Name Edit

Lady Sarahia Mari Israfel

Also known as Senator Israfel

Physical Appearance Edit

Sarahia is one of a menacing beauty, and a very well-kept facade to the public. When confronted with the public, either answering their questions, handing out deeds to them or producing numerous speeches from the steps of the Cathedral to her 'adored' citizens, then she bears a mask of presentability and humble attitude. Behind closed doors, there is a different story to be told of her. Her grins can move from the persuasive to the sinister in a matter of seconds - and, her true, fearsome persona will unfold. In general, her sleek, chest-length black tresses are always well kept, and are rarely tied back.

Allegiance Edit

Eternally to Lord Xephon, and to The State of Stormwind

Occupation Edit

Senator, and politician of Stormwind - also an aide to Lord Xephon.

Family Edit

Mother - Lady Camelia Israfel

Father - Lord Xavian Israfel

No siblings, to her knowledge, at least.

Background Edit

Brought up in a well-off, albeit emotionally challenging family relationship - her father and mother had almost always argued since she had been born. When she turned ten years old, her mother left the family, anulling the marriage to Lord Israfel and eloping with her newfound lover; a soldier. Sarahia was the point of blame that her father chose - claiming that if she hadn't been born, then her mothers promiscuity would never have occurred. The accusations and bullying from her father turned exceptionally violent - and some of the scar tissue of the injuries that he inflicted on her is still visible today. The most visible of these is on the side of her neck, to where her father pressed a dagger - on a night which he was about to kill her. It was not the only occasion that these thoughts crossed Xavian's mind.
However, the realization dawned upon Xavian that Sarahia was the only child who was to uphold the name of Israfel; and that she would one day inherit this fortune. The turning-point which spurred him to think this, is the discovery of the terminal disease that was deterriorating him slowly and painfully. He apologied to his daughter, who was now at the age of nineteen; and was selectively mute thanks to the countless threats and beatings. To make it up to her, though it would be an immense challenge, he taught his daughter all that she wanted to know of the magical (albeit dark) arts that had been passed down through the patriarchal side of the Israfel nobility. Slowly but surely, she began to speak once more - and her confidence builded rapidly.

And then, one day, she met the man who would change her life the most significantly. Lord Xephon. She had seen him around Stormwind, present at many of his speeches; and she agreed with every word that was said. It was almost by fate that their paths crossed, and that they became something of accomplices. Sarahia, however, is a blindly zealous follower of Lord Xephon, deciding to become utterly subservient to him due to a strange obsession with him - her constant wish is that her affections, however bizarre they may seem, to be recognized - and to possess a love, even if only an illusion for Xephon to use her as another of his puppets, that she has never had in her life.

Notable Quotes Edit

"The State, your guarding forces, are the one true linchpin that is holding your corruption-riddled, imperfect society together!"

"Trusting in your State is paramount! There shall be no compromise on the matter!"

"We must quell the thriving beast of the corrupt from feeding upon the souls of the innocent - the souls of our citizens."

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