is kept in stories; every such story revealed, scribed down and safely kept is a time-capsule, never to be lost or forgotten, always available to be used.

We serve the Keepers of Time, the Bronze dragons; We hunt stories. Our goal is forming a library of lost stories, a safe vault where time will be stored and kept - The Sanctum Eternal.

Lead by Erandel Sapphirpoint, Sancto and Avlee, Sanctum Eternal serves the Bronze Dragonflight in their quest to prevent any harm coming to time itself. The guild rents a wing in the Stormwind Library, for which it pays by local charity events designed to advertise the library to the citizens of Stormwind.

Collecting and preserving stories in any form is the guild's highest priority, which usually involves exploring dangerous places, getting involved with questionable personas, and the occasional annoying-to-no-avail of an ancient evil spirit.

The guild is usually small, incestuous, non-recruitive and yet consists of the following people: Jake Marlamin, Sancto, Uruviel, Asmund, Lavoz, Karina, Breton, Erandel, Avlee, and Feren.

The guild organized the Fashion Show event in the Valley of Heroes at 21-4-07, and performed with a Winter Veil play in Darnassus at 29-12-07.

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