Sedrith "The Merchant", "The Looter" Armster

Alliancecrest small Sedrith Armster
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Title(s) The Looter
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Rogue
Age 35
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Occupation Self embloyed mercenary
Status Alive
Relative(s) Richter

Physical TraitsEdit

Slightly shorter than avarage human male.




Schneider familytree v4

Sedrith's family tree

Father: Joachim Armster (Dead)

Mother: Sarah Schneider (Dead)

Older sister: Susan Armster (Dead)

Younger brother: Dudley Armster (Dead)


Sedrith Armster was born to a poor family in village of Smallbrook, near northern border of Lordareon. His life there was pleasant one, even with lack of wealth and food, but there was always plenty of work to do for Sedrith in small blacksmith owned by his father. Most of his childhood was spent with hammer and anvil and occasionally delivering the products to Stratholme with his father. Unfortunately, this pleasant life did not last for forever.

At the age of 18 Sedrith's hometown was infected with the plague started by The Cult of the Damned. Sedrith was forced to watch as all of his family turned into undead monsters. With kitchen knife in his hands, he killed his whole family and then ran away, heading for Southshore at Hillsbrad Foothills. There he managed to get on a boat to Stormwind as deckhand.

In Stormwind Sedrith applied for military. There he learned how to fight with sword and to look after himself. He worked his way up from rank of private to captain, but he was slowly getting tired of the formality and strict discepline. Longing for freedom, Sedrith left to become a freelance mercenary. Looting and killing for payment was the job he had always wanted, he just didn't have the courage to do take it untill then.

As mercenary Sedrith started to take jobs from anybody, as long as they had the money to pay him. He took every possible opportunity to gain extra money. The worst exsample of this was by the time when Lich King sent the second plague to Azeroth. Sedrith attempted to gather terrified people of Stormwind to form up a loose cult worshipping The Scourge. With this he hoped to cause extra chaos, granting him a chance to loot riches of Stormwind. After the plague would pass, Sedrith would use the looted goods to retire as a noble. This plan was unsuccessful. People of Stormwind were too commited to saving their homeland for Sedrith's plan to succeed. He abondoned the cult quietly and left the Stormwind for other contracts.

As the Alliance and Horde sent their forces to Northrend, Sedrith was one of the first of whom left for this cold continent. He earned large sum of money, more then his parents had ever earned by killing enemies of his embloyeers.

While doing his daily walk at Dalaran, center of Alliance and Horde forces in Northrend, Sedrith got an idea of how to earn a bit more extra money. He had always had plenty of gear he hadn't needed after looting corpses of undead, but most likely someone needed it. Sedrith started selling those items at Stormwind. With this, he started arming and conning people of the Old Town with anything he had found.

Then Sedrith disappeared mysteriously, but returned to Stormwind when the elemental invasion began. He has never told anyone what happend during that time.

Current StatusEdit

Looting and killing.


"How 'ya rollin'?"

"Busy. Got plenty o' lootin' n' killin' to do you see."


  • Joachim Armster, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (video game)
  • Merchant from Resident Evil 4 (video game)

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