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This guild has been extinct for some considerable time.

The proper title of this Order is the Scarlet Mission and it is a branch of the Scarlet Crusade based in Stormwind, which aims to support the good works of the Crusade, and to spread the word of The Holy Light in that city. The Mission to Stormwind is run on a day to day basis by the High Emissary, and several Emissaries including the Registrar, Senior Preacher, Senior Knight and Proctor.

General InformationEdit

The Scarlet Crusade aims to liberate humanity from the undead Scourge, and to liberate the lands of Lordaeron. The Scarlet Crusade Mission to Stormwind supports these activities both directly, and indirectly by spreading the word of the Holy Light in Stormwind. It is their firm belief that only humans can be entrusted with the salvation of humanity. They accept that members of the other races may be motivated to liberate Lordaeron, or to follow the Holy Light, they do not belive they can make the necessary sacrifices that membership of our order would require.

The order is divided into two primary branches: knights and preachers. The knights are those who actively fight the scourge on the field of battle, while the preachers spread the word of the light.

The Preaching section of the Storwmind Missionaries publish a popular monthly newsheet entitled 'Scarlet News'.

As a religious order, the Scarlet Crusade is devoted to the Holy Light, and believes that only through this path can humanity be saved. The lives of members of the order is governed by the three principles of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. They feel that by living thier lives according to these values, they are better able to see the true path to salvation.

The Mission to Stormwind is based in Stormwind Cathedral, and has weekly prayer meetings at 19.00 on Sundays, as well as occasionally at other times. Others are welcome to come and watch and pray with them, but are requested to behave with respect and dignity while within the Cathedral.


Those who wish to join the Scarlet Missionary should have a look at our recruiting guidelines, or speak with the registrar, Brother Dufferin.

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