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The Scarlet Martyrs are an unfortunate group of lost souls. They are a group of Scarlet Crusaders who have fallen in battle, or otherwise succumed to the plague, and have found themselves cursed with a new life as Forsaken.

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As the Scarlet Crusade stands against all undead, scourge and forsaken alike, for a scarlet crusader to find himself in the position of becoming undead is utterly unthinkable. For many, this irreconsilable position has led them to madness or mental breakdown. Some continue as if they were still in the crusade, oblivious to their new condition, others rant endlessly in the throws of depression.

This unfortunate group is organised by the late Inquisitor Collins, once a leader within the Scarlet Crusade.


For the present, membership is restricted to those who already have a character in the Alliance side Scarlet Missionary guild, although this policy may be reviewed in due course. If you wish to join, speak to Brother Dufferin (Alliance) or Inquisitor Collins (Horde).

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