Title: Demon Hunter
Allignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Race: Night Elf
Class: Demon Hunter
Affiliation The Alliance
Location Unknown
Spoken Languages Common, Darnassian
Status: Alive



Physical TraitsEdit

Scaran is taller than average and is very well toned. His hair is kept behind his ears and he wears a simple black cloth blindfold over his eyeless sockets. His body is covered in the traditional demon hunter marks and his clothing is very light, allowing him to be more agile and faster than others in combat. His voice is quite dark and low and he often has his teeth bared. His skin is darker than most night elves, this is mainly because of having so much chaotic energies in contact with him, his blood has turned black, this is the effect of being a demon hunter for a certain time. His blades are strong yet designed to be able to cut through the wind quickly and sharply.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elven Demon Hunter


The Northwind Free Company


While Scaran continues his task as a demon hunter in certain areas of Azeroth, he will assist the Northwind Free Company when called upon.



The closest thing known to a father by Scaran is his teacher whom recently fell in battle in Outland besides Scaran. Little else is known.

Personal NotesEdit

He is often seen wearing a thick black robe with a large hood due to being outcast from any city and most towns. He is often mistook for a death knight and he prefers that little contact should reach him.

Current StatusEdit

Is watching over the Northwinds Manor while he resides there.

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