A man no more, still struggling to keep a promise he made before everything but that promise changed.

Personal Details[edit | edit source]

Name: In human life, was known as Tylan.d
Nickname: The Shadow Orphan/Shadon.
Age: Was 18 at time of death, now chronologically immortal.
Height: 6 foot in life, now is about 5 foot 8 due to slight stoop.
Weight: 58kgs.
Race/Class: Undead Rogue.
Birthplace: Stratholme.
Current Reisdence: Unfixed.
Father - Presumed deceased after the events in the Caverns of Time.
Mother - Presumed deceased.
Half Sister - Alive, taken refuge in Gilneas.
Daughter - Alive, in the care of the Silvermoon Blood Elves.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Shadon was born eighteen years before the undead plague struck Stratholme. He was the first of two children, and his mother worked as a stablehand.

The pregnancy was not planned, rather the result of a one night stand, and as such Shadon never knew his father. Nonetheless, when he was born, his mother cared for him fairly well, and he grew into a headstrong, capable young boy.

The stability didn't last though. Shadon's mother began to frequent the seedy haunts and bars of Stratholme, and soon began taking men home with her. Before long, she was pregnant again, and gave birth to a girl who she named Myela when Shadon was four.

After that, Shadon's mother began a gradual decline into alcohol addiction and darker men. She began neglecting the children, and Shadon took it upon himself to provide for Myela by cooking and cleaning. He lost all his friends as a result, but his sister survived and grew.

Then, his mother lost her job as a stablehand, and disappeared. Shadon would not see her again until nearly fourteen years later. Although he and Myela were left a small amount of money, it didn't last, and no one would take them in. Shadon fell to the last resort of stealing, grabbing morsels like pies. All the while, he somehow continued to maintain a modicum of domestic stability by keeping their small house clean and tidy. For some strange reason unknown to Shadon to this day, the mortgage was still paid off even after his mother's disappearance.

As Myela grew older, Shadon began to steal money to finance her entering school. Still being a young boy, the authorities didn't care too much, he was just a petty thief after all. Myela went to school and proved to be intelligent and capable, so Shadon smiled, for he had seemingly wrestled them out of their parentlessly shackled existence.

Things nearly ended when Shadon was caught one day for stealing a noble's purse. This noble took extreme offense to this and through bribery and blackmail, had Shadon tortured at a public "Meeting of Salvation." These brutal affairs were saved for Stratholme's more insidious criminals, where they were whipped at the least and burnt alive in magical fire in others, but left alive. This ordeal was what Shadon went through, being only sixteen. He was then branded with a magical tattoo on the back of his neck, a Mark of the Justiced, unbreakable and undispellable by most magi. This tattoo was used as a record of those who had been punished before, and if caught again, would be hanged and drowned.

Myela watched the whole event from the shadows of a side street. That event would later have strong repercussions on her.

Shadon recovered after the ordeal and continued stealing in order to finance his sister's education. He wasn't caught, and now old and smarter, soon grew adept, stealing only what was needed. Myela was later identified as an arcane potent, having the intelligence to justify magical training. Shadon was pleased, knowing his sister would have a good life of affluence and independance as a magi. He just needed to keep stealing and keep her going long enough for her to be given the training.

Two years later, Shadon stole a grain shipment from Andorhal. Opening it changed his life, and Myela's, forever...

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