Name[edit | edit source]

Sháwyn "Frosty" Wintervail

Sháwyn in publicity for the first time in ages.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Night Elf, Death Knight.

Appearance & Description[edit | edit source]

Shawyn is not so typical person, she tends to hang out alone in wilderness harvesting if not relaxing, alone mostly.

From outside she seems not to be anything special to people. 7th Class Valkyrie, Battle class, Works directly under 3 leaders of Fate, Hrist, Lenneth and Silmeria.

Her weaponry is mostly 2-handed weapons, but for casual wear its usually 1-handed weaponry with approriate seal attached to it, to supress her fierce ice-cold presence.

Her hairstyle is simple short hair, silver white colour, to futher personalise her icy appearance.

At her face, she has 2 very beautifull racial tattoos, hard to imagine any other styles to make her face look anymore less than angel.

Weapon: Swords,Axes, Polearms Armor Class : Seraphic Plate Magic : Ice/ Blood Age: 22 ( Midgard term ) Special: Ability to switch between dealing and taking damage. Her very presence enigmates chills to spine to people that meets her the first time. The harder the presence strikes, the deeper she sees with in your soul, were it worthy or not, is up to her. When in towns in search of worthy warriors, she wears offworld dress as in to disguise to be citizen of no special interest, though some races on Azeroth are hostile to her, for a reason she doesnt understand or even is fully aware of. When forced into battle, in a brief moment of blinding light, her Seraphic battle armor replaces her town cloths, She also makes use of Valkyrie Spear, one direct blow could crush soul of any living being. Her spear should be emitting blue, fog like light, very sight of it makes ones soul feel at ease, the ones doesnt feel ease, have an tainted soul.( GHI in use )

Guilds and Thoughts[edit | edit source]

Current Guild : N/A

I tell you abit of guilds i have been with this character, theres alot more of the guilds i have been part of but not with Sháwyn, and please do not take any of my words as offence, their just mine own personal thoughts about the guild and the people in it. I usually have some form of arguements or people see my free , open mind as problematic since i really dont consider any topic tabo. My way to think aswell fights against any common sense you posses. well sometimes. And no i do not have life, >:) no life = no real life problems.

Previous guilds:

1st Eternal Knights, reason of removal/leaving: Guild drama, left along with several other people.

Personal opinion about the guild; guild itself is pve based, people there are friendly, mostly mature, but theres still those few rotten apples that caused drama within the guild, causing it almost to collapse. Leading members and the officers are really compassionate and understanding ones, they dont do hasty decisions and they do give fair chance to everyone, if your good and mature player, id suggest to try getting in, might be best time you ever had. I sure did have mine for longest of times.

2nd LEGION OF THE PHOENIX, reason of removal/leaving: disagreement with higher ranking members.

Personal opinion about the guild: Well, mixed pve/pvp guild, people in it werent the most mature ones, but they knew how to keep things in order, and organising well played raids as often as possible, they do use Dkp points for distributing loot in raids which can be good and bad. Good people in general. I didnt get to known much of the people, just kept my distance to everyone in it while was in the guild, they do take new members to test out their skills in pve, so think it as good oppoturnity to show your skills, incase your taken into this guild.

3rd Devotion, reason of removal/leaving: inactivity for +20 days, reason for inactivity, financial problems.

Personal opinion about the guild; Well theres not much to say, solid raiders that do heroics and raids as often they can, their good at it, but thats also their weak point, people there really do know how to raid or pvp, i dont believe anyone that has been in that guild for long time does anything else than count dps and gear rating, so if you want to talk with them, talk about raids, its only thing i can imagine what to talk with them. Leader of theirs is real funny fella, cant do anything else but love his/her way to go. So if you like to raid, and have really good knowledge about raids and gear is good, and have raid mods that are essential, give it a shot, maybe you find your place there.

4th Westguard Keep, reason of removal/leaving: failing to follow dressing code at the garrison. (rank/unit specified uniforms and mounts) ( called back to the guild after few days of being out of it )

Personal opinion about the guild: Well, this guild is 6th rp based guild in wow i have been part of during playing it for these years its been out, people in it are casual players, few of them standard raiders and pvpers, but in good sense, they do have good sense of humour, easy to befriend with if your own attitude is close to theirs, they do also make out events quite often, be it basic training or just doing daily soldier life in medieval age garrison. I met for first time in ages a person that i really like to play with. Maybe you find yours too from their ranks? They also extremely military strict rules that strips you away from your freedom of speech so if you have that in your rights, dont bother blending in, thats what got me to leave it in 1st place. Also costed few of already small amount of friends i had.

5th Moonberry Juice Tavern, reason of removal leaving; Guild withered after patch 3.3.3

Personal opinion about the guild: Well this guild was made around 2006, bit later when i started on wow and at SWC-server, saw it born, and now im actually part of it, never knew that would happen, havent get known to much people yet in it, but planning to do so in next few weeks as much as possible, theres "few" members on it, so always hustle in guild chat their all on, it was originally Rp guild but slowly converted into more pve/ raid guild, its part of some raiding community but im not aware of the name, its peacefull guild at present, no anything big demands, just to be decent player with manners in correct view, so no rude behaviour, insulting or arguing with members mostly.

