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Sasaya Frostbite


Sasaya meditates in her homelands, Dun Morogh.

Race and ClassEdit

Troll Priest

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Regiment of Renown

Occupation Edit

Currently nothing formal, she has just begun to return to her old life.

Physical Traits Edit

Both Sasayas skin and hair are unusually pale, and she doesnt resemble the typical attributes of a Darkspear troll. Her eyes are of an icy blue tone, almost white, and she usually prefers to keep her hair set up in a simple pony-tail. The usual weather in the warmer zones are often a burden to Sasaya due to her heritage as an ice troll, and as a result she prefers bright and light-weight clothes, both for everyday use and for her more formal outfits.

After a most unpleasant time spent with her tribe (The siege), she lost her left arm. Due to infections and not being able to treat it porperly herself, it haven't regenerated yet. As a result, she prefers to wear robes with long sleeves, hiding the stump that remains of her left arm, even if the hollow sleeve gives away that its empty but waving freely in the wind.

Personality Edit

Sasaya is almost always gentle and kind, peaceful at mind and open-hearted, aswell as a bit childish and blue-eyed, almost on the verge of dumb sometimes. She's never hostile and would barely ever fight back even if threatened.


A few distant relatives still living in the hills of Dun Morogh, completely occupied by their guerilla war against their dwarven invaders. Neither of her parents are still alive and she never had any siblings by blood, although she has just recently been given an honorable place amoung the familiy of her friend Zil'jun and her brother Quelas.


Another calm place to gather her thoughts and consult with the spirits is the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.

Family Background Edit

Sasayas mother, Salindra Frostbite of the Frostmane tribe, met Sasayas father, Xylaz Tidewalker of the Darkspear tribe by a sheer coincidendce. Just as unlikely their meeting was, so was their love for eachother.

Sasaya was born in Dun Morogh, 25 years before present time, and got to spend her first few years in its white, calm landscape before the evacuation of the Darkspear tribe was announced. Wishing for a calm and safe growth for their child, they decided to go with the remaining Darkspears and leave the mainland for a new, safer place to settle down in.

Fate, however, had another chosen upon an alternate future for the couple. On the shores of Stranglethorn Vale, just days before their journey to safe harbors, Salindra would fall to a spear from a Bloodscalp raiding party, and just a few weeks later Xylaz succumbed to a combination of grief, disease and malnutrition, not long before the Darkspears finally landed upon the shores of their new home, the Broken Islands.

Background Edit

Sasaya got to live a few unpleasant years on the Broken Islands before the Darkspears finally joined up with Thrall and the horde. Never really feeling like she belonged to the Darkspear tribe, nor the Frostmane tribe, Sasaya lived a few years in Durotar, lost, and unsure if and where she'd ever get to feel like she's home.

Eventually, Sasaya found her home, not in Sen'Jin village or Orgrimmar, but within the friendship of Dreadmane, a young upcoming tauren figther, and Oziris, a mage novice of the forsaken. Together the spent a few years together, exploring the boundaries of the world and honing their skills.

Recently Sasaya has befriended the siblings Quelas and Zil'jun Valextraza, and after a complicated ritual in which Sasaya was able to bring back their long lost mother, Jintha'iya from the dead, she was given an honorable place amoung their family as a token of their gratitude. Missing the joy of a familiy for so long, Sasaya gladly accepted the offer.

Recently Edit


Rarely does Sasaya call for the aid of the spirits with the purpose to do harm.

Long story(Rekindled) short, Sasaya have recently helped Vazja delivering her baby, only to steal it imidiately afterwards. Fleeing for her life along with her new friend and ally Coxinga, have she made it from Stranglethorn, where the child was born, up north towards her homelands in Dun Morogh.

Along the way she and Coxinga picked up a mysterious amnesiac undead woman with no memories of herself what so ever. Since this also included her own name, Sasaya eventually gave her the name Illume, due to her apparent strong bond to what she called the light, or the Holy Light to be more precice. During their journey through Burning Steppes and the Blackrock mountain they come across Faronus and Moztow who for their own reasons also agrees to accompany them.

While fleeing for their lives, trying to escape Vazja and Bamboochaa, the newborn child (which they named Tan'yi earlier) becomes more and more ill as a result of Vazja hexxing it from afar. With no other witch doctor within reach other than those amoung her own kin, Sasaya decides to take the party on a detour to Dun Morogh in hope of finding help for the baby troll before its too late.

While staying at her tribes witch doctor Chi'yah, alot of things happens at once. They manage to dispel the hex over the child. They discover that Illume apparently loathe herself and wants to end her own life. Coxinga goes to meet Vazja and kills her. Sasaya shrinks Vazjas decapitated head and seals her soul shut for good, all in good troll standard traditions. Eventaully Bamboo'Chaa finds them, enraged over his wifes death, and causes some ruckus, making Illume run away with the baby while Sasaya and Coxinga fights him.

Realizing the source of the conflict had escaped them, they temporary ceased fire and went off to find the undead woman and the baby troll together...

Previously Edit

Sasaya has against her will been thrown into The Hunt for the gem of Azshara, where she has promised Zaxien to help him destroy it, along with the The Earthfury Clan.

Usually Sasaya wouldnt have bothered herself at all about dangerous events like this, but due to the a certain fortune-telling given by Arakajin which described a most surreal future for both Sasaya and Zil'jun, she has gotten more and more worried every day. Hoping to discard the fortune-telling as a fake, Sasaya ordered another fortune-telling by Esme, only to become even more paranoid as Esme also hinted her about upcoming conflicts and betrayal.

Fearing that the gem would actually make her and Zil'jun stand on opposing sides of the upcoming civil war, Sasaya is determined to find it and destroy it as quickly as possble.

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