People are mostly gearing up there so ill help them out while i can, giving hand in quests, showing the places and being nice company generally. I also try to get into more inside of the guild so they can start to trust me more than now, thats something i always look in a guild, that people there trust me and dont see me us just another player, but more as an important part of guild athmosphere.

Experience[edit | edit source]

Heres a brief info about her experience.

Roleplaying: Adaptive, high-class roleplayer.

Player versus Player: Between moderate and average.

Player versus Enemy: Experienced, has done all instances on northrend as normal and most 5 man heroics, including few 25 raids VoA and OS.

Dating : Zero, Seal issue is problem to most people.

Sháwyn´s joys[edit | edit source]

To tease her friends by suprise sneak tickle attacks, you never see em comming.

Likes to be little playfull around Draenais ( i think she likes the horns xD ).

Tag along her friends all day along.

She likes to drink all sorts of drinks, often making her so drunk she goes "wild" and does all sorts of humiliating things she regrets at next morning hangover.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Miner and Blacksmith.

Family[edit | edit source]

Deceased. Believed to be atleast, only she knows for sure.

History & Background[edit | edit source]

Gained call name "Valkyrie of Frost" due to her conviction to the path of Ice, people call her with nickname Frosty. She has no real interest on anyone, she watches and observes people around her.

Served as one the feared Death Knight´s under banner of Arthas, before breaking from the deadly hands of him. She has returned into her original side,but somehow it feels like she still prefers to be wandering around than being part of any organisation.

She remembers those that she hated before being drafted in the dark legions, dont be suprised if she doesnt like you when you come contact to her, she has good reasons to treat you as she sees fit, if you are on her bad list, do not bother going to talk to her, she makes it very clear on first moment she sees you, that are you welcome to her presence, or not.

She carries Icewind sword as seal off her effects on other beings for their sake, only her kind can succesfully resist being cowered into thick layers of ice. When shes not bearing the seal, her powers in combat arent limited into small time attacks, full essence of winter falls upon the opponent in its all horrible forms.

When shes not wearing the sword, she has other seals to supress her frozen presence, gloves, belts, rings, necklaces etc.

People that havent believed on that, have met their end under cold and timelines lasting icecoverage or been shattered to pieces. Those that survive the ice flock, will suffer severe frostfever, that cures up on resting a bit.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Wanders in wilderness of the worlds. If you meet her , do please say "Hi" or something, shes really alone much of her time. Looks for people to tag along with.

People she sees as good friends to her ; Tristany, See.

Hard to be called friend by me, no mater how you would see yourself as friend of mine dont expect me to feel the same, im very picky about who i allow to be friends with me, dont be insulted or offended, Thats just me in my person.

Easier to hate me, than like as they say =]

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Shawyns background story is still in small pieces. i try to keep the info on to date as much i can, i also plan to start writing diary about on her days after her break away from grips of Arthas. If i ever find time to do so after all playing and thinking.

And in real i got severe type of depression at me so sometimes i have those really , really bad moments, so i do apologise in advance if you happen to get to me while i got bad period going on.

I also have 3 groups where i fit people into; Friends, Neutrals, Hated

Friends are people who i give my sincere respect and kindness, and always stick by their side no matter what, i help out the equal amount they help me or even more. This is what suggest you aim in it with people.

Neutrals are people not Hated nor Friends, which class you most likely belong to unless i do not know you already, these people will get everything they give to me, back to them, if your fucktard, im fucktard and make your life as fucking miserable as humanly possible, if your good, well behaved and know where the lines goes and respect peoples way to play and do not act like "know-it-all-smartass", well you get that back, and maybe even better treatment to show small sign of respect towards you, keeping this way leads up to being added to group i call friends and the graces only they have luxury of having. be carefull acts of the bad way leads to the other direction and to their torment.

Hated, well these people have gone too far, their beyond hope to be salvated and are blight of community around them, hard not to spot them, im extremely hostile towards this part of people, i refuse to work, talk or even take part in anything their in at, was it raid or ,making an event succesfull where my presence would most likely be needed.

Things you should know before interacting with me or Sháwyn[edit | edit source]

Does not aid people very easily or at all, only people she knows and likes as friends are seen worthy of such luxury. People outside of this group do not have so big chances on getting aid.

Uses magical seals to seal of her harmfull presence, unless you do not wish the frozen into ice sculpture for rest of your life, please do see if she has any seals on her, such as sword having rune of razorice on it or anything else that might seem like seal.

True friend in need when in her good side, Easy to approach and befriend with, just takes time to gain title of being called as friend.

People on her bad side are placed on ignore list, if any of your characters are on it, rest will follow upon discovery, no matter how good person you are, being idiot in past or at present gaming, ruins this persons trust and respect beyond recovery. So keep in mind what you say or have done.

If you readed the above, please do not think, that i automaticly ignore every single person that i see doing something i dont like. I just dont like playing with people who ruins the fun around here. Seen that too much already in past 5,5 years of playing several MMORPGs.

See you all round in the big world out there! And Good luck!


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